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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Premieres in Madrid, Spain and The First Reactions Are In!

The World Premiere for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom took place today in Madrid, Spain. While celebrities and guests had to dodge rain and even hail during the red carpet, the day capped with the first official showing of the 5th installement of the Jurassic Park film franchise and it recieved a 10 minute standing ovation.

Early buzz and reactions from people who attended the premiere appear to be mostly positive. A lot of the praise seems to be in regard to the job director J.A. Bayona did on the film.

Check out some of the initial reactions on Twitter from the Spanish auidence. Rough translations of the tweets into English are below.

English translation: # JurassicWorld2 is the continuation that the saga deserves. It is not only interesting as it arises, but what is to come is going to be BRUTAL. @FilmBayona, you don’t disappoint.

English translation: 10 Minutes applauding … #JurassicWorldElReinoCaido is awesome … and the impeccable seal @FilmBayona as always! I will not say more … well yes. Mandatory visit to the cinema next June 7 #JurassicworldPremiere

English translation: I’m hallucinating. #JurassicWorld # ElReinoCaido is a host of emotions and the beginning of a new era at the hands of @FilmBayona. #PremiereJW

English translation: OK, saw Jurassic World: Fallen kingdom.
AWESOME. Very different from the first, an incredible film, the music has left me blown away. Very, very, but that very recommended. I watched the whole movie with my eyes wide open. Go see it for real.

English translation: @ FilmBayona had it difficult but has managed to exceed my expectations with a huge movie. Also this # jurassicworld has for me the best start sequence of the saga. All the applause has been few

English translation: The #FallenKingdom is the movie of 2018. You will flip and you will load! Congratulations @FilmBayona!

While the far majority of the initial reactions were positive, not everyone was in love with the latest installment.

English translation: #JurassicWorld2 It’s a blockbuster but disappoints me as a Bayona film. It is a very well-solved commission, but it offers few surprises. It’s his first movie that does not excite me. It raises several very interesting moral / social debates

English translation: Saw # JurassicWorld2 I have to say that some scenes have surprised me and turned out great, but some script decisions as a certain moment related to the little one … have seemed pretty sloppy.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom opens on June 6th in the UK and June 22nd domestically. Over the next couple of weeks we will start to see reviews from film critics pour in, so stay tuned for our coverage on that!

What are your thoughts about the first reactions of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom from the World Premiere in Spain? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on our forums.

Source: Universal Spain, Bryce Dallas Howard Network


28 thoughts on “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Premieres in Madrid, Spain and The First Reactions Are In!

  1. I guess here is no more to say… the hype is real and my only worry about this sequel is to know how am I going to archieve not being spoiled during this last month before being able to see it

    1. Agreed, thought “the final trailer” would be the end of new footage, but every new tv spot released, which seems to be every other day, gives more and more new footage. I’d like to know how many total scenes from the film have not been represented on tv so far. It’d be nice to know the last 20ish minutes have not been and will not be spoiled, though I’m afraid the Indoraptor on the glass roof above the fossilized triceratops skeleton with Claire shooting the glass is a dead giveaway, pun intended as that is my guess for his fate(just like the Raptor that Kelly killed in The Lost World). Not to mention Rexy in the zoo with loose dinosaurs on the mainland setting up LW3.

  2. Great news that it has been so well received. It makes me even more disappointed that Trevorrow is returning to direct JW3 though.

    1. so far we are not having very exiting news about JW3.. also the writer of pacific ring uprising (wish I heard it´s a big pile of shit) is on board . that doesnt mean she could not do a better job for JW3.. but seriously.. with JW2 all were exiting good news .. but it seems that we are going some steps back with the 3rd one.. a tribute to jp3? lol

    2. It’s only hype from special invitees right now. You can’t expect real reviews at this point. We must wait for when real people and critics not close to the production to start viewing the film. As soon as I read: “I cried…”, during a review that isn’t connected to a historical drama I think: “why would you be crying while watching a sequel’s sequel to a science fiction film?”

  3. Looks like the negative reactions are from Bayona fans and not really Jurassic Park fans maybe?
    I for example didn’t really like A Monster Calls, but I understand why people like it and the movie was really well directed. I see the quality in that movie, it just isn’t for me.
    Maybe its the same with JW FK.

    I am just sooooo excited to see it. CANT WAIT!

  4. Can’t wait for June 6th! Happy to live in Europe! All to do now is evade all spoilers/pictures/videos etc. of Fallen Kingdom.

  5. Oh boy. Like one reviewer said something about the “script decisions”
    This was my issue with the first Jurassic world.
    I’m sure bayona will make the movie amazing tho. Just sucks we have Collin as a writer AND director for the next movie. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  6. Hi I see the Fallen Kingdom film in Spain. It is very bad, baddest Jurassic Park movie. I am very sad the trailers made look better.

  7. if it’s an OK movie, im totally okay with that. we asked for MOAR, and we got it. also, sounds like the musics good, so even better!

  8. Now why is the UK getting the film a full two weeks before the United States? I can’t see this being a positive. The movie will be fully spoiled for audiences before it even releases here. I can only see this staggered release being a disaster for the US box office. I can’t believe they haven’t even started ticket sales yet.

    1. Have you read the title of this article or did you make an immediate B-line for the comments section? Spain has it right now, and you still think the UK having it 2 weeks in advance is bad?

    2. Unfortunately that’s a problem that works both ways. UK gets some things early, some things late or very late. For example, this year Incredibles 2 comes out a month after the US release. I think Coco was a longer gap than that. The movie doesn’t have to be spoiled if you just stay away from sites that may spoil it – not easy, but an occasional bit of self control to go into the cinema fresh is worth the effort!

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