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Opinion: Jurassic Park 3’s Importance to the Franchise

I was eight years old when Jurassic Park III was released.

I can vividly remember jumping in the car with my mom and dad and heading to the theater. It was hard to believe they had made a 3rd movie. Dinosaurs and the Jurassic franchise were my thing. My sister had Disney princesses, my brother had NASCAR —I had dinosaurs. I loved JP 3. I still do. For a long time after the movie’s release, it was by far my favorite of the three in the franchise. I can remember opening a huge (but very light) box on Christmas morning in 2001 to find that silver VHS. I couldn’t have been happier.

Over the years I began to love each of the three films equally, because I love the individual personalities that they bring to the screen. Jurassic Park brings wonder and awe of these amazing animals. The Lost World brings a feeling of wilderness and safari while exploring the dinosaur universe. Then Jurassic Park III came along and delivered a type of big-action, jungle vibe that was altogether different from the first two. I’m not saying that any of these three films are perfect. There are flaws in them as there are in every movie. However, they are darn good and entertaining. The question still stands — was Jurassic Park III a good stand-alone movie and solid addition to this franchise at the time? Maybe not. What is awesome, however, is that with the addition of a new trilogy and backstory, fans may want to take another look at it and its newfound place in the Jurassic universe.

Once I became more in touch with the internet as I got older, I realized something that both surprised and bothered me. There was some serious hate (and still is) being thrown JP 3’s way. I couldn’t believe it and had no idea why. Once I dug further, I realized it came from two main sources — Spinosaurs killing a T-rex (not even our beloved Rexy,) and the Kirbys.

The fight between the Spinosaurus and T-rex is something that will live in Jurassic infamy for fans. At that point in paleontology, Spino was considered the biggest and most ferocious animal to walk the Earth. I don’t think everyone properly understood at the time, but the T-rex in JP 3 is young. This information comes from the Wiki information of the Jurassic franchise, as well as the dinosaur size charts for the films. This rex was more than likely an inexperienced fighter as well. This fight could have absolutely been handled better by the screenwriters. But to hate the movie over a fight? That doesn’t make sense to me.

Dr. Grant said that Spinosaurus “wasn’t on InGen’s list,” and it made him wonder what else they were up to. Flash forward 14 years to Jurassic World — we can now venture a guess as to what InGen may have been dabbling in at that time. When Grant said that in JP 3, no one had any idea that the franchise was going to carry on, and the movie ended with hardly any other mention of InGen. We now know the origin of Spinosaurus, thanks to the Dinosaur Protection Group (DPG). Spino was one of several secret experiments by InGen, which began after Masrani acquired them in the late 90’s. DPG gave extra meaning to JP 3 by explaining where its main antagonist came from. No longer do we need to be confused as to why this beast seemingly fell from the sky.

Dr. Grant also gives a chilling warning in JP3 that now seems to foreshadow Jurassic World. He tells Billy “some of the worst things imaginable have been done with the best intentions.” In Jurassic World, Vic Hoskins makes me believe that he has good intentions, even though his end game is more than likely making big money from his Indoraptor idea. In the end he loses his life, but before that, a large part of his concern is saving the lives of soldiers via militarized raptors. Grant’s words can really resonate with you when you see clips of the Indominus and Indoraptor wreaking havoc. In fact, I would get chills if they inserted his quote into the Fallen Kingdom trailer.

If the new Jurassic World trilogy did not exist now, would you care whatsoever about what InGen was up to back in the early 2000’s? Or care to wonder where Spinosaurus came from? Most likely not. If you look back at the movie now and listen to the confusion in Grant’s voice, it’s interesting to think (and now know) what Masrani’s acquired InGen team was working on somewhere in the world.

Jurassic fans should be happy with how much raptor intelligence was explored in the third film. We learned about their communication, their ability to set traps and their fierce loyalty to keeping their young in their possession. Jurassic Park let us know the preliminary information on these animals, but JP 3 really dove in. For this reason, it allowed me to be able to buy into the fact that they can be trained. Raptors are supposed to be brilliantly smart creatures. If dolphins, gorillas and whales can be trained, why couldn’t raptors? This is especially true when they come in contact with their alpha from birth, just like Owen. I totally bought into the idea that raptors could be trained, and a large part of that reason was because of how smart they were portrayed to be in JP 3.

In the movie, the Kirbys may have been slightly annoying, but at the end of the day they’re supposed to be parents scared to death that their son is dead. Amanda also did something that had a roundabout effect on what is going on in the Jurassic universe today. When escaping from the Pteranodon enclosure, she doesn’t take the time to fully shut the door. This allows the Pteranodons to escape their cage and flee from the island. It is now a known fact that those Pteranodons ended up in Canada. Who was tasked with the job of corralling them up? Vic Hoskins. And because of the excellent job and manner in which he presented his team in Canada, he was hired by Simon Masrani. A few years later, with his job at InGen, Hoskins would be plotting with Henry Wu to make an ultimate weapon of war — the Indoraptor.

It’s my theory that Hoskins and Wu worked to come up with something like the Indominus. They made it. They wanted it to escape. And when it did, Hoskins knew that he could exploit Owen’s raptors’ intelligence and tracking ability to hunt it. Then after their success, he could really push the idea of a shrunken Indominus without the T-rex DNA to use for war.

So now go back to Amanda running from the Pteranodon enclosure. If she stops to shut that door properly, does any of this ever take place? I think that’s a fair question. Would there be hybrid dinosaurs? Probably. In the late 1990’s, Wu was successfully creating hybrid plants. I think it would have only been a matter of time before he went to hybrid dinosaurs. However, would he have been corrupted in the way he was after Hoskins got to him? Hard to say for certain.

