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Mondo closes San Diego Comic Con with exclusive Jurassic World poster

It’s a fight to the death with the Indominus Rex and Mosasaurus! Mondo took Jurassic fans by surprise today when they announced that they would be selling a new, officially licensed Jurassic World poster exclusive to San Diego Comic Con. Artist Shan Jiang illustrated the aftermath of the climatic battle in this beautifully epic 24″ by 36″ screen printed poster, which was limited to 325 pieces.

Mondo SDCC Jurassic World poster Art by Shan Jiang

This piece was limited to sale on the show floor, and today was the final day of Comic Con 2016, so if you want one now’s the time to keep your eyes on places like eBay. As John Hammond would say.. “Spare no expense!” It’s certainly worth it in my opinion.

Some have pointed out that this utilizes the early Innovation Center design, which was first seen in leaked concept art. I personally find its usage artistically appealing: whether purposeful or not, the piece has a unique amalgamation of some of the very first and final imagery fans saw from film. Not to mention it just looks cool.

Early Jurassic World Concept Art
Early Jurassic World Concept Art

While many fans have likely missed out, this is the perfect time to remind you to keep your eyes on Mondo in the future. They’ve had many limited run pieces of Jurassic Park art in the past, and are sure to have more in the future. Often times they’re announced in advance, and if that’s the case we’ll be sure to let readers know.

Will you be adding this print to your collection? Let us know in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “Mondo closes San Diego Comic Con with exclusive Jurassic World poster

  1. I’m actually a bit cranky they used the Innovation Center design from the concept art and not the design from the film. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful poster.
    But this would have been perfect to pair with the Mark Englert poster that showed the Center being built, then having this one burning down, acting as a before and after of the film events.

  2. Beautiful poster.
    Ever since I watched JW for the first time in the movies I came out of it with my friends discussing about the Indominus’s supposed death. In its genes, there’s some part of a sort of aquatic animal, isn’t there? My friends and I believe that, since they didn’t actually show us the I-rex die, they might bring it back in the upcoming film(s). It may have fought the mosasaur and won, since they could easily come up with the revelation that it could breathe under water.

  3. Another great piece from Mondo. I only wish that Mondo would give fans and collectors a better chance to get this stuff. All of there Jurassic Park prints thus far have sold out online in less than 2 minutes and I personally have never been able to successfully checkout as the prints wouldn’t appear in my shopping cart. This poster in particular is a SDCC 2016 Exclusive and many many people weren’t able to make the trip!

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