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Velociraptor (Film Universe)
There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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New Concept Art Shows Alternative Opening, Second Indoraptor, the Spinosaurus, and Early Designs in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this article will one of our most dense to date. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom has released on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital and with that has come a new wave of artwork from making the film. While the retail releases of the movie were quite light on making of content, and didn’t include any deleted scenes, the artwork from various artist who worked on the film have revealed quite a few alternative sequences that didn’t make the final cut.

Take a look at the concept art from the latest Jurassic Park sequel below – whether or not it’s from a cut scene, or art you’ll see reflected in the movie, it’s all sure to please.

Christopher Brändström

The artwork from Christopher Brändström focuses on early passes of the Indoraptor, where the initial plan was to show off a few experiments gone wrong in the development process of the new breed of dinosaurs. Further, it showcases an alternate opening of Fallen Kingdom, serving to introduce the Mosasaurus in the open ocean attacking a whaling vessel.

Jama Jurabaev

Jama’s artwork served as the basis for many keyframes, final approved dinosaur designs, and more. Some of the most striking pieces of art reveal that there were originally meant to be two Indoraptors who would eventually fight, leaving the one we know from the film victorious. Also notable is his early 3D model of the Allosaurus which looks more like the real animal, and the fact the Sinoceratops was to be called Pachyrhinosaurus with no design differences.

Further, his art explored an alternate more intense version of the stampede and raging wildfires, which was later replaced with a more lighthearted adventure action sequence. Finally, two pieces of art also showcase the Spinosaurus, which would have been killed by the T. rex instead of the Carnotaurus.

As time goes on, more artwork will surely be released for Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. While there are currently no plans for an artbook, and thus no commentary for how the art led to the final designs and story, these images can still be both insightful and captivating as making of content.

Sound off and let us know what your favorite piece is, and if you would eventually like to see art books for various Jurassic Park films!

Source: jamajurabaev, chrisbrandart


43 thoughts on “New Concept Art Shows Alternative Opening, Second Indoraptor, the Spinosaurus, and Early Designs in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom!

    1. It seems that early on there would be a goal to save all the dinosaurs in the stampede, and they would have to use a bus to sandwich between a ravine. The schoolbus was probably just a placeholder for something that would be designed later, but the whole sequence was eventually trimmed down to the final cut in the movie.

  1. Spinosaurus on Nublar wouldn’t have worked. Why would they have the Spino on Nublar but never show it before? That thing would be a star attraction and make the Indominus rex obsolete.

  2. I really would have loved to have seen the more intense volcano sequence. Having burning dinosaurs and driving a BULLDOZER(???) through the action would be really cool.

    1. Volcano part in the movie is so so disappointing.(like rest of this movie) Not even one shot of burning of sinking dinosaurs… I thought Bayona will make it exiting, sad and emotional.. Not even one shot of park getting destroyed.. Why he did it like this? (only one short emotional scene at the end is too small) It looks like something directed by Michael Bay or someone…

      1. The movie was originally over 2 hrs and 40 minutes long. Some of this footage may have been filmed but cut. Hard to say since they won’t release any deleted scenes (and there are a lot)

      2. What a load of nonsense.
        Why would you want to see some over the top, excessive death and destruction anyway. And he couldn’t show the park being destroyed, the main park section of the island was nowhere near the volcano. Don’t think anyone wanted to hang around to see the affects of the volcano reach the park. And you do see some Dinosaurs fall into the water, but thankfully, there looks like there might have been some hope for them. but that makes you shed a tear, I’m sure you wanted them up in smoke.

        The volcano eruption was one of the most exciting sequences in cinema history. And the shot of the T-Rex over the Carnotaurus is maybe the greatest shot of the whole series, one of the greatest shots in a film ever, and one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. The volcano eruption and stampede was a total thrill from start to finish. The whole film is a classic.

        We don’t need to see a load of violence going on for the sake of it, it’s not a B-movie.

