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J.A. Bayona will not have an official role with Jurassic World 3

One of the biggest films of 2018, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is finally being released on DVD and Blu-ray in the United Kingdom on November 5th. In anticipation of the home release, Fallen Kingdom director J.A. Bayona and writer/executive producer Colin Trevorrow spoke with The Hollywood News about the middle film in the franchise’s second trilogy and even talked about their roles on the next film tentatively being referred to as “Jurassic World 3”.

It was announced earlier this year that Colin Trevorrow, who directed and wrote the fourth installment of the franchise and the first film of the second trilogy, Jurassic World, would be returning to the director’s chair for Jurassic World 3. The next installment in the franchise is set to hit theaters on June 11, 2021.

Trevorrow has been very involved with the creation of this new trilogy, and is the director on the next film, but what about Bayona’s possible role in the future of the franchise? Will he have any creative say or have an official role with Jurassic World 3? According to Bayona, it doesn’t sound like he will be involved, at least not in an official capacity. But he does leave the door open for a possible return to the franchise if there is another film. Jurassic Park 7 anyone?

J.A. Bayona – “Not really. I think it is great that Colin, who started it all, finishes the story. I would love to come back some day to the Jurassic universe but I think it is time for Colin to finish what he started.”

Though that doesn’t mean Bayona will not be consulted for the next film as Trevorrow goes on to acknowledge that he is now part of the “Jurassic” family.

Colin Trevorrow – “I am directing it but believe me I will be calling JA regularly to consult because he is part of our family now. When Steven Spielberg agreed that I wasn’t going to do the second one, he asked me if I would do the third and I promised that I would. I asked him to trust me that this choice was going to pay off and he did. He was a fan of Bayona as well. And I feel very good right now because I think that the choice did pay off. JA has directed a fantastic film. But it hasn’t changed my mind that we need to bring a strong new voice into each one of these films and for the third one I am bringing in a different writer, Emily Carmichael, who is working with me. I think doing that is something that keeps things fresh.”

Both Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom were box office monsters having grossed nearly $3 billion worldwide combined. It is a safe bet that Universal Pictures is pretty confident that Jurassic World 3 will continue that track and be another highly successful film for them. Trevorrow and newcomer Emily Carmichael are currently hard at work writing the script and targeting a shoot start date of early 2020.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on our forums.

Source: The Hollywood News -Trevorrow interview, The Hollywood News – Bayona interview


28 thoughts on “J.A. Bayona will not have an official role with Jurassic World 3

    1. I only really wanted JP 4. No trilogy, just that last one I heard about for years and years. Let this franchise rest if the “dinosaurs on an island” story is so “tired”.

      1. I agree. JP is my favorite movie of all time but if they can’t make a sequel that maintains the parts of JP that work then they need to stop. The mystery of of a fog covered island and not really knowing how long you’ll last is one of the things that made the original so intriguing. It was 2 hour film with 14 minutes of dinos.

    1. I’m wondering how many times I’ll have to read that line between now and 2021.

      I’ve already read it far too much.

      You can’t judge someone forever for one thing they did. I don’t really know anything about the film you are talking about, but if it is bad, you don’t even know if she is solely to blame.

      But either way, give her a chance. and Colin, responsible for the great and creative films we are getting now, is still gonna be the primary director of everything.

    2. I may never fully understand how movies of this calibre hire such low-tier writers. The budget surely is large enough to afford a more proven team..why settle for less? It goes against the studios best interests.

      1. @WorldsBiggestJurassicFan

        Most of the budget gets spent on actors, CG, marketing, pre/post production (with pre-production I’m talking about designing, location scouting, etc…)

        Writers are usually on the low end tier when it comes to spending money.

        Either you get a good writer who’s passionate about the franchise who’s willing to take a smaller pay or you get shit writers who do anything for a scrap of cash.

  1. I personally think they should let the franchise rest for some time before starting a new trilogy. Otherwise franchise-fatigue can set in.

