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There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom roars past $1 billion worldwide!

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom officially joined the exclusive $1 billion club! It became the 35th film of all-time that has grossed at least $1 billion at the worldwide box office. It also becomes the third Jurassic film to reach this milestone along with the first installment Jurassic Park (1993) and the fourth installment Jurassic World (2015).

When all is said and done, Fallen Kingdom will be the second highest worldwide grossing film (unadjusted) of the entire series behind Jurassic World, which grossed $1.671 billion just three years ago. Jurassic Park did not cross $1 billion during it’s initial run in 1993, but thanks to it’s re-release in 3D in 2013 it hit that milestone and now stands at $1.029 billion. The Lost World: Jurassic Park amassed $618.6 million in 1997 and Jurassic Park III brought in a franchise low $368.8 million in 2001. The entire film franchise has now totaled $4.68+ billion and the number continues to grow each day.

While Fallen Kingdom won’t match the massive total of Jurassic World’s franchise high, reaching $1 billion is no small feat. It is only the third film of 2018 so far to cross the mark after Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War earlier this year. The film will continue to add to the worldwide total over the Summer and will open in it’s final territory, Japan, next Friday July 13th. In 2015, Jurassic World earned $74.59 million in Japan and there is a chance Fallen Kingdom could post similiar numbers there.

Fallen Kingdom will likely finish it’s worldwide run in the $1.1 to 1.2 billion range. Roughly a 28-34% drop from Jurassic World, which is still pretty impressive since the fourth film had the build up of a 14 year wait, a fully functioning park and the nostalgic factor of the original film. It also didn’t hurt that it offered film fans something “different” in an era dominated by superheros and Star Wars movies. Speaking of Star Wars, in comparison, The Last Jedi saw roughly a 36% decline from The Force Awakens.

Jurassic World 3, which will be released on June 11, 2021 will try to become the fourth film in the franchise to join the $1 billion club. What do you think of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hitting the $1 billion mark and do you think the sixth installment will also be able to make that much? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on our forums.

Source: Forbes


76 thoughts on “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom roars past $1 billion worldwide!

    1. The part that really bothers me is when they are in the Lockwood manor and they begin to enter a room only to witness the indoraptor (unseen) pulling a victim behind the triceratops skull pedestal. Not only do they run further into the room and hide on the other side of the skull, instead of the opposite direction, but the camera does a 360° around the pedestal and the victim is completely gone! Did the indoraptor eat that entire man in one second?! There were no remains, blood, anything. It almost looks like a huge error until the dead man’s walkie talkie goes off, giving their hiding place away. That is just one of many poorly executed scenes.

      1. It was where you could hear the indoraptor eating. I would imagine the indoraptor ate him all. But ykow, it was kinda like in Jurassic world how I do minus was crashing the gyro sphere with the kids in it, and they were looking into the indoraptor mouth, but when they unbuckled belts they were upside down somehow and fell out. Go get the movie from the shelf that it’s on, fast forward, and pay close attention. You’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s like that. It was so small of a detail that no one noticed. I just now figured that one out.

      1. Because I’m not silly and the filmmakers can’t take me for a fool thinking that I would just overlook all of the errors and problems that this film has.
        Worst movie in the franchise beside JP3.
        Now take a hike crazy fanboy/girl.

      1. Not if it’s not a good one. It’s turning into a parody at this point.
        I’d rather have no more Jurassic films if they are bad or at best mediocre.

        1. If we didn’t get Jurassic World or FK then we would all be still bickering about JP III!

          I remember 2015, and I remember this same wave of negativity towards it. FK wasn’t bad in the least, I have seen other trilogies get worse treatment then this.

          1. Wrong, the pacing sucks and the movie becomes very boring in the middle, the side characters were terrible, the silly humor killed the suspense in certain scenes and the so many things makes just no sense (like hero/evil dinosaurs because the bad script demands it)
            JW was good but FK is around the same level as JP3.