Is Jurassic Park III perfect? No. But, I find it highly entertaining, with great-looking dinos and fantastic graphics. Standing as a third and potentially final installment of the franchise, I would say this movie is lackluster. However, being the middle piece of the puzzle that fills in some gaps gives it meaning and value. When you watch this movie today, you can relate it to the future of the Jurassic franchise much better than you could have for the last 17 years. Today, its dialogue and premise makes sense and should be appreciated more for what it is.

What are your thoughts on what Jurassic Park 3 adds to the franchise? Sound off in the comments below!


96 thoughts on “Opinion: Jurassic Park 3’s Importance to the Franchise

  1. I couldn’t agree with this article more! I too, was happy to unwrap a silver dvd on christmas morning, 2001. The writers were onto something back in the early 2000’s but couldn’t quite get it right onto paper. Sam Neill once said that Jurassic Park 4 was going to explore a “darker side of Disney”, so to speak.

  2. Thanks for sharing. For some reason, I remembered seeing JP3 more when I was 5 years old than the other ones. But now its pretty equal. I just remember then, enjoying the terror of being in the territory of the Spinosaurus and the velociraptors. The realistic quality to the animals made the movie for me then. Sure this was a bit of a low point of the franchise, but I still remember how annoyed I was that there wasn’t going to be another Jurassic movie for some time. I agree with your piece that the Kirby’s in moviegoers minds come off as a bit annoying, but just about any parent who cares for their children and doesn’t know the risks of being on a dinosaur-infested island would do what they did. So as the years go by, I’m still grateful that Spielberg ignited a change in the way we view dinosaurs; rather than having stop motion, we’ve got beautiful animatronics and CGI wonders.

  3. Well said! I’ve been interested in revisiting JP3 now that all this info has been revealed. Even though I still hold it as my least favorite, I will say that the Bird Cage reveal of the Pteranodon in the mist is one of my favorite parts of the franchise. Very cool Resident Evil Code Veronica vibe haha

        1. Stupendous Wave’s videos are pure nonsense, fan-dreaming and clickbait. Klayton gets some things right but misses others.

          1. Remember when Stupendous Wave wasn’t a sellout and did Jurassic Park videos? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

  4. Well I almost totally agree. I was 19 when JP3 came out, and had seen the previous 2 on release. I disliked the Lost World on first watch, because it spends so much time explaining itself (and let’s face it, the book NEEDED a second island, the film could have gone back to Nublar) whereas 3 just goes “Alan will never go back… He’s back!”

    3, like World, clips along at such a pace that you don’t notice the issues until the credits have rolled. I think it shows how film making and the summer blockbuster had changed in that 8 years just as well as it shows the production problems it suffered.

    Though I never had an issue with the fight, it was always a bone of contention for some reason. My 5 year old son places 3 as his second favourite after world BECAUSE of that fight, so I think the problem is an age thing.

  5. I agree. As the end point of the franchise, JP/// is bad. It’s a lackluster finale to one of the best franchises ever created. However, thanks to the new trilogy, it sits in a comfortable place in the universe and its smaller scale and darker undertones actually help it fit snuggly into the narrative of the series and how we’ve reached where we are in the series today.

    1. I do agree. JPIII is far more tolerable now with the recent Dinosaur Protection Group information. Prior to that, both the short-term (film) and long-term (franchise) narratives of JPIII were awful.

      1. Well put, the third film(also the last one to feature “Park” in it’s name) has benefitted in time from the newer installments due to the expanded universe that came along with JW. With the questions answered the movie becomes slightly less annoying. By itself /// is an entertaining romp for those who wish to spend one and a half an hour to something. As an installment to the original, though, it is definitely lacking a structure that it deserved to have. Most of us now know that it was due to the production schedule and rushed scripting process. I still do enjoy it as it’s own separate adventure.

  6. I’ve always thought for a long time that JP3 is a good film. I liked it better than TLW:JP. I was more disappointed with how short the film was as opposed to what happened in it. Yes, the Kirby’s were annoying, but they were just an average family trying to find their kid.
    I absolutely love the depth that the DPG are bringing to Fallen Kingdom and how it’s filling in the gaps. Hopefully JP3 is a good reason and storyline to have a Dr Grant cameo in the upcoming film too!

  7. I’ve always loved JP3, mainly because I grew up with the film. The Spinosaurus ruled my childhood just like rexy did to people who got to see Jurassic Park back when it was officially released. I still hold the film as my favourite in the series and I honestly don’t see it leaving that spot. I also use to ask my parents how they managed to film the dinosaurs without being eaten 😂😂 Ik, pretty ridiculous.

  8. Holy Moly, you are magnificent! The right words at the right moment! I’ve been Walking with the save feelings for a long time! Jurassic Park 3 happend, that’s a given fact we can’t ignore!

    In an online Poll, there was a five point of meaning you could give in the question: What did you hated the most about Jurassic Park 3?!

    1) Spinosaurus killing the T-Rex
    2) The bad acting (with exeption of Sam Neill)
    3) The bad combination of CGI and Animatronic
    4) Bad story/plot Line
    5) I hated the movie completely

    The most votes were for number 2 (65%)
    and for number 4 (28%). Meaning: The flop of Jurassic Park 3 was not for the Spinosaurus killing off the T-Rex!!!!

    And i don’t understand some things for the new film Jurassic World The Fallen Kingdom….

    The Isla Sorna Spinosaurus would be too aggressive for Isla Nublar: Jurassic World, so why take it there in the first place?!

