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New Fan Film ‘Jurassic World: Exodus’ Takes Us Back to Nublar Before Fallen Kingdom

The Jurassic Park Motorpool are back with a brand new fan film! Army veteran and fan film producer Gregory Wong presents Jurassic World: Exodus, a fan film following the story of a Special Forces recovery team sent to Isla Nublar to extract a missing soldier and Seismologist.

The film is a collaboration of many fans from across the world and was filmed on location on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Turn the sound up:

The team behind Exodus are no strangers to the fan film world, having released Jurassic World: Asset Containment Unit back in 2015 just before Jurassic World hit theaters. Three years on and Greg has brought us a new fan film to indulge our cravings with.

While fan films are usually kept within the ‘zero budget’ category, that’s not to say the effort put in doesn’t pay off. Jurassic World: Exodus was filmed on location in Hawaii, using locations seen before in Lost and the Jurassic series. The beautiful jungles of Oahu, mixed with Motorpool Jeeps, a wealth of weaponary and legitimate US Army props, gear and uniforms, this military based fan film shows no signs of restraint when it comes to scale.

Many of the prop firearms and uniforms were donated by companies like Evike and JKarmy, but the film’s leading star – a full size Velociraptor animatronic head – was created by Marco Cavassa. The Visual Effects were a collaboration between Kerr Robinson and Joe losczack.

The cast and crew were mostly made up of U.S. veterans, including Marines Travis Haley, Sean Jennings and Robert Bryce, Army veterans Bryon Beisek and Greg Wong, Navy Corpsman Nic Cornett (who directed the film) and Air Force veterans Mike Jones and Shannon Corbeil.

The Jurassic Park Jeeps were provided by Oahu residents Sidney and Jacob, who I was lucky enough to meet last year, and they add a huge amount of nostalgia and credibility to any Jurassic project. There are literally hundreds of replica Jurassic Park Jeeps across the world, all part of the Motorpool.

The scale of the movie really is something to adore.

We had a lot of fun watching Jurassic World: Exodus and hope you do too! A huge congratulations is due to Greg, Nic, and the entire team for bringing this fan project together and delivering an exciting 25 minutes of Jurassic fun.

Be sure to check out the full movie here, and some behind the scenes from both fan films across Greg’s channel.


20 thoughts on “New Fan Film ‘Jurassic World: Exodus’ Takes Us Back to Nublar Before Fallen Kingdom

  1. HA HA HA HA HA! Oh man. Budget aside, the rex tanked grenades and a hail of bullets?

    Come ON! People… Can an Elephant do that? What makes people think that JP Dinosaurs are all about fighting now?

  2. Great job pooling resources, but then they blew the whole production with crappy CGI. I dont think amateur movie makers get how vital good computer animations are.

  3. Having watched it, I was quite impressed. While the acting and dialogur were a tad stiff, that doesn’t matter. If I could change one thing, it would have been giving the raptor head more direct screentime, since it performed beautifully in the demo vids.

  4. The effort was admirable, but I didn’t think it was good. The choppy editing and lack of scene transitions really killed it for me because it didn’t flow well at all. With only 25 minutes, it should have been structured like a three act television episode. I didn’t realize powered para gliding was a thing, that looks like fun though!

  5. Just in case no one knew yet, A former Jurassic World character, one of the few survivors of the incident, is used in the film.

    All in all, I enjoyed it! I love seeing the rare, and dare I say, underutilized angle of the military, on an island such as Nublar, which seeing what transpired in FK, would really be a real-world scenario with these creatures.

    Great job team!

    I do hope they get bigger sponsorship after this, and bigger things start to be made!

    No pun intended.

          1. Really? I just watched Jurassic World the other day and and saw the only surviving ACU member who went against the Indo.Rex, also being female, with the last name Meyers…

  6. Great initiative to do these fan films. Maybe in the future they will be featured in a Jurassic Park convention competition.

