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There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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All Four Jurassic Park Films Releasing in 4K this May! (Updated)

Hold on to your butts, and get ready to see Jurassic Park like never before.

Revealed on Amazon, all four Jurassic Park films (yes, that means Jurassic World) will be released in 4K on May 22nd, 2018 in celebration of the first Jurassic’s 25th Anniversary. For the first time ever, the Jurassic franchise has been remastered in 4K (also known as Ultra-HD), featuring a far higher resolution and ‘High Dynamic Range (HDR) for Brighter, Deeper, More Lifelike Color’.

Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Collection [4K Blu-ray]

Available to pre-order now the ‘Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Collection’ ($79.98) set features a total of 8-discs, with each 4k film on their own discs, and the special features on another. As they have likely gone back to the source material for these remasters, the transfers will likely be entirely new, and have a different more authentic look akin to the theatrical run of each film. Since running the article, the Amazon listing has been updated with pictures – the cover is very nice, and would be near perfect if it weren’t for that incredibly ugly looking logo (also, the head being replaced with the Jurassic World rex doesn’t look right).

There’s a small chance these sets will also include some collectible material – recently a 4-film Blu-Ray set (not 4K) for the 25th Anniversary went on sale on Amazon UK (pictured above), and includes concept art from the upcoming sequel, Fallen Kingdom. Much like the 4K set, it will be released this May. However, since the listing has updated with imagery, it seems unlikely this set also includes the concept art – but time will tell!

Are you excited for the 4K release of Jurassic Park – and will you buy a 4K TV just for these films if you don’t have one already? I know I’m considering it. Sound off in the comments below!

As always, stay tuned – as soon as images of the 4K transfers become available, we will be sure to run another article. Thanks to Jeremy Conrad for the heads up!

Source: (via Bill Hunt)


49 thoughts on “All Four Jurassic Park Films Releasing in 4K this May! (Updated)

  1. Shame there’s no new deleted scenes of all movies or any new bonus materials. And Jurassic World bonus disc is really poor comparing to what they released on official YouTube channel.

    Why they replace Spino with the T-Rex ? Spino was the main villian T-Rex was thrown out of the picture, what’s that all about ???…

    1. The spino got really negative feedback for a long time. I was always under the assumption that was why, or maybe they thought it wouldn’t be recognizable anymore because they think we’re stupid I guess….

        1. I agree. The Spino skeleton in the logo was really neat. Its skull thin and pointed, like a sharp dagger. It was a really cool logo. Shame what Universal did with the logo.

  3. I am so excited! I am definataly getting one! I realy hope you (RaptorParkowsky) are wrong and they do have extras. Maybe they want to surprise us. I also wish they would wait till Fallen Kingdom is out, then they could include that too.

    1. Unfortunately, yes. The US cover is supposedly Rexy with the banner falling, but they took her roaring scene from ‘Fallen Kingdom’ and not ‘JP 1’. I hate nitpicking but why is Universal so careless with the actual movie releases when the other new merch is so well done?

        1. it is tho. look at the scarring on her neck. it’s white and old scarring whereas it should be fresh and red. it may not be the exact scene from FK but its still photoshopped poorly from a newer picture when they could have used the OG. I will give it this though, the individual packaging is much worse. I just wish we could have a cool release in the US. The german set came in a wooden box with all kinds of special stuff. We always get the shaft on cool collector’s versions here.

  4. Is it Blue ray? I’m getting one regardless. I hope you (RaptorParkowsky) are wrong and they will have bonus extras. Maybe they are going to surprise us!

  5. the art of the Bluray package is the dullest ever. at least it´s not amateur photoshop like the individuals.. but come on! making all the logos the same boring JW style and taking away the personality of each movie? what is the point of buying a package like that?

    1. Exactly! No passion or love was put in this box. They had one goal and that’s Sell, Sell, Sell….
      This franchise deserves so much more than these amateur Photoshop covers and soulless logo’s.

      1. They patented it, they packaged it, they sold it on a plastic DVD case and now they wanna sell it! YOU WANNA SELL IT!

  6. Not going to lie, I want this, going to see Jurassic Park with my Mom and Aunt when I was little is my best memory from childhood, but there was a scene in the first film where Ellie grabs a leaf as there driving by some bushes, it was there in the original theatrical release back in 1993 but they cut it out when it went to VHS, and they have never put it back in, not even to there “Special Editions”, and as much as I love the first film, I feel jipped every time I watch it because the cut that scene out, you see her get into a jeep, and then when they stop to see the Brach, suddenly she’s holding a leaf, why did they feel the need to cut a two second scene from the movie…

    1. No, that scene was never in the movie, but it was in a trailer. I’ve never understood why it was never included as a deleted scene or director’s cut.

