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Everything You Need to Know About the Official Jurassic Park Iron Studios Statue Lineup Unveiled at CCXP!

Jurassic Park fans and collectors are in for a treat – make no mistake about it. Iron Studios recently revealed they have the Jurassic Park license, and teased their upcoming lineup over social media prior to its full reveal at Comic Con Experience in São Paulo, Brazil. I traveled to São Paulo to cover the work of Iron Studios and catch the premiere of the Fallen Kingdom trailer at CCXP 2017, and have every detail you could want about the statues!

Dinosaurs ruled the earth at CCXP 2017 – upon entering the convention hall the first thing I saw was a life sized Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus Rex, towering over the iconic jungle colored Ford Explorer from the film. The Jurassic Park theme was on full blast, and the sound of the Tyrannosaurus bellowed, echoing over the thousands of excited convention attendees. This Tyrannosaurus Rex was sculpted by Iron Studios simply so Jurassic Park fans attending the con would have a great time, and a great photo-op. In front of the large Rex under a gigantic Jurassic Park banner sat their upcoming line of Jurassic collectibles.

The statue set is based off the iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex breakout scene from Jurassic Park, and Iron Studios have captured every detail you can imagine. At an impressive 1/10th scale, these pieces are quite large, towering over other Jurassic Park collectibles. Everything you see in the pictures are part of the numerous sets – the roadway, the electric fences, and yes, even the jungle greenery! I spoke with the numerous artists who worked hard to make this piece as amazing as possible, and let me tell you, they spared no expense getting the details right.

For the first time ever, you will be able to purchase a Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus Rex with colors that are accurate to the iconic creature in the film. While other fantastic Jurassic Park collectibles have been made of the Tyrannosaurus in the past, none have quite got her colors right, favoring the more saturated and bright browns of the unfinished behind the scenes color scheme or restored head made circa 1997. It’s been a longstanding complaint amongst Jurassic Park fans that Universal doesn’t seem to know the real color of the T. rex, but thankfully Iron Studios got it right.

Her colors reflect the darker, muted colors of the animal in the film, expertly highlighting the subtle striping, and capturing the look of the deeply colored orbital sockets that hasn’t been seen since 1993. Her eyes display the intense focus of the dinosaurs gaze, which look forward at Dr. Alan Grant has she lets loose her triumphant roar. Every detail of her body is sculpted with focus, capturing the folds and bumps of the skin to a level of perfection. Likewise, the attention to detail with the paint is also fantastic, even giving lesser looked spots like the feet or hands the spotlight.

The Ford Explorers received a similar amount of love, with every decal and color translated with phenomenal craftsmanship. Details like like the Jurassic Park tag hanging from the rear view mirror, the case with the flares and park brochures in the back, and the on board computer displaying its splash screen. Not to mention the distressed damage on the Explorer that has been attacked by the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which also has Tim and Lex screaming in terror inside – or the rain effect that has been added to truly capture the atmosphere of the scene.

Finally, Dr. Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm, sculpted with an incredible likeness to their respective actors, Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum. From the expressions on their faces, to the mud splattered around their feet, these statues capture the finest details with expertise. Look no further than the flares in their hands, or the chain around Malcolm’s neck.

However, don’t take our word for it alone – check out our gallery of images below, and pour over the details yourself! Already sold, and wondering where you purchase one (or the whole set), and for how much? The Iron Studios range will be available worldwide (with only distribution in the US currently undetermined). The pricing model is based upon two sets to complete the diorama, as well as single pieces on basic bases for more affordable prices:

  • SET A ( Left Base, Left Back Base + Fence and Plants, Destroyed Ford Explorer, Tim & Lex, + T. rex )
    SRP $1,199.99 USD
  • SET B ( Middle and Right Base, Middle and Right Back Base + Fence and Plants, Ford Explorer, Alan Grant, & Ian Malcolm )
    SRP $1,199.99  USD
  • Ian Malcolm Art Scale 1/10
    $89.99 USD
  • Alan Grant Art Scale 1/10
    $89.99 USD
  • T. rex Art Scale 1/10 on custom base (not yet revealed)
    SRP  $649.99 USD
  • Ford Explorer Art Scale 1/10 on custom base ( not yet revealed )
    SRP $649.99 USD
  • Be sure to follow Iron Studios in Facebook and Instagram, and check out their official website here! While the exact date preorders will open has yet to be announced, they were hopeful to allow orders near the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Stay tuned, as Iron Studios have many more surprises in store for Jurassic Park fans!

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    Will you be picking up any of the Iron Studios pieces? Be sure to sound off in the comments below, and let us know what you think!


    29 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know About the Official Jurassic Park Iron Studios Statue Lineup Unveiled at CCXP!

    1. Amazing coverage and what an absolutely stunning piece!
      Also, THANK YOU for bringhing up how accurate this color scheme is, i’ve already read silly complaints about it but in terms on tint and shades this is how female rex should be painted to match her appearence in Jurassic Park on 35mm. Finally!
      I have to be all over this line, we need to support quality like this the best we can as they’ve already announced plans for every movie aside for JP/// so just imagine what they could do with Lost World..
      Can’t believe this is happening.

    2. Wow this is incredible. Who would ever have the money to drop on this tho?
      Where’s the cliff that the explorer gets pushed off? 😉

        1. If you watch the film again you can see that the Goat feeder sits in the bottom, left hand corner of Rexy’s enclosure. About 15 feet to the left of that is the edge of the enclosure and the concrete moat drop.

    3. Considering the T. rex is about twice the size as the Chronicle T. rex, and about the same price when sold alone, this is a GREAT deal.

      I’m preordering this right away. Not to mention the color is actually right, and that’s coming from a fan and owner of the Chronicle piece.

    4. It may be a little early to say it looks GREAT. This a prototype as always for coverage and mass marketing, wait for individual commercial pieces and the quality will probably jaw drops.

    5. For it’s price the T.rex is actually a good collectible for fans since it’s a really faithful recreation of the movie animal. Definitely worth the consideration although the main road set pieces aren’t affordable for the most of us. I also like the Explorer and the two human characters.

      1. Do you smoke? Drink alcohol? Maybe buy gaming consoles when PCs exist? Never bought something you didn’t actually need? You ever pay for weed, man? It’s amazing what people will spend their money on… Indeed.

    6. No normal person could think of spending on this. More products for the super rich and not the actual consumers. I will just still to Rebor. Not 100% or licensed but don’t cost an arm, leg and kidney to own.

    7. To all you guys thinking this is expensive don’t even bother getting into this hobby. No spending more than 4 figures??? LOL what do you think this is? Prices in the thousands are very common.

      1. Lol you are right! All these people saying how stupidly expensive it is clearly don’t have a clue what they are talking about. This diorama is massive and the final price is actually cheaper than most people expected! People expecting to get something of this quality and size for a couple hundred bucks are living in dream land!

    8. Looks amazing! Having said that, the price is just too much, although you do get an incredible set. I’ll stick with female T. rex bust, the raptors in the kitchen from CC, and also some dilophosaurus action. At most, I’d consider maybe just the T. rex from this set, but don’t have the space for this anyway. Congrats to those who do!

    9. Iconic scene must have. Chronicle really shit the bed with the breakout rex. Complete waste of money wish I returned it and put the money towards this.

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