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Never Before Seen Art Surfaces from Cancelled ‘The Lost World: Jurassic Park’ Animated Series!

We were planning on holding this one off until Jurassic June, but much like the dinosaurs of Isla Nublar, we simply couldn’t contain it. While you no doubt know there was an unreleased Jurassic Park animated series in the early 90’s, you probably did not know there was another in development alongside The Lost World. This attempt at bringing Jurassic Park into the animated front was kept under lock and key, without any substantial evidence of existence… until now.

Check out our video below, where dive into the art and story revealed from this elusive, never before seen unreleased Jurassic Park tie-in!

The Lost World’s animated series was commissioned by Steven Spielberg himself, and developed by DreamWorks Animation under the supervision of Steve Lyons. The artwork on display comes from Phillip J. Felix, who also contributed to the story of this ill-fated cartoon venture. Not much is known about the plot, outside of the fact that it would have introduced hybrid dinosaurs to the Jurassic Park franchise for the first time. While the cartoon was eventually shelved due to a variety of internal conflicts, many ideas were adopted by Kenner with the Jurassic Park Chaos Effect toy line (which was also to have a animated series that fell through).

The video above walks you through all the art available, what we know about the story and its titular DOOMSDAY REX, and how the idea of hybrids evolved forward into Jurassic World. Be sure to check it out!

While the art from Phillip may be our only real look at the series, it’s believed these Kenner Jurassic Park Chaos Effect precursor concepts were tied directly to it. Most noticeably, the mech suit is very similar to that of Phillips artwork:

And of course, check out all the art from Phillip below!

The idea of a Jurassic Park primetime animated series was attempted many times over the years, but all became extinct before they were ever even truly alive. While some of the art for the hybrids in this series was a bridge too far for canon, in that era, transmedia story expansions were hardly ever held to continuity, and I would have enjoyed it as its own thing. That said, in today’s world of mega-franchises with expansive expanded universes and spin-offs, I think an animated series would need to stick closer to the source materials content.

While you’re here, check out our exclusive look at the original animated series attempt, ‘Escape from Jurassic Park’, featuring the entire season 1 story treatment! It features an unfinished script, and completely outlines the arc, episode-to-episode – its story goes much further into new territory than the beautiful artwork from William Stout had led us believe!

What do you think of the franchises first real attempts to bring hybrids into the story, prior to Chaos Effect, the Indominus Rex of Jurassic World, and Indoraptor of Fallen Kingdom? What would you have liked to see from this cartoon, and do you think we will ever get a proper Jurassic animated series? Sound off in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned to Jurassic Outpost!

Source: Phillip J Felix


20 thoughts on “Never Before Seen Art Surfaces from Cancelled ‘The Lost World: Jurassic Park’ Animated Series!

  1. How did you mean the Doomsday Rex was titular? Was the show or episode going to have Doomsday Rex in the title? Or was it just a headlining creature for the series?

  2. Glad this one was cancelled “Hybrids” sounds like a bad 90’s concept. No interest in hybrid-dinos, evil mercenaries, or lame “Jurassic World” characters. Stick to the Classics! Would have liked to have seen the original animated Jurassic Park series with Dr Grant, Dr Sattler, and Dr Malcolm. However a new animated action oriented / semi-educational Dinosaur series based on the original JURASSIC PARK and its cast would be a welcome addition.

  3. While I’m glad this didn’t make it into production, I’m sad that no cartoon was made back then. I would have loved that style of art.

        1. Then get your facts straight. You’ve slipped several times. For example, there was early promotional material that stated JW’s Pterosaurs were sensitive to loud noises. That is why they freaked out on the Chopper and the guests.
          Also, there were errors in your Rex Paddock video. FILM magazine revealed the official explanation for that scene.
          A fancy recording set up and the stupidity to make a YouTube channel your sole income, doesn’t make you the be all and end all on the franchise.

          1. “A fancy recording set up and the stupidity to make a YouTube channel your sole income, doesn’t make you the be all and end all on the franchise”
            That last part; I don’t think he ever felt that way, that was all you there. Don’t tell me you’re going soft now, what with how highly you think of him.

          2. Someone sounds like a hater whose obsession with a harmless YouTube channel is quite sad.

          3. I wont take it easy. The very reason you exist is to help shine light on a POORLY thought out new trilogy with more holes than the roads in Eastern Australia. And that angers me. You shouldn’t be required.

      1. lol sounds like that your the one that has no job, seriously dude your getting mad over a dude making youtube videos. How pathetic

  4. In that time period there was a bit of a boom in the number of animated TV shows produced that were based on films. Ex- That Godzilla show, starship troopers, Men in Black etc etc.

    It’s odd to think these franchises were given greenlights and yet Jurassic Park, a far more financially and culturally successful series, was left on the primetime cutting room floor.

  5. I fully agree with an animated serie taking place between JP3 and JW, TLW and JP3, and between JW and JWFK, or even after “Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom” as they did for Star Wars, some of whose stories will be inspired by comics like “Jurassic Park Dangerous Game” IDW, video games like “Jurassic Park Trespasser”, deleted scenes like mosasaur attacking and killing the whalers, the t-rex Buck of ” The Lost Jurassic Park World “passing his head through the window of Benjamin’s room and scary his family, and others like how Eric Kirby has survived on Isla Sorna since landing on the tree with Ben until the arrival from his parents and Alan Grant, Blue and Rexy / Roberta’s adventure from the end of Jurassic World to the beginning of the Mount Sibo eruption; and maybe also the other scars located on the right side of Rexy / Roberta ( since Jurassic World)
    view that she was not injured on that side at the end of Jurassic Park except for the neck and lower jaw, which means it must have had after the events of Jurassic Park and before the events of Jurassic World. And maybe also see a T-rex fight and defeat the Spinosaurus of JP3, and after defeating him he roars like at the final stage of Jurassic Park or at the end of Jurassic World. But above all, no t-rex dies, so no t-rex is defeated by another carnivorous dinosaur such as giganotosaurus or other. I would like to see in these series the suchomimus, pyroraptor, Deinonychus, Utahraptor, Tarbosaurus, Deinosuchus, Sarcosuchus or purussaurus; the return of the ancient characters from the original Jurassic Park trilogy alongside new characters from the first Jurassic World episodes: Allan Grant, Ellie Sattler, Tim, Alex, Ian Malcom, Sarah Harding, Malcom Kelly, Nick Van Owen, Billy Brennan, and Barry of JW.

  6. I know so many people who like to blame Colin Trevorrow personally for the use of hybird creatures in the films, and while I don’t think it’s invalid to criticize them as a story element, their high prevalence in spinoff projects like this has always lead me to believe it was something that Universal was pushing to be explored sooner or later, and I still think the Indominus rex is the best version of the concept.

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