      1. I always got the feeling that it was a shot just for the trailer at first like many films do. But at the same time, she just inexplicably has the leaf without any reason. Also, does anyone still believe in the rumor of the theatrical only ending?

  7. Will this mean that JP2 and JP3 finally get an actual new transfer? Because JP1 got remastered a while back, 2013 I believe. JP2 and JP3(and especially JP3) look ugly in comparison. I hope they get rid of the noise in JP3 and beef up the colors, lightning and smoothness.

  8. This is awesome!
    I have a 4K tv But who has a blue ray player anymore? Might have to look into it for this.

  9. Lol I love how it has to be specified that the fourth film is Jurassic World. I remarked on facebook a while back that jurassic world was the fourth film and nearly everyone who saw my comment argued that Jurassic World is a spin off and not a part of the same franchise. I remember one time someone saying “I wish they would make a jurassic park 4”, and I said “dude they already did”, to which he said “no that was jurassic world. I mean a fourth film, not that lame spin off”. *facepalm.

    1. Lol, not a spinoff at all indeed. But that person was right about the lame part. No tension, no suspension and hollow characters.
      I really hope Bayona saw this too and will do something about Trevorrows big mistakes.

  10. Wait…is it just my imagination…or do I see part of the mosasaurus coming up out of the water just under the helicopter, with the t-rex standing just off to the right of what appears to be the lagoon? There was a brief moment in the second trailer where you see a dark shot of the t-rex and the fencing that surrounds the lagoon, and it is roaring at a helicopter (at least appears to be). I think this just gave away the scene of the aquatic beast lunging for the helicopter. It appears to be concept art from that shot from the trailer.

  11. Really would like individual titles instead of buying the entire set. individual titles of each movie on 4K would have been nice I cant stand Digipacks or whatever you want to call them.


    Still no deleted scenes for JP1 and JP3, after all these years of fans pining for them!
    And not a single new special feature, either. It just shows they are confident that these will sell like hot cakes even if there’s nothing new in it. JP2 and JP3 4K will likely be just upscales of the 2000-era 1080p masters that had the wrong colour tone. Those two are probably given the same treatment as The Mummy Returns and Dragon Emperor – upscales from a older, low-rez source, with lots of mosquito noise.
    I think, since JP1 has a 4K master from 2013, it will look the best. JW was reportedly finished in 2.5K. So, it’d not look much different than the Blu-ray, which already had good PQ and AQ. Perhaps it’ll be slightly more detailed.

  13. It’s very clear that they don’t put the time and effort in this. They just want to sell, sell, sell. They know we gonna buy it anyway, so I can’t blame them, but if you make these kind of things, put in some passion and love for the franchise, please.

  14. 😀 And another Collection for my Jurassic Park Blu-ray Collection <3
    Actually it's out of order….maybe some time later it's possible to order again.
    Do you know what languages the Discs have? Is there German in it?

    Greetings from Germany

  15. The only film I care about seeing in the highest possible quality is the original. I’ll pass on anything else, I own enough of these dispensable trilogy boxsets.

  16. We wanted deleted scenes. Damn you universal and Spielberg..Rexys entrance at end of JP, Ludlow hurting the infant, Ajays death, T Rex busting up houses. We need all of this! With possibly extended versions. For 25 years its time to cough up.

    1. They don’t care, I think. There isn’t even a single new featurette for the 4K, all the old DVD special features and the new docus made for the BD trilogy. That’s it. Take it or leave it.

  17. I’m glad it’s not just me really disliking these collage covers, makes me not want to buy it and wait for a release that does it better.

    Really would have preferred the black cover and so would 10 yr olds asking for it for their birthday.

  18. Ew ew ew, somebody stop Universal. Terrible logo on the cover, the terrible World-esque logos for all the films, The Lost World with the big W and in white, JP3 in yellow… and the JP1 and JP3 Blu-rays have the modern font, but the 4K ones have the regular font. No consistency at all!

  19. The packaging looks identical but BestBuy is selling these discs in a steelbook. I’ve already preordered it and cant wait to see the quality. I’d already bought the blu rays but now I can’t resist seeing the 4K quality

  20. In the UK we only get a trilogy version of this with no Jurassic World? can’t find this version anywhere

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