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James Cromwell talks Jurassic World 2: ” football field sized set with real recreations of dinosaurs”

Jurassic World 2 actor James Cromwell was recently interviewed by Collider while promoting his upcoming film, ‘The Promise’. While they do not go into too much detail about the upcoming Jurassic Park sequel, Cromwell chattily shared some of his experiences working on the picture, and what it’s like jumping into such a big budget film.

“The prop people have made wonderful things. The set people have made wonderful things. There’s just so much money and so much power and so much prestige. It’s Jurassic Park. It’s unreal. And then, you do your work and, instead of doing it in a room, you’re doing it in a football field sized set with real recreations of dinosaurs. We had three full-sized dinosaur bone replicas that came from a museum in America, and five other heads.”

He mentions that despite the large budget, director JA Bayona still had to fight for certain creative freedoms while making the movie. Being a fan of Bayona’s prior work, I know he has a good eye and mind, so I do hope we won the arguments!

“Money is no object. You take your time and do whatever you need to do. The director, bless his heart, was trying to fight off all of the executives. I probably shouldn’t say that.”

Cromwell went on to talk about his experience working with Bayona, including a scene where he was surprised by the directors request for him to cry.

“He’s wonderful. I liked him a lot. He does some very strange things. At one point, my character is supposed to care about this thing, and I was doing my caring bit. He came over to me and said, “If you want to break down and cry, you can do that.” I thought, “Oh, really? Thanks! What am I crying about?” And Geraldine Chaplin, who has made three or four pictures with him, said, “Did he ask you to cry? He always asks you to cry!” He evidently has a little recipe book of things to do to heighten an actor.”

Just who is James Cromwell playing, and what scene calls for him to cry? While we’ll have to wait until June 2018 to see why the tears start flowing, we do have some theories on his characters role: the wealthy owner of the mansion from the first set picture. Perhaps his character is even married to Geraldine Chaplin’s – someone else that fans speculated may own the mansion.

As for his motives, perhaps he is a dinosaur enthusiast funding a rescue mission for the dinosaurs of Isla Nublar? His mansion sure is filled with dinos of all sorts, including realistic looking statues, and we know that some characters are trying to save the dinosaurs from the image Frank Marshall shared below:

Whatever the story of Jurassic World 2 is, we couldn’t be more thrilled to learn more! Sound off in the comments below, and let us know what you want to see from James Cromwell in Jurassic World 2, and stay tuned for all the latest news!

Also, in case you missed it, here is a dinosaur from within that mansion shared by Frank Marshall today!

Source: Collider


5 thoughts on “James Cromwell talks Jurassic World 2: ” football field sized set with real recreations of dinosaurs”

  1. What if he is an eccentric billionaire/dinosaur enthusiast and pays the army to go in and pick out dinosaurs for a personal collection from Isla Nublar. And the protest is to leave dinos on the island instead of bring them to the mainland as pets.

    1. I actually think that is either exactly what is going on or very very close. I do believe personally that you hit the nail on the head.

  2. If you look up in the upper right hand corner, you will see a light fixture. The same light fixture from the first mansion photo. That along with James currently filming and doing interviews would lead me to believe he is the mansion owner and is currently filming his scenes.

  3. I’m betting he’s John Hammond’s brother who is trying to convince the world that the dinosaurs must be preserved.

  4. He can be related to John Hammond. Perhaps even his younger brother. Just like the late Richard Attenborough has a younger brother, naturalist David Attenborough. Geraldine Chaplin could be his wife, or sister. As for the mansion, this could be the Hammond family mansion. If this is the case then it will be a nice emotional tip of the hat to both Richard Attenborough and the first film.
    If Cromwell was asked to cry, It might be about some favourite dinosaur of him. I think he’ll be a good character, not a bad guy.

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