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We spent a day at Frontier Developments in Cambridge and played Jurassic World: Evolution!

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All the Dinosaurs Revealed in Jurassic World Evolution So Far

You’ve no doubt seen the trailers, and read the latest gameplay details for Jurassic World Evolution – but just what dinosaurs were on display, and what can we glean from their visual depiction? Take a walk through the park and learn all about the dinosaurs in the upcoming Jurassic World game – did you spot them all?


First seen in Jurassic Park 3, this iconic armored herbivore received a makeover for Jurassic World. The version on display in Evolution reflects the latest design, and it remains unseen if the Jurassic Park iteration will also make an appearance.


First introduced in Jurassic World, this Sauropod grows up to 90 feet long and tends to travel in herds with various other herbivore dinosaurs. While the Apatosaurus was not in the in-game trailer, it was part of the CG announcement.


The iconic gentle giant of Jurassic Park returns in her original glory. The most recognizable Sauropod of the franchise towers over the other animals of park, reaching heights well over 30 feet. Brachiosaurus was absent in the fourth Jurassic film, and while it made an appearance in Jurassic Park 3, it looked quite different.


Blink and you’ll miss it! Did you catch the third Sauropod featured in Jurassic World Evolution? Unlike the other two, Camarasaurus has never been featured in a Jurassic Park film, however it did make an appearance in Jurassic Park Operation Genesis. As such, we know little about this dinosaur – it seems to be taller than an Apatosaurus, but much shorter than a Brachiosaurus. Though it sports a similar look to the latter dinosaur, it has a distinctive dewlap under the throat.

Note: the exact species remains unconfirmed, but visual evidence supports the our indentification.


Perhaps the most consistent design in the Jurassic Park franchise, the Parasaurlophus sports the look seen in The Lost World and Jurassic World. Parasaurlophus has appeared in every film in the franchise so far.


The Stegosaurus has returned! While it was first introduced in The Lost World, the version in the game features the controversial Jurassic World redesign with a drooping tail and beakless mouth.


Beautiful, majestic, dangerous. Triceratops has been seen in every Jurassic film, and while it did see design changes in Jurassic World, it has remained mostly visually consistent. The design in Evolution seems to pull from the 3D model of Jurassic World, while borrowing the colors of Jurassic Park. Triceratops is expected to return in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom sporting this design.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

The panel featured “Rexy” in render form, the iconic T.rex from both Jurassic Park and Jurassic World in all her glory. However, the trailer design seems to stray from both films, featuring deeper and more pronounced scales and scutes, but her skeletal structure borrows from the Jurassic World redesign.

One would be forgiven in thinking this design was not “Rexy”, but a brand new variant if it weren’t for the clear identifying scars she has received from fighting the Velociraptors in Jurassic Park. Perhaps the render and trailer Tyrannosaurs are different variants? It is also worth noting that neither the render nor trailer feature movie accurate colors.


The Velociraptors seen in the Jurassic World Evolution trailer are probably the most interesting visual depictions – the Velociraptors of the Jurassic Park franchise have been the most varied, and arguably, the most iconic. Jurassic Park introduced the first female version, with their male tiger striped counterparts appearing alongside them in The Lost World. Jurassic Park 3 featured a separate ‘tribe’ of Raptors, with the quilled and stripped males, and beige colored females. Jurassic World featured 4 unique Velociraptors: Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo.

While the raptors in Evolution seem to reflect the design of Delta, we have been told they are actually unique and not indicative of any of the ‘characters’ from Jurassic World. It’s been hinted the design may vary by how you excavate and reassemble the DNA – however, could this green look be indicative of the Raptors in Fallen Kingdom?

Be sure to check out our comprehensive breakdown of the Jurassic World gameplay, watch the trailer, and view the glorious direct feed screenshots here!

Stay tuned – we’ve partnered with The Gaming Beaver to bring you news direct from Frontier Expo, and will have an developer interview video in the coming days.


