The DNA of Jurassic Park

We spent a day at Frontier Developments in Cambridge and played Jurassic World: Evolution!

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First In-Game Jurassic World Evolution Footage Roars Online!

Welcome to Isla Matanceros

Jurassic World Evolution takes place among the Muertes Archipelago, aka The Five Deaths – as well as the iconic Isla Nublar. Frontier Developments lifted the veil on Jurassic World Evolution at Frontier Expo, talking the exciting gameplay mechanics, showing off screenshots, and shared footage from the game set on the aforementioned Isla Matanceros!

Check out the trailer below and read on for the very exciting details:

The game looks absolutely beautiful – and the way you play it sounds incredibly exciting. Frontier Developments wanted to capture the themes of Jurassic Park, and as such, have three different ongoing mission contracts: Entertainment, Security, and Science. Each of these contracts come from characters who want different things from the park, and while you can work for all three and achieve balance, you can also choose to allocate your resources to one singular playstyle.

Entertainment is all about embracing the dream of John Hammond, and is all about achieving a sense of wonder in the park. Security is risk/reward system all about making the most dangerous dinosaurs possible, and containing them appropriately. Finally, science is nature: understanding the dinosaurs as they were, and letting life find a way.

Managing the park is marked with unique challenges: dinosaurs can get sick, they can breakout, and they can kill one another. You are left managing a living breathing ecosystem that constantly evolves as you play. Many environmental factors come into play: each island offers a unique ecosystem, and much like Jurassic Park, factors such as dangerous storms can threaten the park and offer fun gameplay challenges.

Jurassic World Evolution has a deep lore system, which plays into the “InGen Database” above. Every detail has been carefully researched, and will lead to an experience super fans are sure to love. Choose and learn about your digsites for Dino DNA, raise the dinosaurs from the incubation stage, and dive deep into the science. Gameplay and and story interweave organically in Jurassic World Evolution.

Frontier Developments have worked closely with Universal Pictures to ensure entirely accurate Jurassic World dinosaurs – and as such have been given access to the ILM 3D files and simply altered their level of detail to work in their gameplay engine! It certainly shows in phenomenal renders above – it’s great to finally see a high budget Jurassic game with film accurate dinosaurs.

Stay tuned for more! We have teamed up with The Gaming Beaver who is at Frontier Expo right now, and will be bring us unique video content from the show floor! This article will be updated with more precisie details and high-res screen shots as they are available.

Jurassic World Evolution releases Summer 2018 for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.


21 thoughts on “First In-Game Jurassic World Evolution Footage Roars Online!

  1. Though I will be buying this game straight away it doesn’t really look realistic. Especially the plants look really fake and the some of the dino animations look meh. But I know they are still working on the game and this will probably get changed so it’s not saying much. Hope to see more soon!

  2. Yes, just yes.
    “Each choice leads to a different path” Interesting, that must mean we can either prevent what has happened in the films or actually have a stable, and safe Jurassic park.

  3. Environments, structures, vehicles, dinosaurs, animations, sounds are all good so far. Could almost be an FPS game. Looking forward to seeing more as well as some gameplay. Very excited.

  4. I’m loving it so far! It’s really feeling more and more like the ultimate Jurassic Park/Jurassic World game!

  5. Definitely beautiful! I’m dreading the stegosaurus already this is the second clue that we might be seeing a beakless Stego in the new movie. The first clue was the puppet pictures that leaked. As I
    As if the low lying tail wasn’t already worse enough.

    1. The low-lying tail is actually accurate with what we know, the one in TLW was way too high and over all the creature was representative of the shrink-wrapping that plagued the 90’s. The new one’s tail is fine, it does not touch the ground and is at a decent height. Although dinosaurs like Stegosaurus are known to have stiff, rigid tails, Stegosaurus is an exception as it needed a looser, flexible tails in order to swing it. Saying that, a beakless design is inexcusable.

  6. Looks really good. Although the color schemes for the dinosaurs look bland. I’d love to see the skin patterns we saw in all the movies, I’d love to breed a pack of the tiger-striped raptors from TLW.

    We also need the option of designing a park in the original parks aesthetic. Looks better and more fitting for a zoo park than JW’s look.

  7. I’m betting they’re mum on the details of their Isle Nublar because it’ll spoil plot points from the new movie. A volcano-related rescue mission would be my guess, hence the importance of moving operations to the old island chain.

  8. As long as we get a Site B mode like in Jurassic Park Operation Genesis i’m happy, also the trailer looks magnificent.

  9. I really like the three ways proposed for the game. It really looks the developers have “thought” about the JP franchise, not only to make a management game, but also what are the ideologies behind it, its philosophical dimension 🙂

  10. As amazing as this is (I still own and play Op Gen for XBOX) I still think the JP brand is shamefully neglected when it comes to video games. I had a dream once of a security guard trying to escape the Visitor’s Centre on Nublar with the Raptors loose. It was scary. Then a few years later Alien: Isolation came out and I thought that style would be perfect for it. Instead of Xenomorph we have Raptors.

  11. It does look beautiful. But how will they re-create Isla Sorna accurately? We know what majority of it looks like. It’s a large place. Will it be detailed? Will we be in charge of the flora and geography?

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