  1. This is great for the Dinos & I’m glad for the franchise & it proves that people genuinely have love for the first one which makes me smile. But, with the amount of negativity & mixed reviews, (I liked it mostly), How many more times do we expect people show up with the same enthusiasm as they did for this one? It’ll start to cool off as more time goes & as more news comes in with the 3rd: storyline, cast. I just hope the stars align & with all the magic of the movies in the air, we get a truly epic conclusion when released: good plot, more animatronics, great reviews etc. As a diehard & a tiredness of defending sequels & the series, i truly believe this can happen. Hey, (Safety Not Garenteed) was great. Again, it can happen & hopefully Trevarrow will get his due…

  2. The 1 billion mark is fairly common-place for huge blockbusters these days. Word of mouth is fairly poor, this movie is going to get absolutely buried by AntMan.

    It’s a shame because this franchise has potential to completely dominate the boxoffice & pop culture…but it’s just so creatively mishandled. But doubt Universal shed a tear over it, they made their easy cash.

    1. This movie is projected to make $300+ million with a $148 million opening weekend. Ant Man is projected for a smaller $82 million debut, a domestic gross in the $200-$300 million range, and a worldwide that will likely not reach $1 billion, a feat the new Jurassic World accomplished in less than three weeks.

      Now what was that about Ant Man burying Jurassic World?

      1. Fallen Kingdom is easily the more financially successful movie…there was never really any doubt. I wasn’t comparing FKs worldwide haul to Antman.

        Was stating that Fallen Kingdom is going to loose a significant chunk of revenue this weekend (being that its up against Marvel competion & also in its 3rd weekend, etc). The movie just doesn’t have the legs as its predecessor….some of the reasons why I touched on above.

  3. Awesome news I love the movie I thought it was better than the first Jurassic World Chris Pratt is fantastic as Owen

  4. I don’t think 1billion dollars is something you can down play. It’s a massive deal and not a fluke. As a fan who is acutely aware of the flaws in the Jurassic series, I don’t understand how there is so much negativity. It hit a billion dollars!!!! That’s awesome. Congrats to the film makers and as a super fan, I’m just happy that it’s successful and we get more original JP merch and I can froth over the news, leaks and impending release of another Jurassic film.

    1. Why is there so much negativity regarding Fallen Kingdom? Because the script has as many holes as a swiss cheese. Illogical characters’ decisions, too many plot convieniences, mosasaur lake literarly teleported from the middle of the island to the coast between JW and FK. Inconsistency such as a carnivore hunting while volcano is errupting, but when carnivore is stuck in corridor with other dinosaurs it is as docile as a puppy. Nothing justfied Zia reaction to Owen being shot and at moment “bad guy” and soldier could easily explained whole situation as accident, because neither Zia nor Owen saw another soldier aiming at him and “bad guy” had right to defend himself, let’s not forget a handgun teleported at Owen’s position. No guard noticed there were truck that drove to the ship hangar at last moment. No guard noticed Trex was roaring in a cage and no one heard screeching of metal. How on the Earth trex blood is compatible with raptor blood, Blue’s immune system would have rejected that blood. Why taking a blood from a person once qualifies Claire to be able to get Trex blood successfuly? When Claire stabbed Trex with a needle hard, it didn’t wake up, but when a guard just closed a door it instantly woke up. Blue got shot and for a few hours she was bleeding all the time and Zia did literarly nothing to stabilise her. How someone can claim to be paleovet if one never work with dinosaurs directly? Reused and riped offscenes from JP including: T-rex victory pose that makes no sense considering what happened, entire raptor kitchen scene copied and pasted. Apparently no one was interested in the Island for 3 years and considering how easily Lockwood’s expedition went to the isla nublar, there should have been many successful attempts to steal animals that are worth millions of dollars within 3 years.

      I only covered first 30 minutes of the movie. There are many more plot holes in that silly script that Treverrow wrote with his cowriter. Treverrow has a good general idea for trylogy, but his writting is just bad.