  2. I hope so much that these elements will be introduced in Jurassic World 3:
    -The music ;
    -The Jurassic World 3 introduction scene similar to that of Jurassic Park 3 where “Park” is replaced by “World”.
    -The return of the old characters from the original Jurassic Park trilogy played by the same actors, alongside the new characters from the first Jurassic World episodes: Allan Grant, Ellie Sattler, Tim, Alex, Malcolm, Sarah Harding, Kelly and Nick Van Owen of The Lost World, Billy Brennan, and perhaps Charlie, the son of Ellie Sattler seen in JP3, and Barry of JW.
    -Blue meeting Alan Grant where the latter, at first he distrusts her but later learns to trust her and eventually team up with Blue when she asks him for help, for example to save Owen Grady.
    Alan Grant could also use his resonance chamber of a raptor seen in Jurassic Park 3, to communicate with Blue or also to call him in case he is threatened by either a predator or mischievous humans or other type of help.
    -Blue with a male raptor similar to Jurassic Park 3, where in the end they mate and have offspring.
    -I want so much that Rexy (or other Tyrannosaurus like Junior, the young Tyrannosaurus of the Lost World Jurassic Park) takes his revenge against the Spinosaurus of JP3, and wins the fight against this Spino. And after defeating the spinosaurus, he roars like at the final stage of Jurassic Park or at the end of Jurassic World .
    But most importantly, no t-rex dies in Jurassic World 3, not even Rexy if it appears. Similarly no t-rex is defeated by another carnivorous dinosaur such as giganotosaurus.
    -The appearance of suchomimus, pyroraptor, Deinonychus, Utahraptor, Postosuchus, Tarbosaurus, Deinosuchus, Sarcosuchus or purussaurus, and brachiosaurus in a similar scene at .
    Mosasaur attacking and killing the whalers.
    -I will not be against a fight between the megalodon and the mosasaur, where the latter will come out victorious.

  3. People often underestimate the fresh air brought by Trevorrow to the franchise. it’s always hoped that the same children, the ones that blamed JOhnston for the killing of the trex in the third film, left the boat.. and then instead you realize that the situation of the fanbase has even worsened. Colin write a grand finale!

    1. Oh yeah.

      This is why I feel pain when I see Colin on twitter having to put up with these irritating “fans” and all their petty little complaints. He is a nice and respectable guy, so he listens, but I just feel like saying “Colin, just go and do what you have been doing so far” ignore these petty brats.

      1. @ Luke Wilkinson; Agreed, while these films do have some issues they weren’t a deal breaker. I’m grateful for Colin’s contribution and hope that he can wrap things up nicely with the next installment while, hopefully, giving some needed closure for things such as Site B’s fate that we’re still rather left in the dark about.

  4. 60 years later: Jurassic Universe 23: one Pratt… one raptor… one talking raccoon… one ship… one dinosaur theme park on the ISS that all goes horribly wrong… who will stop it??? It’s… Owen-Lord! Defender of all things Dino man hybrid space thing!

  5. Ok, I forgot about the Lego JW Bricktober set this year. It was never made available in the US. Does anyone have information on the pack? Ben? I don’t want to pay scalpers prices on eBay… got any leads or info? It is already the start of November, and I really want this set.

  6. What I’d like to see new are already more up-to-date dinosaurs, like feather-covered raptors, t-rex’s ability to crush bones, a variety of t-rex: similar to Sue, Stan , Trix and other different individuals;
    utahraptor, achillobator or dakkotaraptor may be the real raptors of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World.
    As for the future of Jurassic Park movies, I would agree to spin-offs and prequels in live action and animated serie taking place between JP3 and JW, TLWJP and JP3, and between JW and JWFK as they did for Star Wars, some of whose stories will be inspired by comics like Jurassic Park’s Dangerous Game IDW, video games like Jurassic Park Trespasser, and others like how Eric Kirby has survived on Isla Sorna since landing on the tree with Ben until the arrival of his parents and Alan Grant, the adventure of Blue and Rexy from the end of Jurassic World until the beginning of the eruption of Mount Sibo, etc … as long as we do not see a t-rex being killed.

    1. No way do we need paleontology and scientifically accurate dinosaurs. We have talked about this. Colin and J.A. Bayona have said that will never happen. Plus we have already established this, Ben and I with our discussions. I’ll tell you what might be a good idea… how about a Jurassic world cartoon or animated series, or at least a tv show like the walking dead? It could have events unexplained by the previous movies, and somehow explain plot holes left unanswered when the last movie wraps up the franchise. How about a more cannon adaptation of Telltales JPTG game in live action? That would be cool. I have some other ideas. Does this seem like a good idea? It’s a way to continue the franchise without a whole set of movies, and a live action tv show would be neat as long as they have movie quality graphics, actors, and really good writers to make it work. They could fit smaller stories that aren’t feature film worthy into movie canon episodes.

  7. I only ask one thing from JW3 authors. Do their best to hold marketing team’s horses and prevent spoiling 90% of the movie in trailers again. I was really irritated how much was showed in 2 main trailers of FK, after I watched the movie in the cinema.

    Colin needs a good script writer. Some dialogues and 2 dimensional characters in FK were terrible. Good actors can’t show their skills off if their characters were badly written.

    Good thing is that we are finally on the main land that gives needed fresh air in the franchisr. Plus, we wouldn’t have sudden land mass changes like teleportation of Mosasaur’s lake between 2 movies.

    I’m sceptical, but I’ll give the movie a shot probably.

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