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Drop Dead Drops Exclusive ‘Jurassic Park’ Clothing Collection

UK based clothing company Drop Dead has just launched the Capsule Collection, a unique clothing line to celebrate both the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and the 25th anniversary of the movie that started it all – Jurassic Park.

Working in partnership with Universal Brand Development, Drop Dead noticeably chose a vintage, Classic Jurassic style for the line, remaining inline with the early 90s aesthetic seen in Jurassic Park.

This iconic line features bomber jackets, shirts, bags sporting nostalgia-inducing graphics including dinosaurs, maps of Isla Nublar, and writing reminiscent of the text seen on Nedry’s computer. And speaking of Dennis Nedry, a Nedry themed buttoned shirt and shorts can also be found in this collection.

The clothing company was founded by Oliver Sykes (lead singer of Bring Me the Horizon) who is a huge fan of the original movie. When discussing this collection, he said:

“Jurassic Park has been my favorite film of all time since I saw it in 1993. I was always into dinosaurs as a kid, but Jurassic Park truly sent me into obsession. To be able to do a collaboration with the franchise has been a lifelong goal and dream. After producing many designs influenced by Jurassic Park for Drop Dead, being able to use the actual material for the real has been amazing and I couldn’t be more stoked on what we’ve produced.”

Isla Nublar was Site A. Isla Sorna was Site B. Drop Dead’s laboratory is Site D, and that’s where all of these products – or specimens – were created.

The overgrown foliage, chemical jars and decontamination zone theme can be found in Drop Dead Clothing’s London store, seen in the promotional video above. Their Sheffield store also followed suit and re-opened with a design refresh and a brand new vegan restaurant, a bar and a store.

The collection is a wonderful addition to Jurassic Park’s return to popular culture and features inspired designs reflecting the designer’s love for the 1993 film. The items look like they came straight out of the 1990’s!

‘DDxJP’ is available now at Drop Dead stores and through their official website.

What do you think about this clothing collection? Let us know in the comments section below!


8 thoughts on “Drop Dead Drops Exclusive ‘Jurassic Park’ Clothing Collection

  1. if that Nedry shirt didn’t have that silly writing on it I’d buy it, passes off pretty well. I commend the effort becaise it’s a great idea, clothes just seem too stylized and there’s too much writing all over them.

  2. Buyer beware on their stuff – I ordered a Nedry shirt in an XL just to be safe (I’m 6’2″ and their model is I quoten “6’1″ and wearing a size L”, or so they say) and had to return it immediately. Their sizing is way off – shirt felt like I was going to Tommy Boy/Lou Ferigno out of it, it was so tight across my back. And of course they want to charge you for the return shipping. My XXL should be in today, and it better fit this time.

  3. I like the 90s aesthetic but the clothes are just too ’boutique’ for my taste. It would’ve been cool to see designs like this applied to more regular everyday clothes.

  4. They had a stall at the London Film and Comic Con last month and I was so tempted to get the Nedry shirt. I went back a few times and tried it on but the sleeves were a little too tight for me.

    The clothes are nice but not something I would wear unfortunately.

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