      1. I wrote that I was aware of the flaws. I agree on all fronts, I just don’t let it get to me. For the record I hate Chris Pratt in this role and I think Trevorrow directing the next one is an insanely bad decision cos his writing sucks and direction is average. All I’m saying is This time around I was able to set my expectations to zero and sit back and enjoy the ride more than the last one. Also, making a billion dollars at the box office is not easy.

      2. Also, totally agree on Zia’s character. If Jurassic world was operational for all those years their would be actual paleo vets with experience. Why wasn’t Zia’s character an ex-JW park employee? But I don’t want to pile on the negativity train. The movie is released. We can’t change it. I’m just gonna buy more JP Legacy Collection and have a happy day.

      3. Your writing is bad, your comment is nonsense.

        On the island, the carnivore you speak of wasn’t in a tight space with gas choking it. It was in a large open area and the cloud or lava from the volcano was on it’s way, it wasn’t there yet. I just wanna add, for these people that find it unrealistic that Dinosaurs would attack other Dinosaurs during a volcanic eruption, I have to laugh at the ignorance that some people have in regards to animal behaviour. Volcanic eruption or not, if all of these animals are put together, their natural aggression is not gonna shut off entirely. I guarantee that if there was a serious situation like that going on, and alot of animals were in close proximity to say, Crocodiles, they would certainly be getting snapped at, or killed. It was actually realistic that the predators were showing aggression towards the other Dinosaurs as they all ended up in the same place together. Like I say, the smog and lava was on it’s way, it wasn’t there yet, then as it all got closer the animals did focus more on getting out of there, With the Carnotaurus and the T-Rex, you have to realize that predators of all kinds can be fierce rivals. Big cats and Hyenas, big cats and other big cats, Crocodlies can be extremely aggressive towards each other. With T-Rex and Carnotaurus living on this island together, The T-Rex could have a strong animosity towards alot of the other predators, and seeing the Carnotaurus as it came out of the trees, it seized it’s opportunity to attack. However you think of it, it’s very reasonable.

        How can we take any of your complaints seriously, when you talk the total complete and utter nonsense you just did about Zia and Owen being shot. Nothing justified her reaction? What dimension do you come from? He got shot with a Dinosaur tranquilizer, by a creep that had just double crossed them, and whose actions led to Blue being injured! Seriously, how can you not understand this? And if she is a decent person, which she obviously is, of course she is going to be concerned about Owens condition. And again with this villain empathy nonsense “bad guy had a right to defend himself” you were cheering for him were you? Were you sad when the scum bag was eaten!? The cinema viewers should have thrown you out of the place!

        The Rex did not instantly wake up. You do know it was tranquilized, not asleep, that’s why it didn’t wake up when the needle went in it. Remember Owens words about not being able to guarantee she wont be awake in a couple of minutes? She just woke up any way. The tranquilizer had run out, it wasn’t the door closing.

        If Dinosaurs had been on these islands for years, people would have obviously been studying their biology. Zia was learning about these animals and was about to become a vet at Jurassic World before it was destroyed. This is how she knows what she is doing. And even if she didn’t have much experience, of course it is reasonable that she had a good shot at saving Blue with her knowledge. Not hard to understand. For someone that can actually think reasonably that is. Please learn more about the characters and try to get a clue what you are talking about before trashing the film’s story.

        Entire Raptor kitchen scene copied? What? did you see a different film? Sure you didn’t watch a fan film or something?

        Your comments about people not going to the island and stealing dinosaurs in three years is small minded and naive.

        Basically, like all the other people complaining about the film, you attempt to articulate why it is bad, and fail miserably. You have no substance in your complaint.
        You couldn’t possibly have. Your words regarding the Owen/Zia/Wheatley situation prove that you have trouble perceiving anything reasonably. Say no more!

        1. Animals do not care about others during catastrophic events like errupting volcano. They are too scared to look for snacks at such moments. Here carnotaurus was actively hunting during erruption.