    So, what’s the real story now?!

    And why the full promo arround the Baryonyx?!

    All things comming together now, it almost sounds like the replacement of the Spinosaurus for good, meaning: We will never see it back! The Spinosaurus is dead if we have got to believe the list of the Dinosaurs Protection Group! And the Baryonyx is the “New Spinosaurus.”

    Now for the record: I like both Dinosaurs: Spinosaurus and T-Rex, but in my opinion, The T-Rex is now for sure in every movie, the Spinosaurus only in Jurassic Park 3. So do i have to explaine more?!

    Regards: Spinotopia & @PakeSeit

    1. Most ironically, the Baryonyx was originally supposed to be in the Spinosaur’s place in JP///. Eventually they settled on Spinosaurus due to the size difference. The process has now come full circle with Fallen Kingdom’s Baryonyx.

  9. I agree so much, I always loved it as kid and I still do, I think it’s a very underrated movie and i don’t I’ll ever understand people who hate it just because the T Rex died.

  10. “Then Jurassic Park III came along and delivered a type of big-action, jungle vibe that was altogether different from the first two.”

    I utterly agree! I also believe the movie has a sense of adventure that neither of the other movies have, thanks to its fast pace and themes that presents.

    “I don’t think everyone properly understood at the time, but the T-rex in JP 3 is young. This information comes from the Wiki information of the Jurassic franchise, as well as the dinosaur size charts for the films.”

    Those are entirely conjecture to diminish the impact of the scene, which in my own opinion don’t have a reason to exist at all, cause the entire point of the battle is to establish the Spinosaurus as the new top predator, nothing more. Nevertheless, the script calls for a bull T. rex in the scene.

  11. Jurassic Park III (JPIII) is not a good film. It is an okay film, but nowhere near Jurassic Park and The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

    JPIII completely lacked the background story and insight held by its predecessors, Jurassic Park and The Lost World: Jurassic Park. It goes without saying that Jurassic Park is the best film of the franchise for foundational and ingenuity purposes (story, CGI/animatronic blending, etc.), but The Lost World also used many of these principles.

    Then came the first film of the franchise not directed by Steven Spielberg. Michael Crichton also had far less influence on JPIII (no novel; some production input but minimal) compared to the other films. The film was purely meant to reach into the pockets of Jurassic Park fans without substantially adding to the storyline or visual/practical effects. There were no novel ideas (such as chaos theory) put forth. Rather, it simply became a “bigger and badder” monster movie; you know, like the ones that are constantly laughed at on the Syfy channel.

    If it wasn’t for the recent developments put forth by the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom marketing crew (Dinosaur Protection Group), Jurassic Park III would be especially pointless. In 2001, JPIII was simply centered around a scientifically-inaccurate Spinosaurus wreaking havoc and awing youth, and establishing that by aimlessly killing a Tyrannosaur.

    Many of the positive comments concerning JPIII are linked to nostalgia. I admit, I too have great memories of first watching JPIII (albeit I was disappointed immediately afterwards regarding the killing of the Tyrannosaur). With all this said, when looking at the entire franchise, JPIII is the most disappointing of the films.

    1. Yeah, JP3 was bad. I don’t want to give it or its halfassed assembly team any breaks because the new installments are repairing it’s damage to the franchise.
      I am glad they are repairing it because I love the franchise as a whole and want people to get as much enjoyment out of all the films as they can, but let’s not pretend that JP3 didn’t put Jurassic Park in a a 14 year coma.

  12. I agree with many statements made. After leaving the cinema the first time, I wasn’t all too happy, but mostly due to the sudden ending. Later on the mysteries that surfaced in JP3 would inspire me to come up with poasible solutions… Throw Jurassic World in the mix and out came Extinction Level: Jurassic Park. These movies together inspired me. Really curious what all the official explanations are going to be and how well Extinction Level will stand in the end, but so far I really like seeing all this lore of Masrani Global and the DPG find a place in the Jurassic Universe.
    Great piece!

  13. JP3 is my least favorite of the whole franchise. Someone made a point that Jurassic Park does better when the animals act and are treated like animals rather then monsters. I think the Spinosaurus has too many campy horror movie tropes that make the movie less. The whole cellphone arc is cringy to me.
    The Raptors played too nice. Everyone shouldve been dead at that final confrontation.
    The whole Navy comes to save the day???

    Pros: Stan Winston killed it. Every dinosaur looked A+

    1. Agreed that Stan Winston killed it with III. We get tons of dinos from the very start. It’s almost like one giant commercial for dinosaurs. In that sense, there is scarcely five minutes of run time without a dino showcase.

  14. Very well written article. I wholeheartedly agree with Marcus McCowin’s observations. I have always loved JP3. I remember going to watch it in the cinemas with my dad and younger brother. It was around October of 2001, here in India. I remember buying the VCD from a local electronics store and then a few years later, ordering the DVD from another store and waiting for weeks to receive it. Those were special times and special are the memories.

    I loved that Sam Neill and Laura Dern were back, that it was a simpler, touching story about broken families and lost children (Both for the Kirby’s and the Raptor pack). I also loved the father-son dynamic between Grant and Billy.

    My favourite dinosaur in the film is the bird-like Velociraptors. The design is by far, the best in the series, in my honest opinion. In the first two films Raptors were mostly shown as cold-blooded killers. It is in JP3, for the first time that we see their complex social behaviour, learn that like most animals today, they also have a language of their own and that they care tremendously for their young/eggs.

