Interview with Ty Simpkins

2nd January 2014

We were lucky enough to speak with the upcoming Jurassic World star, Ty Simpkins, about his other projects – which include Insidious 1&2 and Iron Man 3, as well as his upcoming role in Jurassic World.
Jack: Already you have quite a catalogue of films that you have starred in – out of what you have been in so far, what was your favourite to work on?
TY: That’s always so hard to answer because on every film there is always great moments, but I think ill have to say Iron Man 3. I’ve always dreamed of being in a superhero film. When I was little we used to have these meetings with our agent and I would always bring up superhero’s. They would just nod and be like, “superhero film for Ty – got it”. So yeah.

Jack: Was there a certain point where you realized acting was something you genuinely enjoyed?
TY: It’s funny because I’ve been acting forever, but when we first moved to Los Angeles I was almost 5 and my mom pulled me out for about a year. But it wasn’t fair because Ryan got to go on all these auditions and I remember being really sad that my mom wouldn’t let me. Then Revolutionary Road came up for Ryan and when my mom read the script and saw there was a brother she asked me if I wanted to audition and I like yes yes yes! So my mom called Ryan’s agent and asked him to send me too. It’s funny because in the script the boy was older and the girl was younger. But once Kate Winslet knew we were interested we met with her husband, Sam, and then we booked it right there. I’ve always loved being on set and part of movies. I used to talk so much, so that helped I guess.

Jack: You recently starred in Iron Man 3 with Robert Downey, Jr – how many Marvel films have you been contracted for after that, if any?
TY: Disney / Marvel always make out a 3 picture deal in the contracts. That doesn’t always mean they will have the sequels. We can pray though.

Jack: Insidious is another franchise that people recognise you from – will you be returning for the third Insidious film?
TY: I know Leigh (Whannell) is writing it now, but I really don’t know if Dalton will be back. In Chapter 2 they made it seem like Dalton had his memory erased or something. But if you think about it, Dalton would be a great help to Specks and Tucker, considering he’s figured out how to control his gift. So, I’d be happy to return, maybe as a ghost buster or something.

Jack: Have you seen Colin Trevorrow’s Safety Not Guaranteed and if so, what did you think?
TY: Well, its rated R, so no I didn’t. Ryan (my sister) said it was great though.

Jack: When was the first time you saw Jurassic Park, and what did you think?
TY: We have all the DVD’s so I am very familiar with the movies. I’m the kind of person who actually watches the same DVD over and over and over. I’ve probably seen all the Jurassic Parks at least 50 or more times. But – when we saw Jurassic Park 3D in the theatre – it was AMAZING! So great!

Jack: What’s your favourite dinosaur?
TY: T-Rex!

Jack: What’s your favourite moment from the Jurassic franchise so far?
TY: There are so many great parts, my favourite I think is in Jurassic Park when Tim and Lex are in the jeep and they notice the water is rippling from the dinosaurs stomps and then the lawyer runs to the port-a-potty and T-Rex eats him. He so deserved it.

Jack: When did you first find out you would be involved with Jurassic World and what was your reaction?
TY: I’ve known a really long time. Like over a year now I think. I first skyped with Colin when we were at a premier for Ryan in Nashville, Tennessee. Once I found out it was so hard because I had to keep it top secret. I couldn’t tell anyone. Finally it came out in the press and by then it was like “oh thank god the secrets out”. I hate keeping secrets, but I’m really good at it.

Jack: Was it called Jurassic World or Jurassic Park IV when you were first involved?
TY: Jurassic Park IV.

Jack: The fourth Jurassic Park film has been in development for over 10 years and is now a much-anticipated movie. Is it hard not to talk about it to people?
TY: Well, like I said I’m really good about keeping secrets so I’m just thankful I can talk to my sister and family about it. In Iron Man 3 Robert told me about the Mandarin and said I couldn’t tell anyone. And I didn’t. Not even my mom. It was a secret just with Robert, the Marvel people and me.

Jack: While we realize you can’t talk specifics or details, what is your favourite thing about the script?
TY: Nice try – ha ha – I honestly can’t say; well I guess I can say my favourite thing is that there IS a script and it WILL include ME!

Jack: Have you met your fellow cast/on-screen family as of yet?
TY: Nick (Robinson) and I read together. He’s a really nice guy. It’s going to be great.

Jack: How do you feel about contributing to the Jurassic Park legacy?
TY: I really don’t think too much about my future, or really the future at all. But I am really really excited that I get to be in such a great franchise. Dinosaurs! I mean, that’s just cool. I’m so excited.


Jack: Do you know how long will you be filming Jurassic World for?
TY: I am not sure if I can answer that question.

Jack: Once Jurassic World is completed, what’s next for you?
TY: I have a few things in the works. I booked this great project but it had some funding issues. So hopefully they will work it all out and it won’t interfere with Jurassic World so I can do that other film. And then 2 others are top contenders but its all to early too say and the timing of everything would have to work out.

Jack: Is there a type of film or a certain franchise that you’d love to get involved with?
TY: PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN PLEASE!!!! Please? (Or STAR WARS – can you do anything about that?)

Thank you Ty for taking the time to speak with us! Be sure to follow Ty on Twitter here.