          Why Wheatly reactions was justfied? Owen was going to attack him. Owen is a large, powerful man that would harm Wheatly a lot. A person in danger use anything to protect oneself. It turned out the easiest way was to use a tranq gun. People do not think about using something less drastic when their life is in danger. Till the moment Wheatly decided to reveal his and his team true intentions neither Owen nor Zia knew they were betrayed. Neither Owen nor Zia saw a guy that aimed at Owen, only Blue saw it. It’s not unreasonable to shot a raptor that is tearing your face apart! Owen should have known that. Therefore whole situation could have been explained as unfortunate accident by Wheatly. Then he could bring Owen (then wakes him up) , Zia, Claire and Franklin to the ship, have their full support, wait till Blue’s surgery is successful, before revealing his true intentions.

          Tranquilized running out at that moment is just plot convienience. I may let that slide. Tho it doesn’t change the fact no guard heard roaring Trex, even though there was one a few seconds ago. Someone would have gone and tranq Trex again for the rest of the cruise surely.

          Kitchen scene. Maise ran down corridor towards food elevator and struggled to close a door in the same way Lex did in JP1. Maise was hiding from dr Wu and Mills in the lab. Granted raptors were replaced by humans there. That I could call a smart reference.

          If there is official information source, she was going to be paleovet at JW then I withdraw my complain about it. I can see she took part in courses that may have prepared her for the job. However, the movie asks us to accept she is plaeovet without even a dialogue line she was going to work at Jurassic World. That would make it believable. Expecting viewers to look for external sources to explain certain aspects of the movie is unwise, because it doesn’t guarantee everyone would find it.

          How is the concept of people not going to the island and stealing dinosaurs in three years is small minded and naive? Those animals are only one of their kind, extremely rare comparing to other animals on Earth. It is almost certain people would have tried to poach those dinosaurs before events of FK, considering for one animal or an egg a poacher could demand hundreds millions of dollars on a black market.

          I recommand watching this video to find out why FK script is bad:

        2. Be quiet already, you’re just rambling nonsense.
          And nobody takes you seriously since you put the World films above JP.

        3. No, animals do not behave like that at all. They actually fare better in evaluating imminent danger than humans, like a volcano about to erupt. They don’t wait until lava is 3 meters away, they skeddadle immediately upon realising something bad is going to happen. Your refutation is comical.

          Of course, that’s not the only thing wrong with the volcano eruption. Owen escaping with lava mere centimetres from his face is even more ridiculous. Lava is extremely hot and he would have certainly died. You don’t need to touch it to die. Of course, he is then covered by a pyroclastic flow, which is even worse, because those reach 1000 degrees celcius (1800 F).

          You expect to see things like these in ridiculous movies, like 2012. Seeing it in a JP movie is insulting. What appreciation I had for Trevorrow, after seeing Safety Not Guaranteed, completely evaporated with JW2.

          1. Hellegennes, Im rather confident that I probably have a better understanding of animal behaviour than you. Lot’s of knowledge when it comes to this. That being said, you may have alot of knowledge too, and we have somewhat different perspectives. I do think I’m correct though. The idea that animals thrust into the same space fast, and showing some brief aggression toward each other, before indeed escaping is highly reasonable. They didn’t wait till lava was 3 meters away, you are exaggerating. But there is no point sitting here would/wouldn’t/would/wouldn’t. You can choose to think what you like, I’ve said all I’ve got to say on the matter.

      4. PIOTR: I agree and would welcome you to complete your plot hole analysis. Saying all that, I really enjoyed the film even though I was aware of all the ridiculous plot holes. OH: the mosasaur enclosure was near the ocean in the first film (so at least they got that correct).

