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Colin Trevorrow: Jurassic World 2 will be ‘richer, deeper, and better’; have more animatronics

As Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow continues to do press rounds for his new film, ‘The Book of Henry’ (which I have seen and quite enjoyed!) more questions regarding the upcoming Jurassic World sequel are being asked. Recently, Screenrant sat down with Trevorrow (who is a writer and producer on Jurassic World 2) and when they asked for the latest details, and Colin did not mince words when praising director J.A Bayona, and hyping the upcoming sequel.

“He is a different director but it’s interesting, we have so many similar instincts as far as suspense and family and fears of childhood and the perspective that we want to tell the story from that even though I wrote the film, it’s J.A.’s movie from start to finish. He’s just – the film looks beautiful and is exciting. We’re using more animatronics because I learned so much about how they can be utilized, so I built scenes that would allow us to use them – because they can’t run, these are the lessons. Belén Atienza has been great as well, and it’s just been something that we’ve all delved in and tried to make something deeper and richer and ideally better. I’m going to be the hype man for this movie, I think it’s going to be a better movie – sorry.”

More animatronics, and sticking true to the sensibilities of Jurassic Park with richer and deeper stories are the things longtime fans like ourselves want to hear, and despite some of my personal criticisms, I quite liked Jurassic World – so hearing he believes it will be better means great things to me. Colin went on to say that despite him writing the film, he constructed it to adhere to J.A Bayonas voice and vision:

“That was by far the most rewarding creative experience of my life, just making a movie for another director who I respect. And I built it for him, so it’s different than maybe even the movie I would have written for myself. [It’s] a Spanish horror/thriller with dinosaurs in it. And I loved doing it.”

Colin Trevorrow also talked to Comingsoon about JW2, discussing the challenges of working on Jurassic while also on Star Wars, and the rewarding nature of his involvement:

“That script had to be delivered for a February shoot, and we had to think of ‘Star Wars’ somewhat simultaneously… While we were in the early stages of story on ‘Star Wars,’ we shot ‘Jurassic’ at Pinewood. Now, we’re wrapping in about a month and everyone is going to Hawaii.‘Jurassic’ ended up taking up more time and attention than I expected just because I care about it so much, I surprised myself by how much I wanted to be there for J.A. [Bayona], just as a writer. I remember directing a ‘Jurassic Park’ movie and how much I would have loved to have a writer to think about the dailies and wonder what alterations we could make that would make it that much more effective. I was there with him every day to try and provide something for him that I didn’t have myself.”

Corroborating Colin’s comments about the wrap date, Bryce Dallas Howard took to Twitter today to announce that it was indeed the final day of shooting at Pinewood Studios, and all evidence points to Jurassic starting in Hawaii in just a few days.

Filming on Jurassic World 2 is expected to conclude around July 7th, where it will then move to post production. As the wrap date draws closer, fans have become more and more starved for official information. As it stands, there has only been one official still from the film, and there is yet to be a teaser poster, logo, or title announced. Will any of those hit before the end of this month, which marks the 1-year mark until the sequel releases?

While we wait for Jurassic World 2, I do suggest checking out Colin Trevorrow’s new film ‘The Book of Henry’. As I said earlier, I have seen it and genuinely enjoyed it – it’s a tough film to describe and sell, but it is loaded with real and likable characters all while beautifully dealing some heavy themes.

If that’s not enough to sell you, perhaps Colin Trevorrow asking readers of this site specifically to see the film might!

As always, stay tuned for the latest news, sound off in the comments below, and enjoy Jurassic June 2017!

Source: Screenrant, Comingsoon


3 thoughts on “Colin Trevorrow: Jurassic World 2 will be ‘richer, deeper, and better’; have more animatronics

  1. So, it looks like JW2’s shooting is just one month away from being wrapped, huh. It’s a long road since February. I can’t express how excited I am to watch it. Really hope it’s deeper, more intense and really more frightening. I’m glad they’re using more animatronics. I missed them very much in JW (even though I loved the installment). I can’t help repeating myself that, in order to wait patiently for the first trailler, I just need to see the new logo as soon as possible. They don’t have to give me screenshots, 30-second teasers, pictures, anything. Just show me the logo and I can patiently wait for the first full trailer, come it when it will.

  2. Tbh, I really hope that the footage Daniella Pineda teased will be released this month as well as the title. Plus, we should get more official set photos. And JW2 has to be the darkest movie ever made, well it should be like a ghost horror movie but with elements of dinosaurs. We wanna see more deaths, more fights, more memorable JP moments, sadder scenes, horrifying scenes and the dark side of InGen. Here are dark scenes I’d like to see: Blue is walking in the Isla Nublar jungles when she reaches the ruined Main Street til she receives flashbacks and sad memories of her raptor pack. Also she’d hear them and see them but realises that its just her strong imagination. She hears echos of her past. Next I would see blood and intense scenes such as a whole land filled with dino corpses spread out with very less plant life. And also the fact that the characters see Rexy walking weakly and she collapses in slow motion. Therefore newer hybrids would take over.

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