        1. This is the inconsistent comment I’ve read thus far. Bravo.
          And by the way, yes, Fallen Kingdom IS a B Movie. In fact, if Bayona wanted to, he could take the entire last part of FK and use it as a pitch for a Dino Crisis movie.

        2. ‘The volcano eruption was one of the most exciting sequences in cinema history.’

          I can tell you must not watch alot of movies.

        3. Sure it’s not a B-movie. It really feels like a C-movie. Thankfully, no one will remember it in a few years and it will be forever go down the trash bin of cinema history.

        4. Bruh… if you think that the volcano sequence was one of the most exciting sequences in cinematic history you gotta watch some more films. Same goes for the trex Carno shot and the ‘classic’ angle.

          1. I dunno. I like Fallen Kingdom. The first time I saw it, I walked out of the theater quiet, semi disappointed, and thinking. But I saw it again, and I liked it the second time. Same goes for Minecon Earth this year lol. And YES, I PLAY MINECRAFT. Look me up on Xbox as TameTheDragon94. I dare you.

  3. I hope so much that the scene where the t-rex fights and defeats the spinosaurus will be in Jurassic World 3. Similarly for the scene where the mosasaurus attacks and destroys the whaling ship.

    1. No, get over it. A fight between the T.rex and Spinosaurus would result in another fandom bickering. Especially since Spinosaurus is extremely popular and considered a nostalgic dinosaur. Jurassic fans want to see it return but either with it’s own segment showcasing its dominant force like in JP3 or as a team fight.

  4. Are you sure there were no design differences from the old Pachy/Sino to the current one? The Pachy appropriate boss is more apparent in the old design, and there was only going to be one hole in the frill (which I assume was battle damage AND a reference to that WWD movie)

  5. Besides the Rex/Spino rematch I think almost every single piece of art from this movie is better than the actual film itself.
    With everything we’ve seen or heard about potential or cut content I’d say they really f*d up the movie.

  6. Based off the concept art it looks like this film was initially going to be much more intense and mature. I imagine it was the studio that jumped in and dilluted the themes/content to make it more kiddo friendly, resulting in a mess of a film.

    1. Always gotta laugh when people equate scenes of extreme death and violence, excessive gore, to “maturity” meaning, being of more substance, higher quality. What a joke.

      A load of random shots of Dinosaurs on fire etc, would of been useless, and ruined the pace and suspense of the scene. You are going along for the ride with the characters when everything kicks off. That feeling would of been ruined by loads of violence porn thrown in for the sake of it. And if you think about the circumstances, there was no time for the characters to have witnessed anything like that.

      And yeah, the film that features an arm being ripped off and consumed in clear view, and a Raptor ripping into someones face was so overly concerned with being tame and mild.

      Your lack of true perception has led to the mess that is your comment.

  7. I know these are only concept art but the Mosasaurus drives me nuts because it’s size varies purely on what looks good for the shot. Sometimes it’s just about able to get its jaws around the Indominus’ neck, other times it’s basically a Toho kaiju.

  8. I seriously do not understand why they did not produce a proper artbook for any of the Jurassic Park/World movies, it seems like such a missed opportunity for such a huge franchise to have almost all of its merchandising/expanded universe stuff based at young kids, there’s a hell of a lot of adult fans too, Universal!

  9. I definitely recall seeing a very brief scene in the bonus content showing the indoraptor rolling a skull on the ground of it’s cell, then showing the concept art from the scene. It is extremely brief but I know I saw it. I can’t remember which part of the bonus content it was but I can double check when I get a chance. That scene was definitely filmed and seems to be the only deleted scene they briefly reveal. The white indoraptor would have been cool. The original eruption scene looked much better than what they went with. Not sure why they decided to tone it down so much. The opening scene that they went with I think was perfect and much cooler than the whaling ship attack. I feel like the whaling ship attack scene will very likely appear in the sixth film. Maybe even serve as the opening for that film. Using the carnosaur instead of the spino was definitely the right choice in my opening. I feel like it would have seemed too forced and frankly we have already seen the spin, the carnosaur we hadn’t seen yet and it is something fans have wanted to see.

