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Footage emerges of Jurassic World 2 filming in England! (Potential Spoilers)

Jurassic World 2 has been filming in England since February 23rd, 2017 with most of the action taking place at the legendary Pinewood Studios. However, images have occasionally emerged from more public locations such as Slough, Hawley Commons, and Hartland Park, all of which are being used by the production. However, until now, the actual filming has remained unseen.

This evening some local fans witnessed cameras rolling on the upcoming Jurassic Park sequel, and while the footage is nondescript, we still would like to give a healthy spoiler warning.

Hours ago, the upcoming Jurassic World sequel brought the dinosaurs to the former Pyestock jet engine test site, now known as Hartland Park. While we know they have built a rather large set there, the specifics of the location remain unknown – however, tonight’s action took to the skies, and could be seen from the nearby roadway.

Check out the short video below, where a Helicopter rig is held up high as fake rain pours down, and flashes of light imitate lightning from a roaring thunderstorm!

While it’s understandably tough to see until the artificial lighting flashes, there appears to be a crew inside the helicopter with a rope ladder hanging below. On said rope ladder in an individual in a yellow rain jacket, not dissimilar to those worn in Jurassic Park – whether that person is climbing up or down is unclear, but either way it seems to be a very cool tense scene! Rain is an element that has come into play in every Jurassic film except for World, so we’re all thrilled to have it back.  For a better look at the scene, take a look at this image still below!

We don’t know what’s happening in the scene, but we’re willing to bet on one thing: it includes dinosaurs! As an aside, while we’re all thrilled to see footage from the fifth Jurassic Park film, we do want to remind local fans to respect laws, property lines, and security – not to mention think twice if you happen to see something really juicy.

We try our best to self filter the content that is put on this site, and avoid sharing the real spoilers, but this obviously walks a fine line. We do not want to spoil the story and experience that the filmmakers want to share, but also report on the bigger news as it occurs. As for not trespassing, not only is it illegal, it’s for your safety as well as the cast and crews – a live set can be a dangerous place, especially with heavy filming machinery.

Now that we got that PSA out of the way, are you excited to see rain in Jurassic World 2, and what do you think is happening in the scene above? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for the all the latest of everything Jurassic!

Source: @sickkgirl_ 


9 thoughts on “Footage emerges of Jurassic World 2 filming in England! (Potential Spoilers)

  1. Augmented reality is the next big thing? Now that the animals are loose on the island people tour in cages that roll through; Jurassic World open for business: you visit a park where dinosaurs are free then you are taken on a “the dinosaurs attack” adventure: in your night vision goggles it all feels pretty real as you dangle from a helicopter… is it?

  2. Could this be a flashback showing the rescue of the shaving cream by biosyn? Like the starting point Spielberg orignally considered for a JP sequel?
    I mean, the rain, the yellow rain jacket, the helicopter. Looks pretty obvious to me actually ;D And if you think about the whole open source idea Colin teased, biosyn could really play a part in this.

    1. Dude… I think you may have hit the nail on the head O.o I would LOVE to see some flashbacks back to the timeframe of the first movie!

  3. Looks interesting. How cool would it be if this scene was on top of a river trying to rescue someone. And then you see a spine stick out coming closer and closer. Then when a thunder lightning hits, you see Spinosaurus lounge out and attack.

    Bring back the king Colin!

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