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New trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has been classified

Get ready for another look at Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, when the likely final trailer for the film will be released sometime this month. The trailer has officially been classified and as per Consumer Protection BC, the new trailer clocks in at 2 minutes and 30 seconds, which is roughly six seconds longer than the first trailer that premiered in December.

The trailer will be released sometime within the next three weeks so it can be attached to the theatrical release of Avengers: Infinity War on April 27th. It will drop online prior to April 27th. The trailer releases for Fallen Kingdom have basically mirrored the same pattern of Jurassic World back in 2015 and the final trailer for that film was also released at the end of April.

In addition to the new trailer, it is highly expected that the official movie poster(s) for Fallen Kingdom will also be revealed this month. We currently have the classic Jurassic poster with the logo and black background for Fallen Kingdom but like Jurassic World, additional story themed posters are likely. Jurassic World had three story themed posters, the Mosasaurus, Claire and the Indominus Rex and Owen riding along side the pack of Velociraptors.

This will be the third official trailer for the film, check out the previous two trailers below.

Trailer #1 (premiered during Thursday Night Football on December 7th):

Trailer #2 (premiered during Super Bowl LII):

What do you expect and hope to see in the new trailer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on our forums.

Thank you to Trailer Track for the heads up on the trailer classification.

Source: Consumer Protection BC


60 thoughts on “New trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has been classified

  1. I just really hope that despite the online negative arguments regarding the trailers, that this one can seal the deal without giving up too much away. The superbowl trailer was an improvement over the teaser, but gave away some of the jump-scares. I think this trailer should be about what really motivates each of the main characters to save the dinosaurs. I think it should also probably go a little slower and more intimate since we have already had quite the dose of the action in this film.

    1. Exactly my thoughts. I really hope that it shows a little more story, instead of almost all the action scenes, like they did with Jurassic World.
      That’s really all I’m hoping for.

    2. I agree completely. While I can’t wait for the trailer release, I am also a little hesitant to watch the 3rd one. If this mirrors Jurassic World, where the 3rd trailer spoiled Masrani’s death, I will be very upset. I might have to wait and see (from your comments) if it’s too spoiler-y. If not, I will be a happy man!

    3. If I don’t see Blue riding a motorcycle while firing two M16s simultaneously and doing a sick flip over the exploding volcano then what is the point of anything???

    4. I agree with Muzz. I want to see what Bayona is the best at “Intimate” scenes. Some new scenes with the new characters but NOT TOO MUCH.

  2. I think we’ll see the Baryonyx that was trying to eat Claire and Franklin get rescued off the island safely, The Carnotaurus whooping the Indoraptor’s ass, Also Allosaurus and Baryonyx ganging up on the Indoraptor. My predictions.

      1. Well, there has got to be more than 1 carno, we see a juvie running I’m the 2nd and 1st trailers, aside from the one Rexy kills.

    1. They’re going to use the original ending for JP for this one. The Indoraptor is going to fall onto the Triceratops skull or my name isn’t Archibald Alfalfa the Eighth.

      1. I think it’s going to step on the skylight, and the glass will crack underneath ripper, causing him to fall on top of the trike skull.

  3. First Two already spoiled too much for me. Will wait till release.

    “Ye whippersnappers, when I was your age, movie trailers didn’t show nuthin’! You had to WAIT till your shiny little @$$#$$ were in the movie seat, anxiously awaiting the opening credits, chugging down your pop, not knowin’ jack$%%% about the movie. YOU WATCHED THE WHOLE MOVIE TO FIGURE OUT WHAT HAPPENS.” -Me with modern movie trailers.

    *Ahem* But I digress…

    (Yes, I am a curmudgeon)

    1. Meh. But what trailer got people more hyped? The minimalist trailer for the original JP… Or these spoiler-filled extravaganzas?

  4. It’s also about time to have a official definitive logo poster. No the boring one tgat looks tge same as JW with some cracks.. we need a poster with the new logo

  5. i bet indoraptor might get killed by rexy or the mosasaur saves the day again after my prediction came true on IREX’s Death was by the mosasaur maybe it will do it again like the last film

    1. You seriously think they will repeat JW ending?.. Stop saying about RExy, because she will not kill indoraptor…

      1. There is a chance Blue will be involved in defeeting Indoraptor, because she has experience from fighting its bigger version and she wants to protect Owen. But how exactly the final battle is like? We can’t say for sure at this moment. It would have been illogical to repeat the same ending 1 to 1 from previous movie.

    2. I remember i also did a prediction for World before it came out, i pretty much predicted the whole dino battles in the movie, i was 95% rigt about the final battle, but i thoght Blue was going to sacrifice herself to save Rexy, not to fight at her side.

      1. Far as we know, Rexy doesn’t even make it off Nublar… And Blue vs the Inoraptor alone? You kidding right? She’ll get shredded.

  6. I try to avoid watching any trailers online, but I did see the official JWFK trailer for first time on the silver screen this week at a “Ready Player One” showing.

