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Mattel’s Jurassic World Comic Con Panel Unveils Huge Assortment of New Toys Coming in 2020!

The dinosaurs of Jurassic World continue to run loose in San Diego, taking over Comic Con, and roaring to life in fantastic new ways. Mattel hosted a Jurassic themed panel today titled “How a Dinosaur was Made”, focusing on the behind the scenes design process before turning the spotlight onto the future toys. Wasting no time, they revealed the theme and title of next years assortment: Primal Attack!

They key art is bold and colorful, with a toxic haziness that screams beautiful but deadly. In true Jurassic fashion, it seems to revolve around the park on Isla Nublar, with fencing not yet destroyed, hinting at the open park era. We’re not sure what this means for potential line lore, but we’re excited by it all the same.

Jurassic World Primal Attack’s play theme is about bringing the dinosaurs to life in their most raw authenticity, giving them fluid and realistic movements, attacks, and roars. This was showcased with their new electronic roaring Carnotaurus, which features a thrashing and biting attack, with a full range of body motion. Check it out in action!

They then moved on to reveal and tease many new dinosaur species, promising a total of 17 entirely new species, with many more brand new toys. In this first image, you can see the three new species they revealed: Edmontosaurus, Alioramus, and Cryolophosaurus (left to right) surrounded by many more dinosaur silhouettes. Within those silhouettes we see what looks to be Sinoceratops, Teratophoneus, Manjungasaurus or Rugops, Sarchosuchus, Callovosaurus, Irritator or Ichthyovenator, Postosuchus, Scutosaurus, what may be a Carcharodontosaurus, and a few more species too hidden to make proper guesses on (could that be a Moschops bottom right?).

They then revealed another image with even more silhouettes, many of which are returning species, though some may be new sculpts. We notice a few obvious species like Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Tapejara, Dimemorphodon, Minmi, Baryonyx, Styracosaurus, a handful of raptors, and quite a few others, most of which are obscured by one another. Check out the picture below and see what you can spot!

While many of these species are designed just as toys, Mattel did confirm that quite a few will be based upon the upcoming Netflix animated series Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous, and even went as far as showing the previously revealed trailer during the panel. We’re not sure what species are from the new series, but we’re quite excited at the prospect of some brand new canon designs being introduced to the lineup. Outside of the dinosaurs, you may notice a lack of human figures, which Mattel sadly has confirmed that there are no news humans planned for 2020 at this time (outside of potential Amber Collection expansions).

As for other reveals, Mattel gave away a few new toys not yet in stores at the end of the panel: the Battle Damage Spinosaurus, and the Ultimate Battle Damage Baryonyx Breakout set! Check out the pictures below – we’re particularly big fans of the Barynoyx set!

Image via nostalgicadam on Instagram!

While that’s it for new toy reveals, the panel itself kicked off with the making of process for some of the existing toys, as the designers took turns explaining the process. The design portion is a must watch, and we will be sure to highlight it once we have the panel available online, which will also provide more insight into the upcoming Primal Attack toys as Mattel explains the reveals seen in the images!

Personally, I think many of the new species revealed and hinted at are incredibly exciting, and feels like Jurassic Park at its most raw, with many exotic and primal lesser known species taking the stage. The upcoming paint jobs feel more alive, natural, and complex than the past ranges, while remaining exciting and eye grabbing. The only species I’m currently not feeling is the Cryolophosaurus, which is a long necked and agile animal, where as the toy feels stumpier with a less distinguishable shape – however, as it’s only concept art, I’m sure the final design will see some evolution and refinement. I can’t wait to see more, and I’m particularly ecstatic about the endless potential Camp Cretaceous crossovers will offer.

Let’s just all keep our fingers crossed Mattel decides to introduce some new human characters and vehicles into the core line in 2020, as they’re an essential part of what makes Jurassic toys truly come to life.

Are you excited by the new reveals, what species do you think are pictured, and what are you looking forward to the most? Sound off in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned to Jurassic Outpost for all the latest news!


35 thoughts on “Mattel’s Jurassic World Comic Con Panel Unveils Huge Assortment of New Toys Coming in 2020!

  1. I’m not really excited about any of these. Mainly because as we all feared, there are no planned humans or vehicles being released. On top of that, the only human we see being released is another Owen on a bike. I feel like this line has lost its focus. Very sad.

    1. “lost its focus”

      Bold of you to assume the humans were ever the focus for Mattel.

      I’m kidding, I sympathize some, as I was one of the people hoping to see more human figures as well from the older movies, but I wouldn’t say I’m surprised at this point, as I felt this year’s lineup was hinting in that direction, and a lot of the Fallen Kingdom humans haven’t sold around here.

      1. I honestly don’t care if we get human figures or not. It would be nice, and it would be especially cool to get some vehicles, but I’m more concerned about getting at least decent dinosaur figures.

        And so far, Mattel seems to be doing great in that regard, even with all the repaints. At least kids and collectors aren’t stuck with the garbage that Hasbro put out.

    2. I think the problem is that SO MANY of the human figures shipped have been Owen. Maisie was impossible to find. The first release of Claire was impossible, and the Dino Rivals one is still uncommon. Even Wheatley didn’t show up in huge numbers. I’m hoping Franklin is actually released, and if so, is not an impossible to find and/or non-USA-only release.

  2. So good to see the line continuing strong. Such a shame about the humans. If they’re making Camp Cretaceous toys I’m amazed that doesn’t include humans. I heard that they said we are getting an Amber Collection Nedry?!

