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‘Fallen Kingdom’ Animatronic Team Helmed by Neal Scanlan to Return for ‘Jurassic World 3’

The Jurassic Park franchise is synonymous for cutting edge visual effects bringing the dinosaurs and world to life, with none more iconic than the lifelike animatronic creations from Stan Winston Studios. With the return of the Jurassic franchise in 2015, animatronic dinosaurs were severely dialed back, with only the dying Apatosaurus head and neck by ‘Legacy Effects’. However, after the films debut audience flocked to theaters, winning more goodwill for investing in practical effects with ‘Fallen Kingdom’ – in which Neal Scanlan and his Star Wars Creature Team of Pinewood Studios made their dino-debut.

Fresh from the creatures and animatronic panel at Star Wars Celebration 2019, Neal Scanlan has been confirmed to be returning for the third, and final film of the Jurassic World saga.

(About 8:45 in)

While Fallen Kingdom significantly increased the amount of animatronics used from Jurassic World, it still did not hit the same level of scale that Stan Winston’s team achieved across the original trilogy. Namely, all the final on screen animatronics in the film were that of animals who were laying down due to being traqulized or injured. While a Indoraptor animatronic of the head and neck was made for the animal during the his hunting antics, the final creature on screen was replaced by (incredibly lifelike) CGI. As the third Jurassic World is expected to bookend the latest Jurassic trilogy, it would be the perfect opportunity to trailblaze the technology bringing the dinosaurs to life into whole new frontiers.

With the huge advancements in what CGI is capable of, I would personally love to see fully mobile practical dinosaurs (perhaps people in suits with legs exposed ‘Jurassic World Live Tour’ style – or perhaps driven around on some sort of vehicle base) augmented by CGI to simply hide the bells and whistles of the puppetry at play. The new expansive saga of modern Star Wars films use those techniques to bring characters to life without the limitations usually associated with practical effects, which Scanlan and his team are involved with (alongside Industrial Light & Magic).

This news unfortunately means the team at Legacy Effects, founded by Stan Winston Studios veterans after its closure, are unlikely to work on Jurassic World 3. As Legacy has many artists who worked on the original Jurassic Park trilogy, in which its lifelike animatronic dinosaurs have yet to be topped, it would have been fitting to see them close out trilogy. However, Scanlan and his team have an incredible pedigree of films, Scanlan himself being a founding member of the Jim Henson Creature Shop, and their immense talent and passion is a perfect fit for Jurassic World.

Personally, outside of pushing practical effects into bold new territory, I’d love to see one more thing: the return of the Stan Winston Jurassic Park designs. As Jurassic World 3 promises to close out this six film saga which started in 1993, now would be the perfect time to reanimate every detail fans fondly remember, bringing those iconic dinosaurs back to the big screen in big ways.

What do you hope Neal Scanlan and his team do with Jurassic World 3’s animatronic dinosaurs, and would you like to see Legacy Effects return as well? Sound off in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned for the latest news!


19 thoughts on “‘Fallen Kingdom’ Animatronic Team Helmed by Neal Scanlan to Return for ‘Jurassic World 3’

  1. I just wish we could stop calling the sixth film in the franchise as Jurassic World 3. I really hope they come up with an official title that drops the 3.

          1. Klayton can say what he likes. He’s no more a fan or knowledgeable than myself, he just has an audience.

            The DPG can also say what it likes to try and fill the gaps.

            The problem is that the MOVIES completely ignore Sorna in any logical or sensible way. No mention on the news reports. No mention by any of the characters (bar a TINY name drop)… No closure. Just ignored. The DPG can try and cover up that problem but it still makes no sense to leave it out of the films themselves.

        1. Can’t be. No mention of what happened to Sorna. Neither by the News or any other character. No mention of taking them to Sorna from Nublar. Nothing. Just third-party nonsense the average movie-goer wont know about. Until Sorna is addressed ON FILM, JW is an alternate history where Sorna was never explored/ never even existed/ was only known about by certain members of INGEN/Masrani.

          You cannot rely on a third-party website to fill in the blanks. That is the movie’s job.

  2. I believe there will be a lot more Jurassic movies in the future! WE ALL CAN’T LOSE ALL OF THOSE DINOSAURS NOW THEY ARE THE LAST OF THEIR KIND EVEN BLUE AND REXY!!!!!!!!!!! We got to make sure Universal will make more movies with all of them after the next one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Nah, let’s take a 9 year break before the next trilogy. Don’t cram the movies down people’s throats like the Lego Movies. Gets people more hyped to see them when they do come out, like what happened with Jurassic World in 2015.

      1. Thanx for the reply and I might be right but I still believe! We can’t lose all of the dinosaurs again like the others all of those years ago including rexy and blue!!!!

  3. I believe there will be more Jurassic movies in the future! We can’t lose all of those dinosaurs now they are the last of their kind!!! We can’t lose them like their ancestors in the past! We got to make sure they at Universal keep going with as many of them as possible

  4. Judging from FK’s schedule, I hope they start production of JW3 within 9-10 months. I remember they started filming the previous film in February, 2017, am I right? Can’t wait for news to start pouring in again.

  5. Maybe unpopular opinion, but I didn’t really like the animatronics of Fallen Kindom. It was nice that they had them, but theren’t even close to Stan Winston level quality.

  6. I have a theory how this new movie will make end!!! If this movie is truly the last of all Jurassic they better come up with a beautiful ending for all of the dinosaurs!!!! Like find all of them as possible and out them on the island first mentioned to Claire and let them all including rexy and blue be happily ever after and be left in peace!!!

  7. Of this movie truly is the last of all Jurassic movies,they better come up with a beautiful ending the dinosaurs like living happy on the new island as possible from the last one

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