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New Concept Art Emerges from Jurassic Park 3’s Scan Command

While Jurassic Park 3 isn’t generally considered to be the best sequel in the franchise, at least critically, it does hold a special place in fan’s hearts – especially for those born in the 90s as it was likely to be the first Jurassic movie that many were old enough to see in cinemas.


I grew up watching VHS copies of Jurassic Park and The Lost World on repeat, but Jurassic Park 3 was the first movie that I remember following the production of. I remember the toys, the posters, the commercials, the games, everything from that period. It’s nostalgic to think back, and up until the release of Jurassic World last year it was the only movie I had seen merchandise for in stores.

One thing I remember fondly is the video games and the commercials that came with them. Jurassic Park 3 had a wealth of games released alongside it for multiple consoles. Danger Zone, Dino Defender, Island Attack, The DNA Factor… the list goes on.

One game that I never had myself but remember seeing endless commercials for, was Scan Command. It was a video game that utilised a physical barcode scanner – you would scan the barcode of household food/drink items to obtain “genetic code” to progress in the game.

Today, we have some concept art that was made for the game by artist Maurice Kimball, who also worked on some concept art for Jurassic Park: Institute. The concept art is described as visual development and production art. Check out more of the artwork below:

scancommand2    scancommand3

Maurice uploaded these images to his website along with some really cool concept art for Jurassic Park: Institute:


The art gives us an interesting look at some things that never came to be within the franchise, as well as some terrifying shots for Scan Command showing InGen’s facilities in ruins.

Do you remember playing Scan Command, or any of the other Jurassic Park 3 video games? Let us know in the comments section below, or let us know what your ideal Jurassic Park video game would be!

Be sure to check out Maurice’s official website for more of the artwork and to see his other work too!


4 thoughts on “New Concept Art Emerges from Jurassic Park 3’s Scan Command

  1. Thanks for the nice post! Love the part where you talk about following the production of JPIII. I remember these good, old times very well: Buying every JPIII toy from BK, hours and hours of playing Danger Zone (still love that game!) and the magnificent experience of watching a JP movie in theaters as a 7-year-old (Isla Sorna landing strip, Spinosaurus!!!). Good times!

    Never heard of Scan Command, tough. Love these concept arts. The JP games I’m still waiting for is the much talked about modern version of Operation Genesis and an ARK-like survival/shooter game set in the JP universe…

  2. God! I hated Scan Command so much! My scaner never worked well and I remember it was very frustraiting to play it. I think I still have it somewhere in the garage. Danger Zone was my favorite game, it was very cool to play it with my brothers and Dino Defender was very entertaining but sometimes a bit annoying.

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