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Laura Dern, Sam Neill, and Jeff Goldblum to Return with Major Roles in Jurassic World 3!

After nearly a year of rumors, and not-so-subtle hints that Laura Dern would return in Jurassic World 3, life has found a way. Tonight during Collider’s Jurassic World screening and Q&A with Colin Trevorrow at ArcLight Hollywood, Dern herself made a surprise appearance, confirming her return in the sixth Jurassic Park film – and then she took it further to announce Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum would return to the roles of Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ian Malcolm, respectively.

The fan-favorite paleobotanist made her debut in the first Jurassic Park film in a leading role, and later returned in Jurassic Park 3 in a much smaller capacity. Dr. Ellie Sattler’s return has been long requested by fans over the years, and we couldn’t be more excited to learn she will finally make her return to the ever-growing Jurassic saga. Likewise, Sam Neill’s Dr. Grant was last seen in Jurassic Park 3 alongside Dern, while Goldblum made a minor appearance in Fallen Kingdom.

It will be interesting to see what Sattler, Grant, and Malcolm’s roles in the evolved Jurassic World are (especially given the state of things following Battle at Big Rock), and how they come to play what have been announced as “major roles”. As the Amblin press release read, “When the world’s gone prehistoric, you call in the experts.”

While Laura Dern has been absent from the Jurassic films for some time, she certainly has been busy with other projects – such as Star Wars The Last Jedi, The Fault in Our Stars, and Twin Peaks: The Return. Neill has starred in projects like Hunt for the Wilderpeople and Peaky Blinders, while Goldblum has recently starred in Thor Ragnarok and the second Jurassic World. Filming for Jurassic World 3 is expected to begin early next year, and will release June 2021 (20 years after Jurassic Park 3)!

Are you excited to see Dr’s Sattler, Grant, and Malcolm return in Jurassic World 3, and what type of roles do you expect them to play? Sound off in the comments below and stay tuned for the latest news!


45 thoughts on “Laura Dern, Sam Neill, and Jeff Goldblum to Return with Major Roles in Jurassic World 3!

  1. There are so many different directions this movie could take. As long as there isn’t some contrived plot point that brings them all together (make it a believable reason), and they aren’t a bunch of sad saps (like the original trio in the new Star Wars films) who get killed off, then I’m good.

    1. how would you feel if you spent tireless years trying to take a galaxy-wide empire, which happens to be led by your father, only for your kids to make another one? id be “nope, im done”

      1. Father kills billions, see hope in him. Nephew admits he has urges from darkside, decide to kill him while he sleeps. LOL.

  2. It’s great and completely unexpected that Sam Neill, Laura dern and Jeff Goldblum are getting major roles and not cameos. I thought such a possibility was incredibly slim.

  3. I like it! I just hope we don’t have to watch a bunch of geriatric people being chased by dinosaurus. Leave that to the new folks.

  4. Great! Now can they just get rid of Owen and Claire so we can focus on actual characters instead of bland cardboard caricatures? I can’t believe we’re getting these iconic characters back and they’ll have to play second fiddle to freaking OWEN and CLAIRE.

    Incredibly well-played on Trevorrow’s part, though, because this is going to get all sorts of asses into seats, both from people who love and despise the Jurassic World films. I was genuinely intending on skipping the third World in cinemas, but how can I pass up the opportunity to see Sattler, Grant, and Malcolm together again on the big screen and for what will most certainly be the last time? I can’t. The fact that the roles are apparently sizeable solidifies it. Again, well-played.

    Now I just have to pray that Dern, Neill, and Goldblum are able to elevate whatever lackluster material (I’m being kind here) Trevorrow is sure to give them and that he doesn’t completely destroy what made their characters so great in the original.

    Yes, I’m still bitter.

    1. hopefully they will call out owen and claire out on all the idiotic decisions they make, no way they can get through a third dino disaster with that poor judgement. it would be hilarious for owen to say something all smart sounding and grant basically goes, “thats not how the force works!”

    2. I’m about to say some blasphemy – they aren’t great characters.

      I love them, they’re part of my childhood, the first JP was my favorite standalone film of all-time until recently… but rewatching the film twice with different sets of close friends last year, in the leadup to FK, what struck me is both groups saw most of the characters as forgettable save Muldoon and “Jeff Goldblum”. They remembered Hammond but it only seemed to be since I drew some obvious attention to him as my favorite. These are characters only remembered by a dedicated fanbase and pop culture osmosis.

      These characters were all written fairly blankly, and what punched them up was the performances and dialogue delivery. Any other actor, with the same material, would have made Malcolm irritating and annoying. So many actors would have made Grant too action hero-y. Ellie could’ve been in-your-face instead of charming. We wouldn’t be sitting here talking about this movie today in a universe like that.

      And that, fyi, is why we’re never going to get another ‘good’ Jurassic Park or whatever movie. The sequels have all tried too hard to replicate and expand on a film that was just a big happy accident that held together by sheer planetary alignment.

