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Fallen Kingdom ‘Dinosaur Protection Group’ Viral Website Launched!

The Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom trailer exploded online last night and today we have our first look at the in-universe website for the Dinosaur Protection Group.

This is an organization Claire Dearing has founded and their goal in the upcoming film is to find a way to get the dinosaurs off the island due to the imminent volcanic eruption threatening the extinction of the animals.

While the website doesn’t currently have much information on it at this very moment, it does contain the above logo for the group and allows guests of the site to enter their name and email address to receive updates as more of the site is launched.

A Twitter page, Facebook page and Instagram page were also released in connection to the website’s launch.

In-universe viral marketing websites are nothing new to this franchise – in November 2014 when the first trailer for Jurassic World dropped, the Masrani Global and Isla Nublar park site were released online to enhance the experience.

What do you think of the first in-universe website for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums!

Source: Dinosaur Protection Group


13 thoughts on “Fallen Kingdom ‘Dinosaur Protection Group’ Viral Website Launched!

  1. Honestly I’m LOVING where Claire seems to be at in this film. She went from a cut throat business woman who looked at the dinosaurs as number and money makers and it seems in this one she has finally learned how to look at them as actual living creatures. For her to be LEADING the rescue, is awesome!! And even more so being the one to have to convince Owen time help?! I love it!! My only fear is that what if she is doing it FOR the auctioning of the dinosaurs, but I have higher hopes that the writers, director, and actors wouldn’t want her character to come this far in development just to be a complete sell out, I have high hopes that she truly does care, but InGen being InGen, they’ll find a way to highjack a good cause, like MOST big companies do. Either way, I’M SO EXCITED!!!!

  2. I admit it’s a little odd to see Claire in this setting considering her childcare skills in JW. But, at least she looks to be embracing change.

  3. The in-universe marketing sites for Jurassic World were one of the best parts of that movie (sadly) so it’s nice to see this happening finally. The trailer looks really nice and I eagerly await your analysis. 😃

    1. As well as Rexy. Since Nublar is no more places like Site B are the only hope for these animals to live naturally out of human civilisation.

  4. I think this is how universal plans to promote and market “JWFK”:

    Step 1: Release the FIRST TRAILER,
    * Show the “very basic” premise of the movie, with an impending volcanic eruption that will take place on Isla Nublar. And the Dinos need for human intervention to be saved.

    Step 2: Start the VIRAL MARKETING
    * Launch the DPG (Dinosaur Protection Group) website link thru various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc., which they just did upon the release of the trailer.
    * Launch the universal’s purchased domain: “”
    —> To engage “us” the fans and the public to support and participate to their “fictional” cause of saving the dinosaur. Much like they did in promoting JW, with “” and “”, to make us feel & believe that the park was open and fully operational.

    Step 3: Release the SECOND TRAILER (sometime next year)
    * Show the “underlying and deeper” premise of the movie, “the DR. HENRY WU CONSPIRACY” and other sub elements that they need to market the movie.

    Step 4: Continue with the VIRAL MARKETING (month/s from release)
    * Launch the universal’s purchased domain: “”
    —> To establish that there is an on-going plan to rescue the dinos from the “so-called” second extinction.

    * The movie will start basically on the premise of rescuing the Dinosaurs.
    * And let “us” the movie viewers discover for ourselves, how the plot unfolds on the second half of the film (right after the eruption of the volcano).

    Well just my thoughts.. I might be wrong, who knows? 🙂

  5. so where was this for sorna? i mean, even though there’s no active volcano, there’s still rampant dinos facing extinction from the spino (JP3 special featurs from the Ultimate Trilogy, they literally said it could cause an extinction on the island) so yeah

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