    I figure what the hey and watched the superbowl trailer here.. I like it better than the official one.
    Agree with Muzz in hoping the third won’t give away any more jump scenes.

  7. I just hope 3rd trailer will not contain spoilers of Carnotaurus caliber. JW trailers basically spoiled entire movie and I hope it will not happen for Fallen Kingdom.

    Tho I wouldn’t mind watching a bit more of Blue in the next trailer. I’d be nice to see more interactions between characters.

  8. I’m soo ECXITED & NERVOUS about this trailer. I’m excited because this might give us some clues that will predict that this movie is as magic as the cast, writters and the director say, without spoiling anythig important.

  9. I’ll get what I can get. I’m definataly going to wach it, but I agree that I don’t want any more Jump scenes spoiled. I hope we can see more Indoraptor. OOH! We may get a glimpse of Stiggy or new dinosaur species!

  10. I think that this next trailer will prove some of the smaller theories, like if the Carnotaurus will camouflage or not. Or if Herrerasaurus or any other TellTale Jurassic Park animals will cameo or not, (I’m hoping for Troodon more than anything else.)

  11. Judging by most of the comments above I think most people want more story and less spoilers/action shots from the next trailer. I also agree with this. No-one wants to watch the movie feeling like they’ve seen it already!

    1. The Netherlands also gets JWFK on june 8th I think. Finally we Europeans have an earlier release for a JW movie. Most of the time we have to wait longer than the USA for movies to release.

    2. You american Dumbass. If it was 5 days before anywhere else in america (which it usually is) would I be complaining? NO. Other countries have always lived under america’s shadow. Enough is enough.

  12. Open questian: Where Do you all think they Bring the saved dinos? Isla Sorna?

    And will we see a diloposaur in this movie?

    1. Since Lockwood Estate is another big part of this sequel, maybe somewhere around there? I would ideally want the dinosaurs to not feel restricted to one or two islands. They most certainly should not be on the mainland because we all know how that can go. Just maybe different divisions around the world could start up a global initiative to have designated islands around the world just for the animals. This might sound corny but it could be titled “Operation Genesis”. That way it’s still regulated, but hopefully in an ethical way that is a win-win for humans and dinosaurs.

    2. Dilophosaurus is kind of confirmed because of a picture of an animatronic for the animal. I personally hope to see a glimpse of the Dilophosaurus in the third trailer. It’s been way to long for the Dilophosaurus to make a proper return to the franchise and eat some people. The Dilophosaurus can be used for a more scary scene in the dark, with the scary sounds it makes…

    3. After watching the trailer I can make an educated guess that DGP group will be used as naive and silly pawns to steal animals from Isla Nublar and put them on auction in Lockwood Estate. DGP may not have been aware what was true destination for those animals and the goal of their rescue mission.

      After Lockwood Estate is overran by dinosaurs, I assume animals will escape and start living their life on a main land. Title “Jurassic World” was not chosen for sake of the new park name. Dinosaurs will start roaming the Earth once again and that’s Colin’s script for entire trylogy more or less. How would humanity deal with living those prehistoric animals etc. That’s why one of a raptor became a character in the movie.

      Will we see a dilophosaurus in the movie? I hope so. If yes, I hope they will not show that in the next trailer.

  13. I know I’ll get something spoiled for me if I watch this trailer. I know it. It’s the risk of the game. But I love me some dinosaurs. And I love me some trailers. So I’m gonna be watching this either way.

    If it helps – remember that even with 3 trailers released that’s still less than ten minutes of the movie. Take into account how they tend to reuse the best scenes in trailers and it becomes something like 6 minutes. There’s still another two and a bit hours of movie you won’t see till you’re in that cinema.

    So just hold onto your butts, it’ll be fine.

    1. I used to think of with this logic… Until Jurassic World released. Sitting in the theatres, towards the end of he movie, I realized I knew everything that was going to happen before I walked into the theatre. Not exactly point by point, but I could have given you a general play by play of the movie before even seeing it, just from the promotional material, which is ridiculous.

      They may not show you every shot, but they give you ENOUGH to not be surprised by anything. Nothing surprised me in JW…
      I’m afraid the same will be said for FK, but I severely hope not.

  14. Speaking of posters, I would love to see an edit of the FK poster, but in the JP colors. I think the contrast of the colors and the burning embers would be a nice look, really push the whole ‘destruction of the island’ thing they’ve got going on.

  15. I didn’t watch any trailer for Jurassic world except the first one then I was completely surprised by the t-rex battling indominus.

    So I wish they don’t show those big surprises for promotion

  16. I really want to see more species of dinosaurs in the 3rd trailer. Such as the Proceratosaurus, or the Styracosaurus.

    1. Yeah I’m hoping for more species too! Just glimpses of them so we have confirmation they we be in the movie without spoiling their roles. I hope to see glimpses of the Dilophosaurus, Mosasaurus, Stygimoloch, Metriacanthosaurus, Suchomimus or Spinosaurus (a man can hope about those last two).

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