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New screenshot of early Jurassic World Survivor build – will it be at e3? #JurassicJune

Jurassic Park fans are in dire need of a good videogame – and they aren’t shy about making it known. While movie tie-in games are often times weak, games allowed to find their own voice within the franchise can be groundbreaking and a ton of fun. The Jurassic franchise has had its fair share of games in the past, though most were nothing to write home about, especially the more recent entries. Nowhere to be seen is anything like ‘Alien: Isolation’, ‘The Chronicles Of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay’, ‘Star Wars Battlefront’, ‘Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor’, ‘Knights of the Old Republic, or even ‘Jurassic Park Operation Genesis’.

JurassicWorldSurvivor2015Leak from Jurassic June on Vimeo.

This complete drought of new, well made videogames within the Jurassic world is made all the more frustrating by knowing the raw creative potential that exists. That potential, coupled with the record breaking success of the most recently released film makes the lack of any high budget games within the film universe entirely puzzling. Sure, there are the mobile Free-to-Play Pay-to-Win games by Ludia, but those are mainly mindless time killers, and nothing genuinely intriguing.

That’s why it hurt so much in May of 2015 when we learned that Cryptic Studios Seattle was working on a Jurassic World game – only to have it canceled due to the studios closure. Later that summer, game artists began to post some of their artwork and videos from the game, and we covered it. But then something interesting happened – Perfect World Entertainment, the games publisher, went after the artists. It appeared the game was not dead.

More recently, another artist posted a screenshot of a very early Pre-Alpha build of Jurassic World Survivor (then called Jurassic Park Survivor) – we believe this predates the builds of the game we have seen prior, and is when it was quite early and exploratory. What stands out the most, is this version of the game was a First Person Shooter – everything we have seen and heard about the game has indicated it will be third person, so again, this points to it being from very early in development. This version of the game was described as “Left 4 Dead like” and “was cancelled by Universal because of weapons in the game.”

The latter quote aligns with what we heard about other versions of the game, which would have minimal gun usage, and rely more on other tools – and that it would not be possible to kill dinosaurs, only injure and scare them. What we know about the game now is it will be third person, open world action MMO (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) with a heavy emphasis on survival and exploration of Isla Nublar. The game was dude to hit Steam on PC first, followed by its Xbox One and Playstation 4 console releases back in 2015, but those plans may have shifted since.

What we do know is the game is very much not dead, or at least was still alive and kicking as recently as December 2016, which is when Universal applied for trademarks on the title. Prior to that, Perfect World Entertainment registered domains for the IP in late October 2016, so all signs point to the game existing, surviving, and waiting to be officially announced. Gaming expo e3 kicks off June 13th, with some panels starting sooner – our money is on if it is shown, it will be revealed at the PC Gaming Show this upcoming Monday, June 12th at 1pm EST.

However, it is worth noting that Perfect World and Cryptic Studios California (the developer we assumed took over when the Seattle branch closed) just announced a new Free to Play Magic the Gathering game. Sadly, this does seem to reduce the odds of Jurassic World Survivor making an appearance, but perhaps it’s just one of many new surprises Perfect World has up their sleeves.

Stay tuned for more news, and let us know what you want from a Jurassic World game – do you think Universal is on the right track to stop the property from becoming a shooter, or are they getting in the way of solid gaming entertainment? Sound off!


8 thoughts on “New screenshot of early Jurassic World Survivor build – will it be at e3? #JurassicJune

    1. That would be perfect and the most logical way to do a Jurassic Park (or JW) game. Sneaking around in first person with a massive focus on atmosphere. I’m not sure why they would choose to do a third person MMO game for a Jurassic Park game, when Alien Isolation is such a perfect style for a JP game. Hopefully they realize that before putting out just another forgettable cash grab of a game. I’m sure most JP fans want a game that puts them into the park from a first person perspective.

  1. I don’t have anything against first person shooter Jurassic World game. Especially if done right just like Trespasser did (except bugs).

  2. As a long term Jurassic park and dino fan, I do hope its not a kill dinosaurs to survive kind of thing, not really my thing and it be just your typical FPS, I’m all in it for the dino’s and adventure, and hope they show something really soon.
    But if not its completely cool, we can wait.

  3. Personally, I think Turok is the most disgracefully forgotten franchise ever. They really need to bring Tal’Set back… First person. Open World. Stealth Takedowns… Far Cry would be the perfect foundation for a Turok game.

  4. There are ways they could do it without seeing the dinosaurs being maimed. Tranquilizer guns, stun guns, nets or cages. The markets ready they need to just get out there and start selling. I think the world has enough Jurassic and Dino fans out there ready to spend some coin.

  5. Im open to either. Love the idea of isolation and being alone having to survive with whit rather than weapons! Loved turok on xbox 360 that was cool using the knife for takedowns. Id even love a new jurassic world theme style left to right across the screen, like the old psx tlw game\ ramapage on genisis little big planet style. Honestly imo i am completely open to any game! Even like the lego style but more aimed at adults! Follows the story but u solve problems like lego, but real looking not lego!

    James jurassic unicast

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