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Jurassic World sequel to film in Brecon Beacons, Wales?

Following the confirmation that Hawaii will indeed house upcoming Jurassic Park sequel, more location news has arisen. Last week we reported that Wales was also being eyed for Jurassic World 2, though our speculation was that it was likely for their Pinewood Studios facilities only. However, a new report suggests the beautiful countryside will also be featured.


According to ‘The Sun’

‘The lush green countryside around the Brecon Beacons was perfect for the movie [and] Penbryn in North Wales is also expected to be used to film some scenes’.

Further, their source is quoted saying:

“The lush green setting and countryside fitted the bill. Producers have been assessing potentially suitable areas all over the UK but chose the Valleys as a prominent area to film.”

Now, it’s worth noting the source is a UK based tabloid with a less than credible reputation. However, ‘The Sun’ was the first to report (in March of this year) that Jurassic World 2 would film in London. These reports were later confirmed by ‘The Knowledge’, and mostly recently the discovery of the ‘Ancient Futures’ production company (also, Frank Marshall confirming it as HQ).

While I wouldn’t use ‘The Sun’ for news of plot scoops, or celebrity happenings, I’m moderately optimistic there is some validity to this information. My confidence is driven by the fact that Wales is certainly going to house the production at some point, and the specifications of this report lack a sensationalist article agenda. That said, take these specifics with an appropriately sized grain of salt.

We can’t be sure that these locations will ultimately be used for Jurassic World 2, but I’m certainly enthralled by their genuine beauty and fresh potential. The concept of seeing new dinosaurs roaming new landscapes is always an easy way to capture my imagination, so I’m hoping this latest news does come to fruition. Plus, the story potential has my curiosity – just how and why are dinosaurs roaming outside of the islands we know and love?

As always, sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for the latest news!

Source: The Sun


7 thoughts on “Jurassic World sequel to film in Brecon Beacons, Wales?

  1. I am so glad that Jurassic World filmed in Louisiana! I filmed on the movie for 8 days as a park visitor, running in the streets from dinosaurs and touring inside the Samsung Center. (I’m standing behind Bryce Dallas Howard in my blue hat.)

  2. I wonder what they’d use these countryside scenarios for, if not for Nublar and/or Sorna. New islands, perhaps? Don’t all signs suggest the dinos are headed for the cities from now on? This not knowing what exactly to expect is both hyping me up and eating from the inside. I gotta know the official title!!!

  3. I think that the script idea for JW2 and next installments might be a slow process of dinosaurs regaining their supreme position on Earth. While no details come in my mind for JW2, I think there is a chance Derek, Colin and Juan might take some inspiration from Simon Stalenhag – Swedish artist.

    I will share with you some of his work:–tQB2FPJp–/c_scale,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/199dsrb9ue67zjpg.jpg

    Wales is beautiful, but not as warm as Hawaii – maybe this will be the plot point here – to farm some dinosaurs.

  4. One of the things I love about the Jurrassic series is the scenery.
    I think Wales would be an incredible place to film a Jurrassic film.
    Wales and Scotland.

  5. Wherever Jurassic world’s sequel would be film, please try to cast also in the sequel, it’s My dream to be in it, hope some one will read me before time

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