Deleted Scenes

Jurassic Park 3 began production without a finished script, and therefore it can be assumed that the film crew filmed a lot more than what ended up in the final cut, thus resulting in ‘deleted scenes’, or more appropriately, ‘extended scenes’. The Jurassic Park movies have never properly showcased deleted scenes, so the scenes below have been pieced together based on the shooting script and footage seen in trailers and other promotional material – but not in the final cut.

Alan and Ellie’s Goodbye

Supposedly, a longer conversation between Dr Alan Grant and Dr Ellie Sattler was filmed, extending their goodbye in the movie. Many fans were disappointed that this wasn’t included in the final cut, considering their relationship was an important part of the original film. It’s unknown exactly what they discussed, but there was also another scene in the dining room, where Jack the Parrot responds with “bullshit!” when the two are discussing the Velociraptor pack communication theory.


Extended Plane Journey

Found in one of the TV spots for Jurassic Park 3, it is clear that they filmed more of the character’s journey to the island. It’s possible that the plane taking off at sunset (as seen below) was possibly flying from Montana to California, before heading to Isla Sorna.


Extended Rex vs Spino Battle

The fight between the T-Rex and the Spinosaurus was cut down in the final film, resulting in quite a quick battle between these two Kings. Originally, and as seen in some trailers, the T-Rex and Spino size each other up before going into battle. There is also a shot featuring the Spinosaurus slap the T-Rex across the face, which did not make the final cut. Extended CGI footage was also seen in a behind the scenes documentary, showing the T-Rex holding it’s own against the Spinosaurus.


Extended Embryonics Lab

It is believed that the scenes in the Embryonics Administration building were originally much longer, featuring the group exploring the building and seeing InGen’s weaponry.


Udesky vs Velociraptors

Originally, when encountering the Velociraptors, Udesky put up a bit of a fight, using a large stick to fend them off. It obviously did not work, but the scene itself was cut from the film, instead cutting from his first encounter to him lying on the ground.


Ankylosaurus Crossing

Seen in a behind the scenes feature, ILM were preparing a shot of the Ankylosaurus crossing the river in front of the InGen Barge.


Spinosaurus Emergence

During the river scene, when the Spinosaurus is following the InGen Barge, it was supposed to emerge from the water in a victorious way, but it was cut from the film.


The Kirby’s Embrace

At the end of the movie, when the military arrive on the beach to rescue the group, Paul and Amanda Kirby embrace and kiss. According to drafts of the script, there was also supposed to be conflict between the Pteranodons and the Velociraptors, and Grant also thanked Ellie for sending rescue.