  7. This fan film had a lot of potential but it fell very short and I’m honestly very disappointed. As a big JP fan I had been looking forward to this and all their marketing made it seem super promising. The production value looks nice and the cinematography is cool but that’s pretty much all the positives of the film. It seems a majority of the budget was spent on military gear and props. Some of the glaring problems with this film is the story itself. None of the characters are clearly explained from the start and what their motivations are all about so there was zero suspense. They fluffed up the dialogue with a bunch of military lingo which served no purpose in propelling the story forward. In fact, the dialogue made all the wooden acting even worse. They could have spared some of their budget to hire better actors.

    The characters go to the island to rescue the two dudes and they get lucky and find them right away which is fine. Afterwards, why didn’t they just take the boat that they arrived in back? They seemed concerned about having a way off the island but they JUST came from their boat. Why did they need to walk to the compound and hang out there until it got dark? It seemed to just be a free excuse to have the whole night vision sequence where they randomly sprayed their guns into the night at dinosaurs that were supposedly all attacking? It was never clear.

    There was no point in them setting up a security perimeter with a laser light if they ended up just having more of their team members walk out into the darkness to get eaten. And what is so appealing about these humans that every dinosaur on the island just wants to magically show up where they are at to feast? Suddenly the humans have a disagreement about the tablet and they have a stand off but nothing built up to it so they just shoot each other up and it creates no significance since none of the characters were developed. Which one is the main protagonist? Why do we care about them?

    The sound design of the film and the editing definitely needs work. It seems there was no budget to rent/buy a proper microphone so all of the sound was super loud and not mixed properly with the environmental ambient noise. The music was occasionally louder than the dialogue and the sound didn’t match their lips at some moments. The editing was jarring at times and scenes cut to the next without really ending.

    And finally, I understand that animation is a lot of work so it’s tough to get good CGI. But for goodness sakes, if you can’t get good CGI, try to do a workaround. Don’t just put terrible animation up on screen that completely takes you out of the story. The frame-rate was so off that it was laughable at best.

    Overall I would rate this fan film a 3/10. 1 point for some cool cinematography, 1 point for getting enough budget for props and gear, and 1 point for the bearded guy who was the only actor who seemed to have an ounce of acting ability.

    1. I will say. The cast consisted of an all Military Cast minus two people. They had brought their real world training into a film and if you know much about that. The Military never had dealt with Dinosaurs before, so in reality, they handled it the way real soldiers would. Soldiers don’t speak in civilian tongue, they use lingo and phrases to better communicate, it is supposed to represent a Military Operation. Keep in mind that they also had a small budget. The majority of their budget was actually spent on the trip to Hawaii where they recorded at. The gear was actually supplied by Haley Strategic, which its CEO acted in (Travis Haley was Hex). The weapons were all Airsoft guns, which were supplied by Evike and other Airsoft Companies for low prices because Greg the Director, is sponsored by the majority of those companies being a large Airsoft YouTube Channel. For the budget they had, it was impressive.

    2. another aspect of the character development was actually how Mr. Haley handled the scene where he applied tourniquets to his buddy. He had seen some pretty tough shit overseas in Afghanistan while serving with Force Recon, and that scene actually made him choke up, and it took him a long time to actually leave the woods after that scene because it hit him so close to home. The emotions that were displayed in the character, were real.

      Just a little thing I thought about adding.

  8. Admirable but all in all it was bad. I agree with another persons comment that the rex survived a barrage of gun fire.

  9. Thumbs up for authenticity, right down to filming on Hawaii. The characters could have been slightly better acted and the Brachiosaurs look slapped on in that beach sequence. Still, one’s got to start somewhere to improve and leaps have been taken since Asset Containment Unit. Having worked on Prime Survival(Jack’s old fanfilm), I can testify how difficult making a film like this can be even through internet collaborations. Keep doing what you’re doing, folks. 🙂👍

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