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We spent a day at Frontier Developments in Cambridge and played Jurassic World: Evolution!

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Dive Into Jurassic World: Evolution With These New Gameplay Videos!

Are you ready to step into John Hammond’s shoes and build your own Jurassic Park? On June 12th you can do just that – and as of today you can pre-order Jurassic World: Evolution!

A couple of weeks back the developers behind the upcoming Jurassic World: Evolution game held an event at the Universal backlot, showcasing the game and all it has to offer. Along with the reveal that Jeff Goldblum’s character Dr. Ian Malcolm will feature in the game, many YouTube personalities were offered the chance to experience the game and play it for themselves, and today the embargo was lifted.

The game itself is very similar to ‘Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis’, featuring deep and engaging park simulator gameplay. The staging ground for the game is the Las Cinco Muertes (five deaths) island chain plus Isla Nublar. Each island features a unique environment, with unique weather patterns, each of which factor into the way the game plays, such as environmental hazards threatening the park, or dinosaur happiness/comfort.

To build your park you need to build roads to each building, power stations and power lines which run to the various facilities. Each building can be placed at your leisure if you have them unlocked, and costs in game cash – further the buildings can be upgraded to offer more advanced features. To breed dinosaurs, you need the appropriate facility which you build into a fenced in paddock – from there, you choose the dinosaur you wish to breed, and after a incubation period, they pop on out!

The dinosaurs however must first have their genetic material discovered and decoded from various dig sites across the world. Send out an expedition, see what they find, and decode the DNA from there! The game is launching with over 40 species (no word if that’s 40 real species plus hybrids, or 40 with hybrids) and each dinosaur has unique subspecies variation depicted by different color schemes.

Keeping your dinosaurs happy and healthy is key – you need to build appropriate feeding stations, bodies of water, and allow them to range in their preferred environment. Some species will become angry or sad if they are left alone, such as Struthiomimus, and thrive with entire pack of their kin. Should a dinosaur break free, you can fly the helicopters yourself, and then tranq the dinosaurs via third person shooting mechanic – further, you can also drive the jeeps in a third person view! Taking care of dinosaur breakouts is key, as if you’re not careful, they will eat or kill guests (or other dinosaurs)!

Best of all, as the game plays out, Dr. Ian Malcolm continues to express his sassy skepticism of what you’re doing, his distaste for InGen and a dinosaur theme park overwhelming apparent.

Check out the early previews from those who got the chance to play it which are very positive, praising the games graphics, features and all round style, with Mashable claiming “Jurassic World Evolution is the dino video game of our childhood dreams”

Jurassic Park fans and YouTube gamers BestInSlot and TheGamingBeaver have uploaded their gameplay videos which you can watch below:

You can read more about Jurassic World: Evolution on the official website, as well as digitally pre-order it on Xbox, Playstation 4, and Steam. Physical pre-orders will be available at a later date, which we will be sure to share details of!

Are you excited for Jurassic World: Evolution, and what system will you be picking it up on? Sound off in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned for the latest news!


37 thoughts on “Dive Into Jurassic World: Evolution With These New Gameplay Videos!

  1. Beautifull game! I love everything I see. I hope that they will enhance the appearance of the guests though. And I also hope for some more costumisation of the paths and such with benches, fountains, flowers, trashbins and stuff like that. I’m really curious about the climates and weather effects on the other 5 islands now.

    1. “I hope that they will enhance the appearance of the guests though.”

      From one of the recently released videos, it looks like they already have.

  2. Very impressed with Best in Slot’s video. He didn’t get swept up in emotions and was actually useful as an early play-tester. Mentioning bugs that need to be ironed out is far more important at this moment in time than getting carried away with the happy entry of a new JP park building sim. After all, it is no good trying to enjoy a broken game.

    1. Beaver on the other hand is, as always, a goof and fanboys far too much. Ultimately it is rather useless to be that way when play-testing an early game that will require more attention given.

      1. Ben, you just crossed the line. GAMING BEAVER IS WAY BETTER THAN BESTINSLOT!!!! There is a reason gaming beaver have over a million subs.
        James, if you’re reading this, DON’T LISTEN TO BEN. He’s a negative troll.

        1. I’ve watched both the entireties of Beaver’s JP:OG playthroughs. He’s hilarious and a welcome addition to the fandom. I’m with ya Gav.

          By the by Ben,

          Fan = Fanatic. WE *WANT* to Fanboy(and girl), we’re fans. WE DO THAT. I’m just like ol’ Beaver.

          Just in case, you’re slow on the uptake. 😉

          Nobody wants to be around a negative Nancy.

          Enjoy the ride, bro.

