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There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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Hurricane Iniki halted Jurassic Park production 25 years ago today

Before we start this story, the team of Jurassic Outpost would like to offer our thoughts and prayers to those who have been affected by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

Unfortunately this time of year is known for hurricanes and on September 11, 1992, the production of Jurassic Park had filming temporarily halted as Hurricane Iniki, a category 4 hurricane, hit the island of Kauaʻi as well as other Hawaiian islands. Today marks the 25th anniversary of this natural event.

To learn more about Hurricane Iniki and how it impacted the Jurassic Park production, please check out the 2009 episode of Storm Stories below.

On this 25th anniversary of Hurricane Iniki, let us know your thoughts below and on our forums. Also please keep the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma in your thoughts and prayers.

Sources: Hurricane Iniki Documentary on Youtube


8 thoughts on “Hurricane Iniki halted Jurassic Park production 25 years ago today

  1. I hadn’t even been born by the time the first Jurassic film was released, but I most certainly recall hearing/reading about what the cast & crew did. I especially remember Spielberg talking about Attenborough (RIP) sleeping through the storm at night, and when asked, Attenborough said, “My boy, I slept through the Blitz!”

    I have family on the Texas Gulf Coast, and they were very lucky to not be hit as hard as Houston. My thoughts and prayers to those affected.

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