      5. The raptor kitchen scene was a shout-out to the first movie, along with blues nest in the old tour car. The Moasasaur Lagoon might have had a river running between it and the ocean. That’s my guess. The T. rex roar at the end didn’t make much sense I guess. But it was a shout-out to the first movie, and Trevorrow thought, hey let’s put this in because you can’t have a Jurassic Movie without a classic triumphant roar from rexy and it REALLY makes sense given the circumstances. I guess. Idk. What you said about carnivores makes sense, but I guess the allo and carno and bary and trek were too preoccupied trying to get out because of poisonous gasses and being smooshed together against other Dino’s. Also, they didn’t focus much on Blues emotions in JW, but really that was the whole movie in FK. Some of what you say is true, but some has explanations.

        1. In FK Mosasaur pen is at the ocean. The only thing that kept the animal from open ocean was a gate. In JW pen was in the middle of the island.

          I prefer JW trylogy to make its own remarkable scenes than copy and paste old ones for nostalgia sake. Instead of thinking: “Oh this is welcomed refrence from JP1” , I think: “Oh they didn’t bother to be subtle about it”. For example the scene were Maise was hidding from dr Wu and Mills in the lab was a clever refrence to kitchen scene with raptors replaced by humans.

    2. The problem is Universal and the filmmakers will think that there are no flaws with this film and not try harder with the next entry. Tbh I’m not even looking forward to JW3.

      1. I think JW3 will continue to be average like the whole “world” trilogy. I’m hoping for an HBO high budget tv series pitched at an older audience a few years after this trilogy wraps up.

      2. I mean, I said in my review that the original had holes too that made no sense, or had things that never went anywhere. And if FK had a problem, I saw that exact same problem in the original, but the original was almost worse in that respect. Let’s not forget that you could at LEAST assume reasons why this hole here or that hole there could make sense. The original, you barely couldn’t. I mean, did we all just forget that cliff in the T-Rex paddock? Does Rexy fly? No? Then, why the he** is that existing besides just to push the story foward?

        1. The Trex paddock and the cliff are the biggest hole in the first film. But beside that there are next to no glaring issues. The story has good pacing, does not feel forced, the dinosaurs behave like animals and not like heros or villains, acting is good all around, the characters are well written, it does not feel like two or three films crammed into one and the movie was really suspenseful.
          Can’t say the same for FK. Time won’t be kind to it, it’s going into the same league as Transformers, the last Terminator or Alien film.

      3. Actually my biggest problem is the third movie. I liked the first-fourth one and I loved the last one, but I have to recognized that the script is the weakest point of the trilogy. What bothers me is the ending. For me it’s an amazing ending. A whole door to new ways and they are gonna waste it at least they change writer.

  5. I’m thrilled about it, I’m glad this makes the final installment pretty certain (I mean, Universal wouldn’t think about calling it off after this profit) and I was satisfied with the film. Was it the best one? No. Will any sequel ever surpass the originality and the feel caused by the first one (especially with those, like me, who were there in the cinemas in 1993)? Never. But to me it is still years ahead of the catastrophic Jurassic Park III.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. The only good things JP3 had going for it was the raptors, the Spino, and the Pteranodons. But the rest of the movie was completely disposable. You could literally skip from “Lost World” to “Jurassic World” and not miss much in the long run.

  6. The movie was fun. It made me cry, laugh, and gave me a few jump scares. It suffers from being a sequel. Everyone loves to pile up on it. Much like The Lost World and The Empire Strikes Back. If they were stand alone movies everyone would love them. People often have ridiculous expectations. I liked it and look forward to the conclusion of the JP series. Bayona did a great job and I wish he was directing the last film. I felt this movie was alot like an Indiana Jones movie. I gave it a solid B+.

    1. Almost everyone loves Empire Strikes Back. It’s pretty much the consensus best Star Wars movie. We should be so lucky to ever get a Jurassic Park sequel on the level of ESB. Lost World is the only one so far that can stand next to the original.

  7. You cannot compare the exact dollar amount of movies released so far apart. You HAVE to take inflation into consideration. Since the price of admission tickets doubled from 1993 to 2015, Jurassic Park actually made more money then Jurassic World by a wide margin (it grossed more than 900 million in its run, meaning it’s equivalent to 1800 million in 2015 dollars).

