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There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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A Familiar Location is Returning in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom! (Potential Spoilers)

Well folks it looks like Nedry’s 18 minute window is open again as we finally get confirmation that Jurassic Park’s East Dock is back in business! Today’s look at the Fallen Kingdom set comes from our friends over at Reel News Hawaii.

According to Reel News, the sign was spotted at He’eia Harbor where a number of pictures cars and pyrotechnic effects were spotted in the last few weeks. Whilst the sign is almost an exact replica of the ones seen in Jurassic Park, one major difference eludes to an interesting revelation. The absence of the directional arrow and presence of the small ‘Authorized Personnel Only’ plaque tells us that this sign is actually on the Dock itself.

The East Dock was last seen way back in 1993’s Jurassic Park, albeit it only on a security monitor. Colin Trevorrow later tweeted an image of a fallen East Dock sign during the production of Jurassic World, although it’s appearance in the film was eventually cut in lieu of the Research Facility. Fans with sharp hearing may have caught a brief mention of the dock from an InGen Mercenary in the Control Room however. It certainly seems as though the East Dock has a large part to play in Fallen Kingdom.

How excited are you at the thought of seeing a little more of Jurassic Park’s heritage? Comment below!

Source: Reel News Hawaii


8 thoughts on “A Familiar Location is Returning in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom! (Potential Spoilers)

  1. While JW was being made, Colin also posted a pic of the east dock sign on twitter and it ended up making no appearance in the movie at all. I’m not getting hyped up about anything of the sort until I actually see it on screen. Besides, I don’t see what kind of nostalgia the east dock itself would play on me. It’s a different thing to see the Ford Explorer, or Rexy, the old Visitor’s Center (whose facade I would have looooved to see in more detail, by the way, which unfortunately did not happen), the T-rex’s fence, or any other spots that were actually present in JP.

    1. yeah if this is the last time we are seeing the island I would really love to see a better set of the visitor center. The one in JW was nothing like the original. No fountains no large pond in front. You could really tell it was a set on a sound stage.
      But I think they did show the east dock sign in the movie towards the end when a raptor ran by during a night scene.

  2. I get more and more the feeling that Bayona is making the JW movie that we wanted in the first place. I really think Fallen Kingdom will make JW1 look very pale in comparison.

  3. I know it’s not in the canon, but for me the Telltale games are still a part of the series. So as far as I am concerned the classic East Dock has had its moments and now I am ready for something new. I wonder how much time of the film will be spent on Isla Nublar.

  4. Off-topic: I’m raging mad at Universal Studios Brazil. They’ve just released our country’s official poster and title for the sequel and it is, in a direct translation, so that you guys are able to understand my “rage”, it is called:

    Jurassic World: The Kingdom is Threatened

    What!? A whole clause as a subtitle? Why not simply Threatened Kingdom (in Portuguese, obviously)? I hope the film makes up for this messy Portuguese title.

  5. P.S.: At least one good piece of news has been confirmed with the disclosure of the poster and title. The film premieres in Brazil on June 21, 2018. That’s because here the theaters premiere films on Thursdays, not Fridays. Jurassic World also premiered here one day before.

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