    It is also in JP3 that I loved the way the created Isla Sorna and fell in love with the island’s topography and flora. After JP1’s jungl, I prefer JP3’s mist-filled forests, mountains and canyons the most. The Pteranodon scene was thrilling to say the least.

    The JP3 Raptors however, ended up being my favourite dinosaur in the entire franchise. I just loved the level of attention to detail given while creating them for the film. The way they moved their neck, moved their eyes, and more was astonishingly lifelike. I never felt like I was watching a robot or a CG creature. It always felt real.

    I felt sad at the T-Rex dying, but it didn’t take me out of the movie. The Spinosaur was, however, not scary enough to replace the fierceness and regal quality of the T-Rex as established masterfully in JP1 and JP2. So, that was a bit disappointing.

    My only gripe was the film was very short. It needed a big action scene at the end, on the beach, with two dinosaur species clashing against each other while the humans make their escape. But that didn’t happen. At moments, the humour may have been a bit forced as well.

    Now, with the Spinosaur declared dead, we may never see that animal again in a JP universe film. However, I truly want to see the JP3 raptors once again. Blue is the only surviving raptor. We need more raptors for JW3. Why not bring back the more bird-like JP3 raptors? They would be an excellent choice and at the same time a nod of respect for JP3 fans who’ve stood by the franchise through thick and thin. We’ve seen lizard-eyed raptors in four movies now (counting JW: FK). Since birds evolved from dinosaurs, it’d be great if we could see the eagle/parrot-eyed Raptors with quills once again.

    1. Bringing the avian-like raptors back is actually a good idea. My worries with them originally concerned the possible retconning of the original reptilian types from canon for, honestly, they were as much part of the series as the newer ones. For this reason I am eternally grateful for Trevorrow and the crew of Jurassic World choosing to properly establish the original types as belonging to the franchise with Blue and the Raptor Squad. However, it should never mean that the bird-like raptors of /// should not have their place alongside their other relatives. With the third installment of this new trilogy officially in development, the “Sornaensis”(as we fans like to call them) still have a chance to re-appear in a likely mainland plot if they were explained as being specimen harvested from Sorna by Masrani.

  15. JP3 is a better sequel than JW was. And I agree that it is now even better because of JW.

    I always rolled my eyes at the hate this film got. It seems to me that majority of haters are just jumping on whats popular. And in Jurassic Park, it is popular to hate on JP3.

    Armchair palaeontologists always complaining that the Rex’s bite force would have sealed the Spino’s fate from the start…They always forgot that Jurassic’s Dinosaurs are not true-to-history. It is literally spelled out in the franchise that these creatures are not what they seem. They have no excuse to complain about that any longer and cannot be taken seriously when they do.

    Wu was experimenting with hybridisation and feathers, this is why we got a super-spinosaurus and parrot-like Raptors on the West side of the Island. The Pteranodons were caged because they are migratory. INGEN knew this and so when everything else was released, they were not. There are answers for all the questions people raise about JP3, they just need to care enough to find them.

      1. Look, JP3 was mostly a ‘further adventures of…’ entry but it still deepened the world considerably.

        Jurassic World didn’t know what it was. Monster movie. Nostalgia romp. Adventure story. Horror film. It was a mess. At least JP3 knew what it was, a world-building tour of Isla Sorna.

    1. Sometimes most people hate a movie because there are reasons to hate it.. like a vage plot, annoying characters, a rush production or a bad direction of animatronics

      1. Bad animatronics in JP3? Are you freaking high!? The plot was clear as day. You just didn’t think it was good enough.

    2. JW is a masterpiece compared to JP3. Actually, it’s the best sequel of the entire franchise……..for now. Fallen Kingdom might break that.

  16. It’s all about that disaster of an ending. There’s no build or climax. The Spino literally just walks away from them, then the raptors surround them and walk away, and then they get off the island. I always thought that, as they’re running out to the beach at the end, if the Spino emerged and ran after them, maybe thrashed a few military vehicles, etc., the proper ending would have been for the other T Rex to come out and defeat it. A little derivative of the first movie with Rexy being the savior, and a little foreshadowing of JW, but it would have been far more impactful.

    I really enjoyed the movie until it just ends out of nowhere.

  17. Oh and I want to see Alan Grant and Laura Dern in JW3, in a meaningful role. They must be there and not as mere fan service, but as an integral part of the story. They could have extended cameos, like Richard Attenborough did in JP2. But they need to be in there!
    Also, another character that i’d truly love to see play a supporting role in JW3 in adult Tim Murphy, who should be a paleontologist by now; slightly eccentric and having too many questions on his minds. He’d get involved to find out things on his own. That’s be really cool.

    1. I would definitely support the return of Joseph Mazzello’s Tim in the next movie since the guy is still working in the industry.

  18. I adore this editorial. It recalls some of the best components, scenes, and feelings from JP3.

    For me, I actually had no problem with the Spinosaurus killing the T-Rex. That scene got the reaction out of me that, “Oh man, this thing is more dangerous than the T-REX!?” Which was obviously the intention.

    I almost actually didn’t mind the Kirbys, either. I think my issue with them is that they just had too prominent of a role, which made things somewhat predictable. Every Jurassic Park movie has had some form of surprising death. Assuming we’ve all seen the movies a billion times here, I won’t forget when Robert Muldoon ate it in the first movie. I was horrified, stunned, shocked. He was so strong of a character! It made me think nobody is safe. TLW:JP was a little more predictable in this regard, but with such a large cast in numbers, I never really knew who was next – even though I knew at some point one of a select number of characters was. JP3 was insanely easy for even the youngest of viewers to pick who is going to become the next dino poop. Aside from the mercenaries, there’s no way Alan Grant was going to go, or the Kirbys. The writers just missed a huge mark sticking with Billy’s peril. That was your Muldoon, “OH NO! I GUESS NO ONE IS SAFE!” But instead, at the end, boom, he’s back, and you’re like, “Coooooommmeee on!”