        2. Indeed he is!! Ben is always negative and bitter about everything. Although I agree with his point of view on how BestInSlot payed more attention to the bugs and other things that need fixing than Gaming Beaver did, I personally have the Gaming Beaver is my favorite youtuber out of the two. Don’t get me wrong, I really like BestInSlot’s content a lot too, but I think Gaming Beavers channel more haha. It is my personal taste too but the fact that Gaming Beaver has over 1,5 million subs says enough about his channel being more popular and liked overall.

        3. Calling someone a troll for simply preferring one style over another is what’s crossing a line?

          Although I’m not sure where a YouTuber qualifies as an “early play-tester” anyway. They’re not there to test the game, they’re there to get word of mouth going.

        4. I don’t care for Youtubers or how many followers they have. And as for why I always seem negative, my philosophy is rather simple. It is a given that the good things are enjoyed and appreciated. There’s no need to point those things out. We are all super excited about a new JP park builder. However, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. It is more important to be vocal about the negatives so that they get the required attention.

        5. Ben! How Dare you say such a thing about Gaming Beaver! He is the only person I know both physically and virtually that knows more dinosaur species than I. And that’s saying something. I’m with you Gavin. Ben has crossed the line.

          LONG LIVE TOAST!!!

    2. You are aware that BestinSlot could’ve just as easily been fanboying when he was playing and gave a more detailed explanation after he got back home? I’d like to see you not be the least bit giddy when you are called out to play what will be the greatest Jurassic Park/World game of all time before any one else has a chance.

  3. He wasn’t as helpful mostly because Betinslot had to redo the voice audio after he lost the first part, and wasn’t emotional about how the game was going, and people can have an opinion Gavin.

  4. HEADS UP GUYS: This game will be using a new version of Denuvo, which means probably no modding, performance hits and not to mention how is a very anti consumer practice.

    I was pretty hyped for pre ordering this game but I will not support this and the people with good sense shouldn’t too.

  5. I called it how I see it. That doesn’t make me a troll. It only means I have a different opinion to you. Beaver does tend to fanboy too much. And in this particular case, we miss out on a prime opportunity to tell the devs to their faces what they need to fix. All Beaver did was gasp and squeal and guffaw. As usual.

  6. this looks incredible so far, only minor complaints are fixing the camera and slightly tweaking the A.I for the dino’s and humans as they still seem a little “slow” imo, but aside from that everything looks like what I’d hope it would be.
    also does anyone know if there’s been any confirmation on a mosasaurus and pterosaurs yet?

  7. Good stuff from both gamers, but I was more impressed with Best in Slots for reasons already stated. Honestly find both of them a little tedious with how overexcited they can get, but have found BIS has improved greatly recently, and using his time to give constructive criticism was much appreciated

    Also, Microtransactions confirmed, which is a shame, but I’ll still be eager to support such a gorgeous looking game.

    1. “Microtransactions confirmed.”

      At this point, I am never going to be surprised when a game announces this…..

      : \

      1. At least they’re optional. The day they’re forced as ‘micro-DLC’ is when it’s all over. I dunno, microtransactions tend to only impact MP games.

  8. I hate to be a downer, I’m still very looking forward to this game but….I find it odd that these types of games tend to promote freedom when it comes down to play style, but looking at this…the game seems very restrictive.

    Like how it only gives you just a piece of land to work on instead of the entire island, not a great terrain editor, and the monorail is disappointing that its only being used as an entrance pretty much…. We all seem to be blind in amazement that we’re ignoring some hidden flaws that’s right in front of us.

    Instead of JPOG coming to mind, I cant help but be reminded of Simcity 2013, which is a terrible thought. And I’m not talking about the DRM issue that game had, but the actual mechanics. Simcity 2013 had some interesting mechanics that made it fun at first but the game had so many restrictions that at a certain point you have no more to do in little time. While I can tell this game has way more mechanics and tools, I just cant ignore those restrictions I’ve been seeing in these gameplay videos. And this game is coming from the company behind Planet Coaster that has so much freedom, you don’t know how to start the game!

    “You’ve never had control. That’s the illusion!” – Dr. Ellie Sattler

    (Posted this on Youtube, figured I would share here)

  9. The camera needs to be able to swoop in and move around the animals. Like JP:OG. Individual trees need to be removable and place-able too. It’s all about total control and customization. Everyone wants to build JW THEIR way, not follow the same basic layout.

    1. Agreed. I haven’t seen much in the way of the depth of choice we have, in regards to building types, decorations, vehicles, signage, etc. I want to build a Jurassic Park, complete with all of the vehicles and buildings, and I hope I have the ability to. Doesn’t look like it so far.

  10. Any confirmation that this will be 4K for PS4? It’s not listed as such, but is for Xbox. If not, that would be super lame.

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