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Rumor: Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom trailer roaring online this November!

Let’s get this out of the way – we put rumor in the title so people don’t misconstrue the news, and believe Universal officially announced this. They have not. However, we can confidently say that the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom trailer will hit the net sometime around Thanksgiving, this November. We’re not sure of the exact date, but Universal has put out the word to retail and license partners that the marketing campaign, including the trailer, will formally begin then.

This marketing schedule aligns with that put into action for 2015’s Jurassic World, with the first trailer hitting November 25th, 2014. Let’s have a rewatch, shall we?

As a longtime fan of the Jurassic Park franchise, that trailer didn’t elicit much of an emotional reaction for me. It felt disjointed, rushed, and altogether generic. However, Jurassic World went on to break records in the box office, so I suppose it spoke well to general audiences. With that in mind, I would still prefer something tonally and emotionally in line with the franchise I fell in love with.

A good example of a trailer that achieves the impact and feeling I speak of would be the first one released for Star Wars The Force Awakens:

Now that is a trailer. It’s pure Star Wars, it sets the tone of the film, and it doesn’t share too much. It didn’t rely on typical modern blockbuster trailer tropes, and embraced its own identity and past. If Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom can achieve something half as successful, we’re in for a treat.

So what do you want to see in new the trailer for the anticipated fifth Jurassic Park film? Ian Malcolm? New Dinosaurs? Animatronics? Volcanic eruptions? Let us know! All we’re truly hoping for is something reserved and subtle – often times, less is more.

As an aside, If you’re more of a ‘see trailers in front of movies’ type of person, you’ll want to see Star Wars The Last Jedi this December 15th – that should be your first chance to catch the Jurassic World sequels footage on the big screen.


19 thoughts on “Rumor: Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom trailer roaring online this November!

  1. The pace of the Force Awakens trailer would be a fine place to start! But, if they wanted to give out a little more with a darker feel, then they should mirror the Lost World trailer or Jurassic Park III.

  2. I’ll never forget the Jurassic World trailer–bumped up to November 25th, and then I see myself on-screen immediately after the Universal Logo…best birthday gift ever.

    1. What scene were you in? I was an extra too! You can see me when the big doors were pushed open as well as in that scene with Jimmy Buffett running with the margaritas.

  3. I really can’t wait for the trailer, also I want to see a much darker atmosphere and tone in the trailer, sending chills down our spines. Lastly, if its released on 21st of november, then Im happy coz thats my birthday

    1. What would send chills down my spine would be having the screen go dark at the end of the trailer and we hear the iconic Spino roar…or even better, we see a T. rex at the end of the trailer looking at something big, then we hear the Spino roar

      1. … a spino roar?

        To be honest, if they tried to bring back the Spinosaurus as the big ‘bad’ I’d lose a lot of interest. Why work backwards towards one of the weakest entry in the franchise? There’s a reason they had Rexy bust through a skeleton of a Spinosaurus in JW…

  4. I agree. JW trailer did not elicit an emotional reaction for me as well. It was really generic and showed everything on a plate stripping the feel of mystery and wonder off.

    I hope Universal will not release trailers that reveal entire plot of the movie. Basically, for JW there were so many trailers that spoiled entire movie. They showed a lot of key points of plot leaving for us no surprises and plot twists. The biggest plot twist was raptors and I-rex communicating with each other (I loath that part personally), but in the way trailers were made you could guess that easily. I prefer if they released 2 or 3 trailes at most.

    Regarding Fallen Kingdom trailer I would prefer if they made it similar to Star Wars Force Awakens one. It didn’t reveal much about the plot, but it sparked the interest and kept the mystery around the film. I wish the movie had more thriller and horror elements as well.

    I assume Blue and Owen would be working together in the movie at some point and I wish there was a scene where Owen walks slowly with weapon rised through dark corridor with a few flickering lights, lights turn off for split second and when they turns on you see the hide of velociraptor with blue stripe walking behind Owen. It would have been cool way to announce Blue’s return.

  5. So does that mean Mattel will start to show off there Jurassic park classic line in November since universal gave the word that November is the time for marketing? I’m excited for the film and the merch! Late 2017 and 2018 is going to be some good years for Jurassic fans

  6. My biggest disappointment back in 2014/15, was to not have seen the JW trailer in the theaters, only online. And I go to the movies A LOT!!! I hope I get to see the FK trailer in the movies this time.

  7. Please stop showing the photos before the movie come out it’s a big give away and don’t let the movie taken before it comes out on that date and stop showing trailers only the title

  8. I felt that they should have waited longer to release the JW trailer as the CGI was not finished and caused a lot of concern amongst fans about the quality of the film.
    Hopefully this time they’ve got some scenes in a finished state. Also, with the addition of animatronics, the CGI issue might not be so noticeable.

  9. I told people that the trailer was gonna be released on November, but nobody believed me. They all had their hopes high when it was gonna be shown on July 2017, but they were wrong. Think about it. Movie trailers are released 7 months prior to the theatrical release date. Examples:
    •Jurassic World was released on June 2015 and the trailer was released on November 2014
    •The Jungle Book trailer was released on September 2015 and theatrically released on April 2017

    So who’s laughing now, disbelievers?

  10. Albeit the 10 second teaser to the official teaser made me freak out a bit more. Nevertheless the teaser trailer to JW gave me relief that, finally after years of rumors, a fourth entry has officially come upon us. Seeing how little we know about Fallen Kingdom, I think it’s ok that we have to wait because we want to see a good trailer with good effects and plot that will hopefully lead up to a good movie/sequel.

    And yes, the Force Awakens teaser was a better tease by hiding the plot. But I think it’s annoying when Studios release trailers for big event movies too far from the release date.

    But I personally would love a teaser similar to the style of the one for TLW with the T. rex roaring right at the screen in the rain.

  11. Do you think that November will be when Universal launches the domains they bought?
    (i.e. and

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