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Velociraptor (Film Universe)
There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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Mattel to Host Jurassic World San Diego Comic Con Panel This Saturday Featuring Reveals & Giveaways!

It’s 2018 San Diego Comic Con week, and while Universal Pictures themselves will not be attending the fan favorite convention, Jurassic will still have a significant presence with various brand partners.

Arguably the most exciting Jurassic World brand partner is Mattel, who has an excellent array of toys in stores now based upon Fallen Kingdom, as well as the Target exclusive Legacy Collection featuring classic Jurassic Park characters. While Wave 2 is just hitting stores now, with wave 3 on the horizon, Mattel has plenty more to come, and are already eager to give fans at SDCC an exclusive look at exciting new products, including some items from their 2019 range!

Further, it will be your first chance to get your hands on products not yet in stores with exciting giveaways, including a one of a kind chance to get a hold of rare unreleased products that did not make it to final production! Yes – you read that right – toys that are to remain unreleased will be given away in limited numbers– holy grail’s for collectors. While Mattel has remained tight lipped on what those items are, they’re sure to excite and are not to be missed.

So how do you attend the panel, and when is it? We have the exclusive first details:

The panel is this Saturday (July 21st, 2018) at 11am – 12pm PST and will be hosted at Mattel’s San Diego Comic Con booth. Occupancy is limited to 100 people, and tickets will be given away at the very location the morning of. Get there EARLY to secure your tickets and seats – the panel is not to be missed, and features various members of the Jurassic design team, and has some GIGANTIC reveals planned. The exclusive product giveaway occurs at the conclusion of the panel, so be sure to stick around. Their booth is adjacent to Lobby D, number 3029, with a smaller booth behind (#2945).

If you’ll be at Comic Con, but not be around for the panel on Saturday be sure to still swing by Mattel’s booth. The dinosaurs have a huge presence throughout the event, with awesome product display dioramas, photo-ops, giveaways, and more! If you’re a Jurassic super fan, you won’t want to miss it.

You can follow updates from the Mattel at SDCC from our website as well as their newly launched official Instagram channel, dedicated to their Jurassic range:

We’re not yet sure if the panel itself will be streamed online officially, but stay tuned for updates should that option become available. If you plan to attend and stream, let us know and we will be sure to relay the info and media on our site – further, be sure to take plenty of detailed pictures!

Sound off in the comments below and let us know if you’ll be attending, plus what future items you hope to see – and as always, stay tuned for the latest news!


39 thoughts on “Mattel to Host Jurassic World San Diego Comic Con Panel This Saturday Featuring Reveals & Giveaways!

  1. In lieu of an actual article about what I’d like to see in the future (which I plan on getting to at some point) here are my hopes for the reveals:

    – Franklin / Benjamin Lockwood / Dr. Henry Wu action figures for 2019
    – Sinoceratops, baby Triceratops, Adult Allosaurus (Roarivore is based on a young adult), Brachiosaurus (JP design, not JW though)

    – John Parker Hammond, Dr. Wu, Nedry, Ray Arnold, Sarah Harding, Roland Tembo (and honestly, everyone else)
    – better sculpts/paint jobs for classic JP dinos. Would love to see a TLW Pteranodon, Parasaurolophus, Male Rex, classic JP female raptor

    – More realistic sculpts and paint jobs for non film dinos – some , such as the Suchomimus, Proceratosaurus, and Dimetrodon look a bit cartoony
    – Pull dinosaurs and paint jobs from expanded universe such as games, comics, etc
    – More play patterns ( smaller electronic figures, battle damage on larger toys, destructible capture gear, etc)
    – Unique characters with ‘story’ and names rather than “Mercenary” etc
    – Pack humans with baby dinos rather than mini dinos
    – Classic Kenner inspired paint apps for repaints (Carnotaurus in “demon” colors, Baryonyx in ‘Dino Screams’ colors, etc)

    Plus overall, some new dino capture vehicles, diversity in dinosaurs, and perhaps a big Indominus Rex!

    1. Chris, don’t you basically dislike the JW films? Why do you care about having figures of the characters? You completist!

      Anyway on the topic of the Brachiosaurus, the Fallen Kingdom Brachiosaurus was no question the greatest looking Brachiosaur. And the Fallen Kingdom scenes were no doubt the greatest Brachiosaur scenes too.

      I like some of the Mattel figures very much, Baryonyx being one of my favorites, but some of them should have been done better. I’m thinking of the giant feet and somewhat cartoonish look of some of them. There is quite a big difference among the figures. Some much better than others.

        1. I’m surprised a lot of people like JW more than FK… I got a real TLW vibe from FK but all I got from JW was CHEEEEEEESE!

          1. Bro, you got it wrong. JW was supposed to be like a going to Disneyland or universal theme park resort kind of movie. It wasn’t cheesey.