  3. I’m I the only one that has a feeling hat Mattel are becoming like hasbro, besides the quality, because, just like hasbro, no human, no vehicle, no playsets, unless if you count those playsets that are not actually playsets, and a bunch of dinosaurs

  4. That Baryonyx set is a complete waste. The only thing worthwhile is the motorcycle. That’s the only thing that holds it up and I can guarantee that may be the only way to get it too knowing how the lines been so far.

  5. since we are getting a true sinoceratops i hope they rerelease pachyrinosaurus with its correct name, also the croc could be deinosuchus

  6. Bring it on Mattel!

    I Love everything Jurassic Park/World! The more Jurassic World products, the merrier! And, although it sorta doesn’t matter to me that there aren’t any declared human character figures planned, as the dinosaurs are the main stars anyway and should be, it would be nice to see more Claire Dearing figures and maybe one based on Jake Johnson’s character Lowry, and maybe Jimmy Fallon in a lab coat?!?

  7. I love the new dinosaurs, especially the lesser known fellas. Though, I do agree that we need more vehicles. I remember having the big RV from lost world as a kid and it would be cool to buy another one. You know, for my kid and all…. haha

  8. Lot’s of repaints. Few, if any, film-accurate pieces… Why would an adult collector buy any of these? Kids don’t care, but then, kids aren’t fans, they just love Dinosaurs.

          1. As long as whatever bites is simply an animal doing what animals do to survive… And not a movie monster being evil.

    1. I already have most of the dinosaurs from the first 3 movies…And there has never been such a huge variety of em. Plus they’re relatively cheap now and MIB they are probably worth double the price in 10 years. Consider it to be an investment (which is awesome to look at).

  9. I understand that Dino’s are important. And I can’t say enough about how amazing the variety and labor of love you can see in each one from mattel. But if their are no humans to run away from them or vehicles and play sets to protect them….than this isn’t Jurassic park, its a cool dinosaur line of toys. I want to keep buying and supporting but I can feel me leaning to other brands because their are only so many dinosaurs I can collect without the other necessary half of the movies. I mean this with all love and respect, because I do want them to succeed.

  10. I would really like Mattel to do for 2020:
    – a Tarbosaurus as long as these details are well respected: the tail not short (measuring at least half of the whole body), a narrower skull and smaller feet, and jaws a little longer;
    – Deinonychus based on the velociraptor “Battle Damage” and “Attack Pack” with some modifications: the head a little bigger, the jaws a little longer and less bulging on the sides and smaller feet.
    -Utahraptor based on the indoraptor of “Grab ‘n Growl Indoraptor” or “Lockwood Ultimate Battle Set” where you just need to change hands and head;
    – volcano Mount Sibo (30 to 50 cm wide), ornithocheirus, sarcosuchus, deinosuchus or purussaurus, skeleton of Apatosaurus STEM, plane N622DC of Jurassic Park 3,
    – Helicopters: N522RS, N293G and Sikorsky H-34 (exactly as in the Jurassic Park III Dino Defender and Jurassic Park III Danger Zone video games).
    -The skeleton of the t-rex STEM Paleontologist Kit with some modifications: the tail a little longer (measuring at least half of the body), the feet a little smaller, and the skull more based on t-rex AMNH 5027;
    -Guns: Franchi SPAS-12 with folding stock and the same functions of introduction and ejection of the cartridges,
    – Double barrel rifle with the same functions of opening, introducing and ejecting cartridges;
    -After the “Alpha Training Blue”, I hope so much that they will do the same for the t-rex, taking care to respect the details: like the smaller feet, the jaws not too short but a little more long, scars, eyes at the front, and the remote would look like a flare.
    -A piece of amber Jurassic Park Playset;
    -a skull of a Velociraptor Playset with the resonance chamber of a Velociraptor emitting these same sounds by blowing as in JP3;
    -For “Extreme Chompin ‘T-Rex” and “STEM T-Rex Anatomy Kit”, the smaller feet and the tail a little longer (measuring the length of the body except the tail);
    -For the “Super Colossal Tyrannosaurus rex”: the jaws slightly longer, and the slightly more detailed dewlap connecting the lower jaw and the neck.
    -For velociraptor figures of “Battle Damage” and “Attack Pack”: the head a little bigger, the jaw a little longer and less bulging on the sides and smaller feet.
    -And the “Super Colossal Mosasaurus” based on the “mosasaurus real feel skin” with some modifications: the body a little longer, the tail longer and bigger.

  11. What a joke the Spino is. Repaint that’s the same as the Suchomimus. Would it kill them to release the thing in it’s Legacy colors? The answer is yes, it literally would.


  12. I would’ve liked to see more human figures revealed, but the new species sound incredible–I mean, Sarcosuchus? (at least that’s what I think it is) That’s sounds too cool! And personally I’m not too bugged by the colors of the new Spino, but I am a tad confused about the spinning gore feature. Is that all it does?

    1. Because some people still like the T-rex the best… maybe not you, but for me I would love to see an Aber collection Rex with accurate detail to the first movie and more articulation.

  13. Did they mention the Franklin figure at all? Is it still going to be produced? If so, will it be released in The USA?

    Any discussion of items that have seen no official release, limited release, or overseas release being released in The USA? Are the Legacy Story Packs going to show up in any decent numbers, and is the Malcolm one even being produced? Will Destruct-A-Saurs (besides the copter set) ever be sold in The USA? They were listed on Amazon, but never stocked or sold. Is Mattel aware of how poorly the extremely-limited release of the Extreme Chompin’ Spinosaurus was handled in The USA, that the demand is extremely high, and a new production run (unless there are some in a warehouse somewhere) would sell extremely well? Communication from Mattel on this line has been so lacking.

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