  8. Anyone else seeing a whisper of that wild JP4 script from a while back? The characters retrieve Dino’s instead of the shaving can embryos. The Swiss Alps mansion with a genetic lab in the basement is now in California. The militarized dino clones were Blue and his pack, Indominus, and Indoraptor. The little cloned little girl might be a precursor to the dino/human hibrid which might be introduced in the next one? I dunno. But the similarities are there.

    1. Absolutely! That old script is creeping into the new films and it’s not good. I’m just baffled that Spielberg is pushing for the dinosaurs as weapons plot. How could he assume that that’s a good idea?

      1. I hope there will be no human and dino hybrids like you can see in old JP4 concept arts. I would flip my table if that happened.

        Entire weaponised dinosaur plot must die. Dinosaurs need food, grooming, shelter. They need to able to recognise civilians from soldiers. Will feeding raptors with rats achieve that? They are fregile to bullets, shrapnels, explosives and they are huge targets. Blue was eliminated by one 9 mm bullet. I-rex was just lucky, because someone did not check a tracker before entering the pen…

        Dinosaurs will be useless in a war and no “infected rats were used by Soviets” will justify it.

        1. They don’t want to use dinosaurs as weapons, just the Indoraptor. Mills said selling the dinosaurs would serve as just seed money to fund perfecting the Indoraptor. And if you noticed in Fallen Kingdom’s climax, in the bedroom, Owen shot the Indoraptor with a rifle, but when it got up, the bullet shells fell right out of its skin. So Dr. Wu designed it to withstand gunfire and shrapnel. And the laser-guided tracking system eliminates the need for the Indoraptor to distinguish civilian from soldier.

  9. The way Maisie escapes from her locked room is literally ripped off from a Jurassic Park spoof from the 90’s. Google: “The Critic, Jurassic Park.”

  10. I am satisfied by these numbers. Just hope Universal does not try to put two film scenarios in one film for JW3. That hurt JWFK a bit in the first half.

  11. Seeing as though quality is not something we can count on anymore, I guess the only thing we can hope for is that the Jurassic Park franchise remains an economic success.


  12. I’m personally glad Fallen Kingdom is doing so well. This movie did so many things right as a Jurassic movie, and the more I think about it, the better it actually gets. It’s also just so refreshing to have a blockbuster series again that explores themes of nature and humanity’s responsibility to it, as opposed to all the superhero and space fantasy films being cranked out every year ad nauseam.

  13. I don’t know why almost everyone did not like this film. It was so well made, and the inclusion of another hybrid that is made from the Indominus Rex is so cool. I like the whole idea of the hybrids in the newer films since most people know about the real dinosaurs, and it goes to show that no one really knows what man can create, and the dangers of creating new dinosaur-like hybrids. Overall, one should think of this as the second film in the Jurassic World series, and not as the fifth film in the Jurassic Park series. I want to see what happens in the third film, and I know it will be good.

  14. WOW. These “fan” reactions seen almost WORSE then when STAR WARS fans backlashed to the LAST JEDI. I am surprised, and ashamed at the negativity that is shone after waiting three years with all the rest these same “fans”.

    Looks like Ben was right…

    1. Yeah, I’m quite shocked and appalled by the response from alot of people, as is obvious HAHA

      Still, I have to say, it is a different situation with The Last Jedi.
      That film contained plot points that were obviously gonna offend alot of fans. Bad choices there.

      With Fallen Kingdom, your talking about a film that obviously delivers when it comes to giving you plenty of Dinosaur action, while also giving you great characters, and a meaningful story. It’s insane to me that so many so called fans are reacting the way they are. Still, loads of people like it.

      I’ll say it again, Colin and Derek have gifted us with something amazing, and I fully support all of their choices so far. I have faith that the next film will be just as good.

    2. So because many people think that it’s not good enough they are not real fans? What a silly assumption.
      It’s because they recognise the serious drop in quality that they are true fans.
      It’s just not a good film.