    2. Oh my God, I can’t believe that I am actually gonna be crazy at 2019, finally a John Hammond figure, accurate Nedry? Ray Arnold? Roland Tembo? Might there be a Carter Dieter, Peter Ludlow, Ajay? What have been waitin’ for is the rest! If I won the lottery I am GOING CRAZY! I would be very broke afterwards. Wait, old school Kenner? This is cool, and my friend is gonna be flipped out.😂. Oh wait, INDOMINUS REX?!?! Capture gear?! No cartoon looks? A Wu figure? Original dinosaurs from JPI, JPII, or perhaps JPII and JWI? The Lost World pteranodons? I actually had the steel beak as a kid! (Though did not grow up in the 90’s). Sinoceratops? Accurate? Sarah Harding? Come on I want Mattel to make an Eddie Carr and a Nick Van Owen figure/s. Better sculpts?!?!?! This proves for the last 200 years that Hasbro is the worst toy company in the entire fricking world. Mattel and Kenner are both the best. Spared no expense, really!

    3. Even though I didn’t grow up in the 90’s like many of you did, but the JP franchise is awesome, but Mattel is just winning us over so many times. Oh wait, Eli Mills? Some the InGen workers in JWFK? New capture vehicles?! Humvee Hummer? Snare Bike? Benjamin Lockwood?! This would work with Maisie! Mattel you one crazy son of a b*tch! Hopefully a Jungle Explorer, JW vehicles, TLW vehicles, JP3 vehicles, more FK vehicles too.

  2. It kind of sucks that the unreleased toys are going to be available to only people in California at comic con, which i have no way to get off worl, then multi thounsands of miles im less than a week when i work for a living. How about an actual unreleased lottery for superfans? Future advice. Because, I’m a super fan.

    1. I feel for you man.
      I know what it’s like to have these annoying limitations. Sad thing is, the people involved just wont care. They are doing this kind of thing for their own reasons. Some individuals might be more compassionate, but the overall people in charge wont.

    2. Don’t fret friend! For a measly $10,000 you will be able to purchase them from ebay off the people who don’t care about JP but nabbed them all anyway because they suck.

  3. PLEASE let them reveal an Indominus Rex, I need one in my life that matches the quality of all the other toys they have. None of that Hasbro mess.

      1. I really hope the new Mattel Indominus Rex is really cool, and has great action features like Battle Damage with the sliding door (such as the smaller ones, like the Stygimoloch and Velociraptor Blue), and the mouth is closed, and there would be a button to push for the mouth to open, and for the authentic movie sounds. Also, I really hope that it would be able to stand for once (unlike the Hasbro version), and I also hope that it will be in scale with most of the other dinosaurs and vehicles.

      2. Hello, do you have a source about the indominus being released next year? I have been hoping for a decent indominus toy since JW1

  4. Rare unreleased toys that will go to ebay the day after lol…

    I really have a strong dislike for custom Kenner paint apps on these new toys. I do wish for some stronger paint apps on the smaller ones too…

    1. Be cool if Mattel included professionally done retro Kenner colors as a factory offering in the Legacy line, though…

  5. Let’s face it. We all would go there if we had the chance. I’ve only been to SDCC twice and that’s was in 2014. I would pay so much money for the exclusive figures on EBay. I have a problem.

  6. no more target exclusives and ill be happy target kinda screwed us up here in canada or make american target exclusives into toys r us canada exclusives because we still have ours and not through walmart because they suck big time for availability. also a scale to the line screen accurate figure of every dino that has been in the films as well as every vehicle and named character.

    1. The Jurassic Legacy line will be exclusive to Toys R Us in Canada starting August/September. – According to both Mattel & Toys R Us customer service.

  7. 6 inch scale figures & dinosaurs being showcased. Owen has already been seen. Currently there are teaser cards for what looks like JP Ian Malcom & a Velociraptor!! More than Likely JW Blue

  8. Why are you adult people so obsessed with children’s toys??? These things are meant for 5 year olds to pass the time. Not 25 or 35 year olds. Stop wasting your time and money on this plastic crap.

    1. Says Barry Cox, cruising jurassic outpost, tailored to a movie that actually he watched the 1st one when he was young, now reading article about toys. I know one thing, Collecting dino toys is a lot cooler than the collection of kleenex wads on your nightstand. 100%

    2. I laugh at those who claim buying ‘pieces of plastic’ are ‘wasting their time’… Considering even a Lamborghini is nothing but an amalgamation of metal and plastic. Considering they spend their entire lives slaving for a boss-man only to be rewarded with ‘pieces of plastic’.

      Value is in the eye of the beholder. For example, I can go to literally ANY shopping centre and find Diamonds. Hundreds of Diamonds. Shiny rocks dug out of the dirt… But how many of those shopping centres have a set of the JP Topps series 2 trading cards? How many have the Indominus Breakout Lego set? NONE! In this way, that makes these things far more rare than Diamonds. And when it comes to ‘value’… Well, that is a human construct. Valuable in exchange for what? Monetary value? Or sentimental value? What matters most and to whom? It’s all subjective.

  9. Yes more dinosaurs but the principal is The Big of the Big BRACHIOSAURUS
    LIKE THE LAST MEGA T-REX I BUY TWO BATTLE DAMAGE AND THE SINGLE ACTION and one Brachiosaurus like the new mosasaurus skin real feel but Big 3 feet larger 5 tall

    1. Let me tell you, There here with me right now.

      Not really. But I’m curious to know what they are too. Maybe it’s a giant Triceratops. Like the cancelled Lost World one!

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