    Rant aside, I loved the tie into the raptor intelligence subplot, the bird cage scene, Spino and Rex fight, you name it. Some scenes were a bit absurd, ie. Spino creeping up on the reunion with the cell phone ringtone in its gut. The cast was just too easy to off, and for a movie where you expect people to get eaten, you need one of those shocking deaths – I think Colin Trevorrow has a phrase for it, he coined it for Zara. JP3 never had that. But I agree with so many comments that as a conclusion to a series, it’s meh. As a middle piece to a larger picture, it fits just right.

  19. in my humble opinion, JP/// is better than TLW, and i never had a problem with the fight. i consider both franchises as one big one. don’t get me wrong tho, I LOVE TLW and JP. and JW. and probably will love JW:FK

  20. I was always in awe of the Spinosaurus, but I never really saw it as superior to the T-Rex as a species. Knowing that all JP dinos are all hybrids from the get go kind of helps smooth over what the reality of these creatures might have been. They truly are movie monsters, not scientifically accurate dinos on a Nat Geo documentary…and I’m totally fine with that. There’s still enough mystery surrounding what Spinosaurus actually looked like anyway to forgive some of the movie’s inaccuracies.

    I always felt like the Spinosaurus was a more malicious creature than Rexy was in JP. Rexy seemed like she was a real animal acting on instinct, but the Spino just seemed like a flawed killer, a la Indominus Rex. So knowing now that it very well could’ve been a designed hybrid thanks to the new era of JW, everything just makes more sense. JW really helped bridge the gap and redeem JP III. I have every hope that more DPG info, plus JW: Fallen Kingdom will further enrich the entire JP universe.

    As a fan, I’d love to see Spinosaurus pop up again…possibly out of no where, since it’s believed to be dead.

  21. Let’s face it. The first will always be the best but I actually enjoyed jp3 when I was a kid watiching it in theaters. it just felt like a non stop Dino ride without all the talkie ness that went on in Jurassic Park.
    Now that I’m 26 I see how it’s not so great. It really wouldn’t be that bad if the ending wasn’t slopped together at last minute.
    I loved seeing the Ingen lab (which was redressed and used in the lost world as well)

    Honestly I don’t care about Sorna tho.
    I want to see Nublar. It would have been awesome to see a rundown Jurassic Park gate in a sequel or the torn down T. rex Enclosure and that damn visitor center in world was awful. There was no steps going up. No fountains. No pond in front. Whyyy do they have to blow it up so soon. I’m gonna cry when I see fallen kingdom lol

    1. Yeah the weird layout of the front of the VC bothered me the second I saw it. I would assume that the jungle grew back in the 20 years since JP, but they could’ve easily left it a little more open for a grand shot of the whole façade. Would’ve looked better than just a doorway stuck between some trees.

  22. I totally agree with you, and I’m glad that there’s someone else out there who cuts the same amount of slack as I do for this movie. The raptors from this film were the best in the entire JP franchise.

  23. By that time paleontologists knew that spinosaurus was addapted for eating fish and that its jaws could never break a t.rex neck.. they just created it that way cause they wanted a new big predator

  24. I literally just finished watching jp3 and still hate it as much as I did the first time I saw it… Alan dreaming of a raptor he’s never seen before… Unbelievably bad acting from tea Leoni and William h Macy… They put Ellie in the movie to make fans happy but then reveal she marries someone else to make fans unhappy? What was the point?? The guy in the lecture asks about “that second island” revealing he knows about the first one but also hinting that it either no longer exists or has Dinos on it… That stupid resonating chamber sounds nothing like any raptor in any prior film and sounds more like sucking a straw in an empty bottle than anything animal like… San Juan air control in on the radio, except San Juan is in Puerto Rico in the Atlantic and Isla Sorna is in the Pacific… The spino animatronic looks stiff and unlifelike… “oh my God…he’s calling for help!”… Hearing a cell phone through a Dinos stomach across a jungle?!.. Alan asking how he knows it’s his dads phone…. What else would it be on an island of dinosaurs…. Plus he then sings a store jingle even though that ring tone is a default on millions of actual phones… Spino can break through fence but not a door… The bird cage is the only sequence that is bearable in the entire film. And then it just ends in the most anticlimactic way possible.

    This movie was an embrassment to the franchise. I give universal credit for coming up with the whole backstory and the dpg stuff. It’s clever and interesting and somewhat saves face for them, but really they should have just never made jp3 at all…

    1. My.feelings.exactly.

      Each and every reminder of ridiculous moments. I love Jurassic Park (JP, TLW and JW), but JPIII is an infamous joke that should never have happened.

    2. I agree completely. JPIII was film overly predicated on making a quick profit without actually adding to the JP storyline. It should have been written and produced along the same lines of JP; complex storyline, intriguing narrative, and strategic, well-timed placement of dinosaurs (not a “monster film” with this “big, bad Spinosaur”).

      The strategy used in Jurassic Park is pure brilliance, as everyone knows. Having a film based on dinosaurs that actually only has 5 minutes of dinosaur screen time is outstanding. It made JP work so, so well; strategically placed to perfection as it allows for suspense and story building before dinosaur action. Too many film attempts out there of non-stop dinosaur action that end up being far too bland to be considered good films.