      1. Colin has made it clear he has no interest in doing some kind of Dinosaur soldier film. I don’t think you are going to see anything like that, and if you did, I would guess someone forced him too.

        As for the “plot holes” alot of people are talking about, it’s so pathetic. You think you are clever trying to pick out little mistakes that are not of any great meaning, but you just seem like you suffer from a kind of editing/continuity OCD. You should maybe consider seeking help. And I’m not even joking or trying to be particularly insulting, at this moment anyway. What next? “That pen over there, it wasn’t on that table in the last shot! THE WHOLE JURASSIC SAGA IS RUINED!” truly pathetic. Beyond belief. Plot holes! Give me a break.

        1. Am I missing something? You’re reply is about plot holes, OCD, and armchair therapy. Where does Dan mention anything of this sort that would compel you to write a reply such as this?

          1. I think I meant to reply at the bottom of the comments actually. that being said, my comment was still in response to the complaints of Dan and others.

        2. With all the things you said you just pretty much described yourself.
          Practice what you preach, go and seek help. You’re seriously sick.
          Whenever someone critizises something about the film you fall into a psychotic rant where all you say is that the person is pathetic because they don’t like the film (for justified reasons) or that you are right because (like because you assume you know animal behaviour so much better, total rubbish) …well you simply are. Seriously??
          You are a deluded fool and cannot be taken seriously whatsoever.
          Now stop harassing people on here!!

    3. The movie wasn’t good. Some fans just expect more. The bar was set high with Jurassic Park, and only The Lost World has come close to delivering. We now have 3 lackluster sequels in a row. The first two movies are in a different league compared to the rest of these sequels.

  15. I’ve been an obsessive fan for 25 years, I own countless versions of the original film, I have memorabilia decorated throughout my house, the list goes on & on. But apparently my reluctance to support this subpar sequel negates my love for everything that comes prior. I’m not blinded by my fandom, a bad movie is bad.

    I’m glad some people are enjoying it but at the same bummed that they are so easily satisfied with this level of quality.

      1. You are such a pest. Do you even realise how ridiculous you sound?
        You try to grasp for some silly excuse regarding every valid point of criticism.

  16. Calling it, final movie in the series goes full Crichton. I’m hoping for a title like; “Jurassic World: Final Iteration”

  17. I am pleasantly surprised that a movie specifically tailored for the real fans has become so successful. All those nobodies going to see it ensured that I will be getting more Jurassic in the future. So, thank you random nobodies! Continue to serve me well.

  18. To all those disappointed with Fallen Kingdom, I completely understand your criticisms. I’m unable to ignore the movie’s shortcomings and plot holes myself, and the quality of writing is indeed at a lower tier than the writing on JP1 and The Lost World.
    However, I’m able to look past that and wholly accept the film for what it is for two reasons:
    1. The style of JW1 and Fallen Kingdom seems to draw from all Jurassic Park source material, especially the comic books, which also had a very cheesy B-movie adventure tone with lots of outrageous action (a T-rex battles Army tanks in one issue), while still involving characters from the novel and first movie and continuing the theme of scientific hubris. Adopting this style seems appropriate since we are currently in the age of comic book movies.
    2. The ideas explored in these new JW films (dinosaur hybrids, weaponizing the hybrids, and now human cloning) are right in line with Michael Crichton’s message in the original book. I honestly think many JP fans misunderstand what Jurassic Park is about. Dinosaurs are a big part of the story, but what the story is really about is genetic technology out of control. A major point in that theme is that the JP dinosaurs are not genuine. They’re all cloned hybrids, and the I-rex and Indoraptor are just hybrids taken to an extreme level to get that point across. And Fallen Kingdom poses a challenging question of whether or not these clones deserve to live or die, a question further complicated by the fact that Maisie, a human, is also a clone.

    These themes may not be executed the best way, but they are entirely appropriate to what Jurassic Park is fundamentally about, and looking at it through the lens of the old JP comic books (and even the old video games) should make it easier to digest.

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