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We spent a day at Frontier Developments in Cambridge and played Jurassic World: Evolution!

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Velociraptor (Film Universe)
There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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Jurassic World: Evolution DLC unveiled: “Secrets of Dr. Wu”, releasing 20th November!

Following an tease earlier in the week while revealing what new features will be brought to the game with the 1.5 update, Frontier Developments has revealed the first piece of paid content since the release of Jurassic World: Evolution.

From the Press Release:

Hello there,
This is Dr. Henry Wu speaking. I know you’ve been working hard across the islands to design and breed the most awe-inspiring and, sometimes, fear-inducing creatures. You’ve had success, I can tell, and I like your methods. So I’m here to ask for your assistance. I’ve got a very, very special project for you, should you choose to join me in my efforts. Think about it, but do know: the reward we will reap is… compelling, to say the least.
I look forward to hearing from you.

“Secrets of Dr. Wu” will expand upon the base story of Jurassic World: Evolution, giving players insight into the shady dealings of the morally ambiguous geneticist. Not only will this see Jurassic series actor B.D. Wong reprise the role with all-new voice lines (as showcased by the trailer), but will include a plethora of new in-game content for players to sink their teeth into.


Five new dinosaur species will be added to the ever-growing roster. First up are the giant hadrosaur Olorotitan and the nimble therapod Troodon, complete with a “poison bite attack” (Jurassic Park: The Game, anyone?).

In addition to these, there are three brand-new hybrid dinosaurs: Stegoceratops (cut from 2015’s Jurassic World, fans will recognise this one from the Hasbro toy released alongside the film), and Ankylodocus plus Spinoraptor which were both introduced in the LUDIA Jurassic World games.

Two of the five deaths will also see map expansions – new regions of Isla Muerta and Isla Tacaño will be opened up to the player to expand their hybrid testing areas.

Aside from the new narrative and missions, there will be a slew of new genetic modifications available to further tinker with your dinosaurs, including comfort genes, allowing the player to up dinosaur tolerance to conditions beyond their expected limits.

Most exciting of these is the Indominus Rex camouflage gene, finally bringing this iconic and long-requested ability to the Indominus’ in-game counterpart. Once bred with this gene activated, the Indominus Rex will be able to camouflage while hunting, idle, panicking or while in dense forests. You’ll want to keep an eye on her enclosure!

In addition to all this, there will be some new building upgrades, such as the additional incubation speed increase, the speed increase for the transport team, plus an advanced storm defense station to provide better protection against rough weather conditions.


Aside from the paid DLC, the free 1.5 update will be bringing many long-requested features into the base game.

First among these are modifications to existing dinosaur behaviours. The dinosaur with the highest prestige within a group will be appointed as the group leader, which other dinosaurs of the same species will now follow while drinking, eating and fleeing, keeping groups of dinosaurs together. Leadership contests will see the title be awarded to the victor, keeping your dinosaur populations dynamic and ever-changing. This now also means dinosaurs can be herded by staff vehicles.

Dinosaurs will also now sleep while comfortable and idle, not just while sick, and under the new group leader system, will nap as a group.

A full day/night cycle will be added to all game modes, introducing more dynamic and variable lighting conditions to the islands. This will be instantly available from the gameplay setting menu in the Isla Nublar Sandbox and Challenge modes, and will be unlocked for the Career islands after achieving 5 stars on each island.

The introduction of higher capacity feeders (in addition to regular feeders) will also remedy the frustration of constantly having to send out your ranger teams on resupply runs. And all-new contracts will see players sell dinosaurs with particular gene modifications and influence specific dinosaurs’ infamy ratings to skyrocket.

“Secrets of Dr. Wu” will be available for all systems on the 20th of November 2018, releasing alongside the free 1.5 update. Costing £12.99/$14.99/€14.99, the DLC will be available to download on Steam, and the Playstation and Xbox Stores, depending which platform you play on (base game required).

Frontier Developments will be holding a launch lifestream on the 20th November at 3PM UTC on for those who may want to see some of the features in play before they buy.

Between the free update and paid DLC, it seems that Frontier are addressing many player’s complaints and are committed to improving general quality of life for Jurassic World: Evolution. But what are your thoughts on the revealed upcoming content? What are you most excited for, and what would you like to see in future updates and DLC drops – say a classic Jurassic Park visual overhaul?

Sound off in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned for the latest news!

Source: Frontier Developments


23 thoughts on “Jurassic World: Evolution DLC unveiled: “Secrets of Dr. Wu”, releasing 20th November!