    3. While I completely disagree with your inane ramblings, I must correct you on at least one point that stood out. The Spinosaurus and the Bird Cage door. Try running into a wooden door with your full body. You will most likely break through it unless you are weak. Now shrink that door down to a quarter of the size and use only your strongest finger. You wont break it. You honestly expected the Spinosaurus to break a reinforced, steel door with only it’s snout? You are a fool.

      1. That and the Indominus rex flipped a truck into the air with one arm but couldn’t pull a small boy out of a stall…

        1. oi, that and so much else. the indominus basically was OP exept for the characters that are kids or contracted for another film

  25. I never really understood why the pteranodons at the end of JP3 were shown living freely in the wide open of the island. Just seconds ago we were assured they are contained their gigantic cage.

    In my opinion JP3 raised the plot holes bar.

  26. Waaaaiit a minute… the DPG website says that Masrani took over after Hammond’s passing in 1997. It ALSO says that “…new species were grown in secret on Isla Sorna (Site B) and experimented on over a period of nine months, starting just 100 days after the company was bought by Masrani Global.” So, that means that InGen/Masrani personnel were on Site B between the events of The Lost World and JP3, during which time the Spinosaurus was cooked up. I’m suddenly very interested in that story. They were doing all that on an island with dinosaurs roaming free? Between that, mention of a clean-up on Nublar that took place after the 1994 incident in Jurassic Park, and the process to move the “new” dinosaurs from Sorna to Nublar AFTER JP3, there are a lot of really interesting stories here that I’d love to see.

  27. I really loved this article. I was a kid when JP3 came out and I LOVED the introduction of the Spinosaurus as the apex predator. The Spino is my favorite still. I also loved the Pteranodon sub-plot, they were something fans were waiting for since the end of TLW. Watching it as an adult it definitely comes across as campy in some scenes, specifically the non-ending ending. The US government rarely sends in a rescue team for civilians in a war-torn area, let alone a group of no-names who broke international law to be on an abandoned island that is packed with dinosaurs. Also, how did Ellie know Alan was on Sorna? All she heard him say was “the river!”. Lastly, JP3 has the most aggressive predators of any of the movies but the least amount of deaths; the whole group surviving besides the mercs really was a surprise. All that being said, I don’t hate it and I’m glad it’s part of the series. I agree that it now has more value since it’s not the end of the series but rather a bridge to JW.

  28. I also noticed that, while the DPG site says the new species (Ankylosaurus, Ceratosaurus, Corythosaurus, and Spinosaurus) “were abandoned on Site B, until the surviving animals were reportedly moved to Nublar to be housed as future attractions at Jurassic World”, it doesn’t say what happened to the remaining animals. That would be a tremendous undertaking to relocate all the dinosaurs to Nublar (and why bother anyway?), so I’d imagine that all those animals are still on Site B. But, the site also says that Isla Nublar is “home to the last dinosaurs”. So, what happened to the ones left on Sorna? Also, can anyone show me where it says the Spinosaurus died?

    1. Don’t read too much into it. The DPG is managed by fans that (bless them) are doing their best to connect the dots but can get things wrong because they aren’t working with me.

  29. JP3 is my second favorite movie to watch, right after JP1. Out of all the sequels JP3 feels the most “Jurassic” to me – very tropical, misty with mysterious abandoned facilities.

    When it came out I was shocked how good the Spino design is, it’s been my favorite dinosaur ever since. Didn’t care about the Trex because there were already 2 movies about Trexes and I was glad the franchise moved on.

    This is the movie that have made me like Raptors. Watching JP3 feels like watching a documentary about social life of Raptors, and the bird-like male design is my favorite in the franchise. The Pteranodon design is the best that I’ve ever seen anywhere.

    I think Kirbys are funny and behave like they supposed to. My only real issue about the movie is its length, every time they run onto the beach I’m like “oh, that’s it?”.

  30. My biggest complaint about JP3, isn’t so much the T-Rex lost but it’s that in two sequences (raptor and spinosaurus) broke the necks of their prey or bait. Most predators bite the neck to suffocate their prey. I did like this article and it does help blend JP3 into the story, except for the time line because the second JP movie the island was already abandoned. But as a fan of the first book and movie… I can’t stand the second movie/book as a sequel to the first film rather than the book (that’s another issue all together). JP3 was a nice action movie regardless… I just wish all these films would stop putting kids in them as a requirement. JP and JW make sense… The others are just marketing.

  31. Everything you’ve said, is totally what I thought, and your history of being surprised by people’s reactions on the movie? Same. Before I ever knew about all that, JP3 was my fav too. And the spino killing the rex was never a hate thing for me, fortunately.

  32. It is all speculation, of course, but it doesn’t make sense to me that the Spino was an InGen project from after it was bought by Masrani. Site B looked completely abandoned in JPIII, as it did in TLW. There’s no way there were any experiments happening there in the late 90s, unless you think the Spino was grown somewhere else and dropped in the island. What’s more likely (again, this is all speculation) is that Alan Grant’s line about the Spino not being on InGen list, was intended to emphasize how shady the original InGen, John Hammond’s InGen, really was. That’s without going into behind the scenes issues like screenwriters of JPIII having no way of knowing anything about what would happen to the franchise 14 years later.

    I don’t hate JPIII, but I don’t love it either. I’ve always said that it is a collection of cool set pieces strung together by the flimsiest of excuses. If I’m not mistaken, they didn’t even have a proper script when they started shooting, but they did have the action scenes all storyboarded.