34 thoughts on “All the Dinosaurs Revealed in Jurassic World Evolution So Far

  1. This is all cool stuff. I’m guessing the reassembling of the DNA caters towards the fans who’ve played JPOG and made modifications to the dinos. Can’t wait to see more info!

    1. It appears to be partially alert in that picture, it will almost certainly have more horizontal position in other situations

  2. I’m only hearing around hear that the Jurassic World Stegosaurus doesn’t have a beak, which is odd because I can see the outline of a beak on the model, as well as it being colored differently from the rest of the head in concept art and in the film. Don’t let that leaked picture of the Stegosaurs stand-in deceive you guys, they all are lacking in detail making it seem as if certain dinosaurs don’t have beaks. Even the Stygimoloch doesn’t have a beak if you judge by those things.

    1. While the early JW concept art and renders did have a beak, the final film version did not appear to have one. Rather, it had fleshy lips in the shape of the beak.

      Further, the animatronic (not publicly leaked) Stegosaurus head for JW2 features malleable fleshy lips.

      1. I’ve been thinking about this awhile, could the Jurassic World Stegosaurs’s beak just be blent into the skin like the horn of a rhinoceros?

        1. I think that’s the best way to explain it retroactively – though ILM artists admitted they didn’t realize the JW Stego was inaccurate to science and TLW until after the fan outcry (and by that point the design was locked in).

          Ultimately, I think the lack of a pronounced beak looks kinda silly TBH. But hey – maybe the game will offer both the TLW and JW models — now that would be cool!

          1. I’m with you on that sentiment. JW: E should be everything that JPOG was and more!

            Male and female dinosaurs

            Versioning allowing for the other interpretations of dinosaurs from all across the Jurassic franchise

            More modder friendly

  3. I hope the ”Raptors live in harmony with others in the same paddock” feature from the trailer will not be in the final game, it just doesn’t feel right. And I really want to know wether or not we can have Pterasaurs and Marine reptiles such as the Pteranodon, Dimorphodon and Mosasaurus as seen in JW.

  4. Just watched the panel interview and super excited! One thing I really missed in JP:OG was baby dinosaurs – so I hope they include them! I know the original park obviously didn’t have breeding but I don’t see why they couldn’t allow them to breed in JW!

    Can’t wait for flying and aquatic reptiles.

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  6. I want to see at least the Baryonyx or Spinosaurus make an entrance or better yet both. I understand that there is a lot of hate out there for Spino after JPIII but both Baryonyx and Spinosaurus are dinosaurs that some of the fan base loves.

  7. I was hoping to see dinosaurs like, Einiosaurus, Torosaurus, Diceratops and Mamenchisaurus. I wonder what the three horned dinosaurs will look like if they appear in this game.

  8. Dilophosaurus in the game or no buy. I’m tired of seeing the Dilo get screwed over every movie. We got a nod to it in Jurassic World but it’s always the same dinos. What’s really odd is that they had a truly unique dinosaur with the Dilo as it probably got its ability to spit the venom at its enemies from the frog DNA they used to make it. Or whatever they used to make the dinosaur. Either way again no Dilo no buy for me.

  9. Allasaurus would be awesome to see maybe add the horns above the eyes and keep the red skin from JPOG. That would be awesome to and already pre-ordered this bad boy

  10. Fügt mehr Arten hinzu ist schließlich ein Park über Dinos und nicht über streicheltierchen.
    Spinosaurus coelophysis titanosaurus oder andere eher welche die nicht in jedem Spiel vorkommen so hätt der Spieler eine vollkommene neue Welt und lern mer als nur die haupttypen der Dinosaurier
    Flugsaurier wären eventuell recht komplex durch andere gehege aber würde den einen oder anderen das Herz höher schlagen.
    Ich freue mich sehr auf das Spiel doch nach den Infos die ich bisher erhalten konnte sind es recht wenig arten

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