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New art from cancelled version of ‘Jurassic Park 4’

We all know the road to Jurassic World was a wild one, with Jurassic Park 4 taking many different shapes and stories over the years. Today we’ve been given another peak into just how crazy some of those ideas really were. Concept artist Carlos Huante took to his Instagram to share new unseen art of the abandoned version of Jurassic Park 4 which he was working on with Joe Johnston back in 2004.


Following Jurassic Park 3, the idea was to push the sequel into bold new territory. The same basic concepts of Jurassic World existed then: hybrids, ex-military protagonists, and dinosaurs created for military application. However, the shape these concepts took were drastically different. The militarized animals were quite literally dinosaur soldiers, hybridized with human and canine DNA.  And from the latest art, it turns out there were cyborg human/raptor hybrids as well. Weird.


Little is known about the story concept for this version of Jurassic Park 4, other than it was a further evolution of the story John Sayles wrote in the 2004 script. If you haven’t already, you can download and read that script via our downloads sections! Word is that Steven Spielberg threw it all back to the drawing board a few weeks after this outlandish art was created.

Despite the art taking things a bit too far, the core concepts were never abandoned. In 2006, Universal Pictures and Art Asylum had a small Jurassic Park booth at New York Toy Fair. On display were small diorama statues of a very mean looking Tyrannosaurus, alongside a Triceratops. Years later, the full story was uncovered:

“They were part of a new proposed ‘Jurassic Park’ toy line (…) that would have had nastier dinosaurs, and soldiers with all kinds of dino-fighting gear and vehicles. The ‘R-Rex’ was the first.  It’s not based on any [prior] JP design.  I was told to simply come up with a Next-Gen T-Rex ‘on steroids’, with maybe a bit of raptor DNA thrown in (note the 3-digits on hands).  I had a week to sculpt and paint it for display. Sadly, though Universal Studios was very impressed, the toy line didn’t get approved for production.”


While that toy line may have never came into fruition, its clear that it again has many similarities to the story of Jurassic World: a Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor hybrid, alongside a soldiers vs dinosaurs focus. From 2006 onward, it was mostly radio silence, but one thing remains clear: the ever winding road to Jurassic World was paved many years ago.


Be sure to sound off in the comments below, and let us know what you think of the latest art! While the concept sounds straight out of a SyFy channel special that has nothing to do with Jurassic, I have to say on a artistic level I love the art Carlos created.

Stay tuned, and keep enjoying #JurassicJune 2016!


8 thoughts on “New art from cancelled version of ‘Jurassic Park 4’

  1. I remember some of this concept art was leaked back around 2009 (I think) but no one knew for sure whether or not it was legitimate. Good to know that it was indeed very real. It’s so interesting how JP4 evolved. I also remember Joe Johnston being interviewed a few times in the early to mid 2000s and he said multiple times that there was a new “trilogy” being worked on with basically a brand new concept that would take the story away from the jungles and theme parks. This must have been it.

    Thank goodness this never happened. And that 2004 John Sayles script was poop.

  2. So bizarre! This like something out of an scfy channel original movie. Thank God this wasn’t released in theaters!

  3. They would’ve made me simply hate the sequel if they’d made something similar to this. This is so non-Jurassic Park as possible! I would literally cry out of anger if I walked into a movie theater to watch a JP movie and saw this. Thank God to whoever vetoed this idea.

    I mean, don’t get me wrong. It would be OK for an idea for a different trash movie, but never down the Jurassic Park line.

    And, to be honest, thank God Joe Johnston never got attached to JP4 at all. JPIII was pointless, silly (I never get tired of dissing the scene of the phone ringing insite the spino’s stomach) and rushed.

    Now honestly, I’m a little fearful of what they’ll do with JWII. I can perfectly deal with no Malcolm/Grant/Sattler in it (if I were one of those characters, I would make it my personal life goal never to come close to any dinosaur again). I can deal with no island Nublar/Sorna again (who would go there again? Unless… Unless they did a prequel about how they reclaimed Nublar and built Jurassic World – I would love that). And I can deal with dinosaurs loose on the mainlands, as long as they never turn JP into a war movie in which soldiers fight against dinos (or human-hybrid dinos attack people). But I trust Colin Trevorrow and I trust Bayona. I believe they’ll make us a great movie. Maybe even better than JW.

  4. “That’s no dinosaur.” -Owen Grady.

    I’m glad that they drew the line instead of letting the idea go this far. There’s a reason for why Jurassic Park has a lineage of followers and it has nothing to do with the creatures being literally made-up monstrosities that never existed, man-made or not, and I deeply wish for them to keep that border intact.

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