  33. I had a complete opposite feeling towards this movie when I was twelve in 2001. Major disappointment. The Kirby’s. God, I HATE these people. They cause nothing but trouble and are annoying whenever they are onscreen. Did not like the spinosaurus because they overpowered its abilities. Was a nonstop dino book of knowledge as a kid and saw SO many mistakes they did to it. ITS a fish eater. The overhype of the mercs and their anti-tank rifle was HORRID. A few “bang bangs” offscreen and they cry like little babes in only just a few minutes. Only good things I got out of it was Alan Grant, the raptors, Pteranodons and the locations. Would give it a 4/10. Just ugh.

  34. Two things I hated about the movie. The dream sequence. And the running time. The credits roll around 1hr 21 mins in… it felt like the movie wasn’t over but they couldn’t be bothered or ran out of money to film a proper ending.

    Saying that JPIII had a few great action sequences, especially the bird cage sequence.

    On top of that apart from Grant all the characters were annoying. The whole thing just felt like an half assed attempt at a JP movie. It seriously damaged the JP brand and set it back.
    I’m a huge fan of the original two… the original is perfect. TLW is great up until the point that they take the TRex to San Diego, which seriously dragged the movie down.

    But I admire your love for JPIII. And you raised some great points concerning how it helps develop aspects of JW.

  35. Guys those here who love JP3 and love the bird-like raptors from this film, kindly consider Tweeting to Colin Trevorrow and Emily Carmichael (if you really feel like), who are writing JW3 (coming out on the 20th anniversary of JP3). I’d love to see the JP3 Raptors grace the screen once again. Those of you here who agree with me, kindly let Colin know , so he can at least consider having those raptors, rather than the same lizard-eyed raptors in all the other films. We only have Blue left alive. It’s time for more Raptors in JW3; considering it is the final JW movie.
    Please guys, kindly do consider letting Colin and Emily know on their Twitter accounts.
    JP3 fans need to unite! We can do it!

    1. I most definitely agree, those raptors were amazing, both aesthetically and terrifyingly!


  36. I also completely agree about JPIII’s significance to the series. Though JP is the best, and TLW is my favorite, I’d watch any of the films if picked at random (though I’d prefer to watch them in order). For anyone who asks, “Why did they open a new park?” in regards to Jurassic World, one only has to point back to JPIII—not to the main plot of the film, but the world outside of Nublar/Sorna, post-San Diego. Dr. Grant’s lecture scene says it all. And why was Eric near Isla Sorna to begin with? To see dinosaurs—further driving home the general public’s eager desire that eventually led to Jurassic World. And now with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, we stand to see even more relevance of JPIII to the continuation of the series.

    A clever way to address JPIII’s reputation in-universe would be if someone asked Dr. Grand about his Sorna experience and he replies with something like, “It never should have happened.”

    1. Grant shouldn’t say something like that because at the end of JP3, the sense was that he ended up learning a lot about dinosaur behaviour. It was a humbling experience for him to see his perception of the InGen dinos change from being “genetically modified theme park monsters” to animals that have their own families, ecosystem and complex social behaviour patterns; that they care for their young just like we do and are willing to go to any lengths to protect them.

      In contrast, Ian Malcolm never grew to develop any empathy for the dinosaurs. As the trailer of ‘Fallen Kingdom’ tells us, he just sees them as a threat to overrated humans and would prefer that they die. He only values human life and even in JP2, he never really cared for the animals being abused by InGen. He just wanted to run away from trouble. After seeing him in the JW2 trailer, I like Malcolm even less.

  37. There’s no way that Isla Sorna has no Dinosaurs left on it. No freaking way. Why would this DPG claim that Nublar is the only place left where the Dinosaurs survive? That is ridiculous!

  38. So the Spinosaurus was part of the ‘amalgam testing’ as mentioned on the DPG website… As well as experimented on and abused for 9 Months… Does this mean it really was the first attempts at a hybrid? Perhaps it was killed when they tried to remove it from Sorna too?

    What about the Raptors? I hope the version depicted in JP3 makes a return. You know, to really cement the different sub-species into official canon.

  39. It is rather interesting reading the DPG website though for one big reason. It makes you see the previous films in a new light. The animals weren’t really harmonious on Sorna. The Rex/Spino fight was the direct result of two animals not having their basic needs met territory-wise. Thinking back on it, Sorna was over-populated with the animals rubbing shoulders way too much. Also, too many predators. It now makes sense to believe it was completely unsustainable. Like in the novel.

    I realize properly now that it was in no way ever a natural environment. It was basically a living dumping ground. Ingen has a lot to answer for.

    Still… There’s no way that Sorna is Dino-free. There’s too many nooks and crannies.

  40. Jurassic Park 3 portrays the raptors and their social dynamics far more successfully then that in Jurassic World.
    They felt like animals. And they looked terrific.

  41. I totally agree. And I actually like JP3 more now that the new trilogy is putting it into to context and closing some of the holes.

  42. The indoraptor does have Trex dna unlike the indominous that it’s base had Trex dna the indoraptors base dna is a raptor “and the rest is classified” that’s why they call it indoraptor

  43. Glad to see this article, and I agree with the writer and it was said enjoying each film for their own personality, seems like something to try for people who don’t like JW.

    My complaints:
    – Bad casting / acting / wardrobe / writing (exception of Sam, Billy & Erik)
    – Annoying gimmick: cell phone
    – Bad shots/cutting of Spino made it seem lifeless
    – No plot

    My don’t-minds:
    – Rex death

    – Raptors and Ptero’s felt alive and terrifying

    I do enjoy it much more than TLW, mainly because their is a lot less bickering.