  1. This sounds very good, but is there any indication on the price? Since we already paid €40,- for the game itself and to be honest, we didn’t get what we deserved for that price…
    Anyhow, I really like that they listen to the feedback and actually do something with it. I’m excited for the new stuff that is coming, but I would also like to see some new buildings/attractions and maybe decorations?
    But first things first, so for now I will wait quietly for this update and enjoy it

  2. I’m really hopeful that Jurassic World: Evolution would add Blue and her packmates as new skins for the Velociraptor in their next update!

      1. But considering how all of JWE’s dinosaurs that have been shown on-screen in the Jurassic franchise are based on their appearances from JP///, JW and JW:FK; as well as how Blue has a significant role from the game’s InGen Database Memos, and from both Jurassic World movies, it’s very surprising that there isn’t a Rainforest skin for Velociraptor based on Blue.

    1. i just thought of something interesting. what if there was a DLC for blue and etc., where each has a distinct personality . if, say, you made four echos, there would be a lot of contention to be pack leader. this especially would tie in to that new ai

  3. TROODON! I love the general idea of adding it to the game, along with the venom it’s obvious they based it off of TellTale. The model looks scientifically accurate. Which is nice, I do hope that they have a skin like Savanna to get TellTale’s original color.

    1. I am bummed the Troodon doesn’t pay homage to the design from the Telltale Jurassic Park game, as seen here:

      The version from Steamblust is a perfect realistic reimagination, and looks quite at home within the Jurassic universe.

      1. Perhaps there might be licensing issues from Telltale? After all while it was a game using Jurassic Park’s license, Troodon’s unique design was made by Telltale.

        1. The LEGO Jurassic World game used the same texture on a more ornithomimid-like model, so Frontier had more flexibility here than they’re wielding.

          1. But Lego Jurassic World was released back in 2015, before Telltale went bankrupt. The Secrets of Dr. Wu, and to a greater extent Jurassic World Evolution, were developed and released during Telltale’s internal restructuring and studio closure.

          2. But Lego Jurassic World was released back in 2015, when Telltale was still a corporate entity. The Secrets of Dr. Wu, and to a greater extent Jurassic World, were developed and released at the same time Telltale went through internal restructuring and studio closure.

          3. But Lego Jurassic World was released back in 2015, before Telltale went bust. The Secrets of Dr. Wu, and to a greater extent Jurassic World Evolution, were developed and released at the same time Telltale went through staff layoffs and studio closure.

  4. the ONE thing i’m really bummed about in this game is the indoraptor patterns. instead of just changing the stripe, it would be more fun to make it a bright green, or white like that scrapped design for the other one. other than that, great highly recommended game. new hybrids look amazing.

  5. There are a few things I would love to see. Number 1: aquatic dinosaurs as well as additional accompanying features or attractions like a submarine or underwater viewing structure.
    Number 2: flying dinosaurs, including an aviary.
    Number 3: new buildings, including shops.
    Number 4: rides. Roller coasters, egg spinner, the water park, ECT.
    Number 5: classic Jurassic park buildings, such as the visitor center.
    Number 6: decorations, such as waterfalls, rocks, statues, animatronic dinosaurs or signs, gates that can close or open between pathways to secure areas of the park, shows.
    Number 7: petting zoos and other areas for kids.

  6. Oh and number 8: a mainland Jurassic world that serves as a much larger building sandbox space that starts as a flat surface and allows for a much larger park without the constraints of a small island. Could be useful if they ever include a lot of the other things to allow more space.

  7. This game is bland. I love Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park operation genesis, but this is getting bad. I’m tired of new dinosaurs! We have countless numbers of dinosaurs yet the same building, structures, trees and grasses, and decorations. All the parks look the same. Let’s get on this!!

    Customers: what we really want are more decorations and tools to make our Park our own!

    Frontier: have you seen our new dinosaurs?

    Customers: even new dirt or sand would be—

    Frontier: you can create new dinosaurs

    Customers: just—

    Frontier: New. Dinosaurs.

    1. The reason this is the case is simple to see. It is the same reason graphics look incredible today but A.I hasn’t improved since 2003… TIME, MONEY AND WORK! Those things go against the quick cash-grab mentality of today’s world.

  8. I feel like the addition of more dinosaurs is pointless at this point. I love Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park O.G., but this game is getting boring. I want to see more decorations and decoration tools. All my parks look the same. New dinosaurs only do so much. I would like to see more buildings, structures, decorations, terrains, plants, and THEN more diverse dinosaurs.

    Customers: we would really like to see more plants and buildings to decorate our parks to really make each park our own. We’re starting to get bored with what we have.

    Frontier: how about new dinosaurs? These next creatures are really cool!

    Customers: well we would also like more—

    Frontier: you can now create your own dinosaur!

    Customers: how about—

    Frontier: New. Dinosaurs.

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