      I don’t know why the rest of you guys keep watching these. I know why *I* keep watching them, but it definitely doesn’t sound like the same thing.

  5. This is great to hear! Glad to hear the original trio is making their grand return.

    By the way, am I the only one who really REALLY wants to see Grant meet Blue?

  6. Glad they’re back! It does create a problem, however. With the classic, more believable characters returning it’s going to make the characters of Owen and Claire look even more like actors just playing a part because they have never been believable characters in the first place, especially Owen.

  7. This is great news. I hope the movie takes the most of these characters. And… do I smell any of them dying, or is Colin too mellow for that (not that I’d like that to happen)?

    1. Nope. JW is a new series set in an alternate Universe to the first trilogy. It lets those of us who are Park fans, ignore World. Because World SUCKS!

      1. Um…it’s literally not a new franchise and it’s not set in a separate universe. Even the director himself said Jurassic World was a sequel and referred to the next film as Jurassic Park 6. Oh wait…you were just joking…ok…phew lol

    2. What’s the point? Are they making this just for me personally? ’cause I appreciate the effort but they’re going to lose billions of dollars.

      The response is going to be fans complaining the movies don’t hold up to the original and the non-fans complaining it’s too nostalgic by bringing back the same actors in the same situation. Nobody is going to like this movie. It’s going to be a bigger disaster than “Fallen Kingdom” was and permanent render this franchise infertile.

      I mean, I don’t mind the new movies, but who else here does? I’m pretty sure this website runs on pure, distilled irony.

  8. Now get rid of Indiana Jones and Claire. Their story is over. They literally drove off into the sunset. And no one likes them anyway.

    But make no mistake, bringing these three classic characters back is a bad sign. It means they are relying on nostalgia to sell this final romp, instead of a solid script.

    Lower your expectations and you might enjoy it.

  9. Please also bring back Julianne Moore for at least one appearance as Sarah Harding! Wouldnt it make more sense for Sarah to return since she actually enthusiastically studied these animals in the wild? Her and Ellie together would be great!

  10. Okay. But Ian Malcolm MUST still be with Sarah and still has a daughter named Kelly! And don’t forget that Ellie’s last name is no longer Sattler! Don’t you screw this up!

  11. I’m so happy that Allan Grant (Sam Neill), Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern), Ian Malcom (Jeff Goldblum) will be back in Jurassic World 3. The other characters of the trilogy of “Jurassic Park” (played by the same actors ) alongside the new ones of the first 2 Jurassic World that I would like to see again are: Tim Murphy (Joseph Mazzello), Alex Murphy (Ariana Richards), Sarah Harding (Julianne Moore), Kelly Malcom (Vanessa Lee Chester), Nick Van Owen ( Vince Vaughn), Billy Brennan (Alessandro Nivola), perhaps Charlie the son of Ellie Sattler seen in Jurassic Park 3, and Barry (Omar Sy) of Jurassic World.
    -I would like to see so much: Blue meeting Alan Grant where the latter at first he is suspicious of her but later learns to trust her and ends up teaming with Blue (with Barry too) when the latter asks him for help , for example for save Owen Grady. Alan Grant could also use his “Raptor Resonance Chamber” (seen in Jurassic Park 3) for contact Blue or also call her in case he is threatened by a predator or malicious humans or for other help.
    -A meeting between Alan Grant (with Ian Malcom and Ellie Sattler) and Rexy/Roberta: There would be an exchange of glances between Grant and Rexy. Rexy recognizes Alan with the smell, while Grant recognizes Rexy with the scars caused by a velociraptor in Jurassic Park. At first Grant is scared, but reassures himself soon after remembering that this t-rex has saved him before. After a calm and respectful exchange of views, Rexy leaves calmly, leaving Alan reassured and happy.

    1. She was not credited as Ellie Degler in Jurassic Park 3 — it’s most likely she kept her own last name. The official press releases and those involved with the film have all called her Sattler pertaining to JW3.

    2. You have to remember also, EVERYONE gets divorced in this franchise… EVERYONE! Stable marriages are what’s impossible in this Universe, not modern-day-Dinosaurs!

  12. Hoping for at least one of two things (neither are the sappy ‘Rexy recognizes Grant bs, can’t imagine a T. rex would even care) will come from the trio returning.
    One- the three of them get to confront Wu and smack him with a clue by four so he’s placed in a position where he must chose to either redeem himself or keep being an arrogant jackass. No dinos just a hard philosophical and ethical discussion hardening back to the original- letting Goldblum be maximum Malcolm.
    Two- Grant acknowledges Owen’s skill with raptors, Owen starstuck until Grant then tells him how much of an idiot he is and he’s astonished he’s still alive and to clean up his own mess.

    1. Malcolm can only be Malcolm if the writer for his character is good. And sorry to say, I see no one who can deliver a deep, philosophical debate. I’m sure you’ll get lot’s of sass though.

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