  44. Jurassic Park III is without a doubt the worst entry in the series.

    Sure, some notable issues it had were the dream sequence (i.e. Alan seeing a Raptor he’s never actually seen before), Grant not being together with Ellie, a phone ringing from inside a dino, and Billy turning up alive and almost well and being carried away by the navy which just showed up.

    But by far, the worst thing about JP3 was how horribly they treated the T-Rex. Seriously, first of all, the T-Rex should have won the fight the very moment it slammed its mighty jaws down on poor Spino’s neck. Second, the moment they decided to have the Spino snap the T-Rex’s neck (and attempt to replace the icon of the franchise) and let it feature in merely 30 seconds in the entire film, that’s the shameful moment when the franchise pretty much lost its charm and almost died.

    They showed zero respect for the audience, especially me as an eight year old looking forward with excitement towards the moment the Tyrannosaurus would win the battle, only to be filled with shock and confusion as the unthinkable had occurred and I had to speak out loud saying “They killed Jurassic Park!” That’s the biggest problem I ever had with JP3 (other than that, it had only minor issues in comparison), that they treated the beloved T-Rex like disposable trash (as opposed to the valuable icon it was destined to forever be, in contrast to letting the Tyrannosaurus kill off the Spinosaurus at the end of the film in an epic moment of victory amidst the flames of the river).

    I’m still hopeful that a rematch will be realized, especially seeing as the Jurassic World era seems very persistent in trying to re-establish the Tyrannosaurus as the undefeated icon again (after all, Spinosaurus could never challenge a real life T-Rex), along with restoring the franchise as a whole. JP3 had potential, and while it was still entertaining, it could have (and should have) been better. I honestly can’t say it doesn’t deserve the hate, because it very much does deserve it. It boggles my mind that anybody would be oblivious as to why people would feel the slightest sense of hatred towards this film. Again, I very much enjoyed the film, but they very much asked for all the hate.

    The Spinosaurus could have been remembered as an awesome villain (much like Indominus, both doomed to extinction to the real icon), yet it turned out an infamous part of JP-history. It didn’t matter that the T-Rex that got killed wasn’t Rexy herself, because that young buck (noting that its youth didn’t make it any less lethal) represented the entire Tyrannosaurus kingdom. JP3 was sheer heresy. I also saw Jurassic World 3 will actually be released on the 20th anniversary of JP3, I hope that will further demonstrate how much they’ve actually learned from the sins of the past.

    I mean the T-Rex was returned to the logo, they even replaced the JP3 logo with the T-Rex instead of the Spino, they let Rexy destroy a Spino-skeleton like it was trash before she went on to defeat the more powerful Indominus, Horner admitted to Spinosaurus and Indominus both should have been killed by the T-Rex, Trevorrow sympathized with the fandom begging for a rematch, and the T-Rex is overall being increasingly featured in Jurassic World media and products (and as a further interesting note and even possible hint at a surprise rematch, the official Facebook page posted a video of the original fight, to negative reception, shortly before they released the trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, they even decided to feature the smaller Spinosaurus-relative Baryonyx). I love JP3, but I will love it even more if justice is being done to the T-Rex and the fandom at large.

    Bring on the rematch, and let us finally leave the past behind.

    1. Horner never said “it probably couldn’t kill a trex because it ate fish” he’s talking about their real life renditions and NOWHERE did he say the indominus should’ve been killed by the rex that’s just ridiculous the indominus is literally superior to the tyrannosaurus in every way and in every aspect the only reason Rexy is alive is because of blue and if blue never ran in to distract the indominus Rexy would be dead simple as that. They had the mosasaur finish it off that way it’d make more sense since logically the indominus would’ve just kicked the Rexes ass again if she wasn’t standing by the lagoon

    2. Nowhere did jack say that the spinosaurus AND the indominus should’ve been killed by the rex. The reason they had the mosasaur do it was so that it’s death would be unquestionable , the indominus is superior to the rex in every way and Rexy did not “defeat it” at all she just threw it by the lagoon where the Mosa finished it off. The only reason Rexy is alive is because of blue before that she was getting torn a new one, when the indominus stood up by the lagoon after regrouping she may well have kicked Rexys ass all over again since she had plenty of fight in her. Not sure why people give credit to the tyrannosaur for “defeating” the hybrid it was clearly the much larger and more powerful mosasaur who’s the actual hero of the film lol

    3. For one thing the tyrannosaurus did not defeat the indominus rex, she was getting her butt handed to her by the hybrid and would’ve died without blues help it was the mosasaur who brought down the animal. Nowhere in any of his talks or interviews did jack Horner say that the Spinosaurus or the indominus “should have died to the trex” all he said was (in regards to spino) “we wanted an animal big enough could kill trex realistically , of course we know it probably couldn’t really do that because it ate fish” this is talking about the real life version of Spinosaurus and how not the fictional rendition of it in the movie and he most certainly never uttered that said fictional version should’ve died to the rex nor the same fate happening to the indominus that’s ridiculous and you completely misunderstood or worse flat out twisted what he said to suit your means here. the whole point of the existence of the indominus was to be an animal superior to any big theropod ingen had made before in terms of size , strength and overall “cool factor” for the guests and that’s pretty much what it was it caused mass spread chaos/destruction throughout the park, killed several large dinosaurs and nearly a dozen people directly. Its so powerful it gave the Tyrannosaur an absolute beatdown and was poised to finish her off having the Rex be the one to kill it would’ve been counterintuitive to what the film set this creature up to be , heck she wasn’t even fully grown at the time of the film. So essentially they wanetd to make sure that the death of the indominus was warranted and unquestionable which is why they had the giant mosasaur (the most powerful carnivore in the park) finish it off instead.

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