    1. I was bored and told Alexa to give me a jurassic world fun fact, and it told me about a scene where an electician is down there fixing the light in it’s cage, and gets killed that was cut

  10. I would love a book! As many others here would.
    I don’t know why they haven’t done it yet. Well, maybe they should wait till the next film, then do a big book with art from all three Jurassic World films.

  11. Hmm, so the Sinoceratops, sorry, Pachyrhinosaurus originally started out with just the one hole in its frill… like a certain other pop-culture Pachyrhinosaurus…

    1. If these scenes were put into the film, and concept art was released showing different scenes, you would be saying the same thing then. You people are never satisfied.

  12. I don’t think there will be any new dinosaurs in Jurassic world III, because any Dino’s not on the boat wouldn’t be on the mainland. We didn’t see any glimpses of any in the shadows or background, so probably there won’t be any different dinosaurs in the next movie. Hopefully they find a loop around this plot hole, and add more dinosaurs while finding a way for it to make sense. The Spino would have been cool to see, but would it have been the JPIII Spino, or the Spinosaurus skeleton that was on Main Street? Surely they would have cloned a different, less aggressive Spino for the park. You think they would have based the Spino in the park on the skeleton. What model would we have seen in JWFK?

    1. You haven’t been paying attention in the last few months.

      In the next film, the genes have been sold to people, I think maybe multiple different individuals or groups, therefore, you have no idea what you could see in the next movie. There will certainly be something new.

      1. Lol true dat. But the image with the briefcase full of genes in the movie said some new different Dino’s – I think I remember dreadnaughtosaurus or something on there from klayton fiorti. But the problem is, there want a spinosaurs name on the gene cases. And Colin said there won’t be any more hybrids; the indoraptor was the last. There might be more dinosaurs, but I can pretty much maybe I dunno really garuntee the Spino won’t be one of them. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I know I ain’t that ignorant.

    2. The technology to make dinosaurs has gone public. Companies other than InGen can now make their own dinosaurs. Trevorrow has hinted it a lot of times. I guess that’s an opening so new species that weren’r rescued from Nublar in FK may appear in JW3.

  13. Still absolutely hate that Sorna is apparently devoid of Dinosaurs. What about the other 4 deaths? No way the Pteranodon species seen in the second film wouldn’t have made use of those islands.

    1. there should definitely be novels to answer questions like this. but, at the end of the first jurassic park novel, the survivors are picked up then the island is razed with napalm. perhaps the same thing happened after JP///?

    2. Yeah, I dunno. The pteranodon sin JPIII wouldn’t have used the other four deaths instead of flying ALL the way to the mainland? I wonder though if there are any more dinosaurs on Sorna and the other deaths. They could have used them as an InGen/Masrani Global research facility, testing facility, or a place to keep dinosaurs in quarantine. The smallest island would have been great for that. John Hammond wanted Sorna to be a natural preserve for the dinosaurs, so in a way Masrani took away the one thing Hammond AND Lockwood wanted to see, besides a theme park. If Masrani took the Dino’s from Sorna, then he did not fulfil Hammonds “dying wish”. It’s kinda sad really.

  14. I really hope what was stated in the DPG is fan made and not offical regarding Sorna. There is no way at all they would fit all the dinosaurs from that massive island into Nublar, an island 4 times smaller. It is simply impossible. I would to see the Spinosaurus back and be that same dominant dinosaur it was in JP3 but it makes mo sense how it was on Nublar. If Spinosaurus was in JW, it would have been a huge popular attraction and would have joined the final fight. So either some of these are fanmade or the producers were reaching really far. Hoping in JW3 we get to see the Spinosaurus as it is the most requested dinosaur. The exact same one from JP3. Hopefully it will still be the same dominant dinosaur with no fear and not be brought back for belittling it or weaking it.

  15. I’m glad they didn’t have the T.rex vs spinosaurus fight in fallen kingdom it would’ve made no sense given the established lore from the first Jurassic world and it would’ve just been Rushed + stupid , very wise decision on the directors part.

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