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Sam Neill: “I don’t know where Alan Grant is now”

The character of Dr Alan Grant has not been seen on screen since 2001’s Jurassic Park 3, and while many were expecting some form of cameo or reappearance in the long-awaited sequel Jurassic World, none of the original cast members showed their face – excluding Dr Wu.


But that doesn’t mean the man who played him has not been busy – New Zealand actor Sam Neill has starred in a number of television series and movies over the past few years, and is currently traveling to promote one of his latest projects, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, which opened two days ago in UK cinemas.

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Movies, the interviewer asked the actor about Alan Grant and whether or not we will see him again. While the clickbait title of the original article will have you think Sam Neill outright said the character is dead, that’s not entirely true. After a slight pause, Sam Neill responded:

“I don’t know where Alan Grant is now. He might have died. He could have a new career as an accountant. He could be running for President of the United States, in a parallel universe. I don’t know where he is. I don’t know if anyone could find him, he’s disappeared.”

As the Yahoo! article states, while promoting movies actors have to sit in the same chair for hours while various journalists ask the same questions over and over, so it’s natural for the actor to start having a bit of fun.

However, Jurassic World made the choice to not include any of the original cast members in the movie, except of course Dr Wu. Some were expecting Ian Malcolm or Alan Grant in a cameo perhaps at the end of the film, but the filmmakers made a bold choice to not include them. That’s not to say some of the original cast members won’t return for a future sequel as some have expressed their interest, but at this point it is seeming unlikely.

Where do you think Dr Alan Grant is now? How would you like to see him return in a sequel? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Yahoo!, John Toner


6 thoughts on “Sam Neill: “I don’t know where Alan Grant is now”

  1. i would like to see Alan return at least for a brief moment in the island where he was studying Raptors in a base camp Owen and him have a talk about raptors and ingen and what they went to the island for, Grant leves before they leave, owen shows Dr. Wu and what has happened by fat kinda like tlw moment where they seeing what InGen was up to with the dinos and all, similar to that, after Ingen leaves and owen leaves with claire Alan leaves on a scene whitch would be during the night he leaves on a holicopter or somewhere secret where nobody will see him leave except owen and claire that where with him for those moments also Ian Malcolm who tells him also about the incident at JP and his jouney to isla sorna and he tells everything he been talking about and all was exsactly what he was fearing from Ingen and that that was not John’s vision as well Serah Harding is there with them and Nick as well idk would seem legit and awesome scene also they were there before InGen were and that would be the last moment we see them or at least just Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm you get the idea right?

  2. Of course I’d like to see Sam Neill return as Alan Grant. If not a full role, an extended cameo like Richard Attenborough in Jurassic Park 2 would be very satisfactory. He could be an advisor-character. He could be blackmailed by Biosyn, many solid possibilities, many.

  3. Or perhaps he is sitting on a bar somewhere in a distant country, watching the news about the Jurassic World incident while getting drunk on his eight hundreth beer, saying to himself “I’m too old for this coprolite”.

  4. I see Alan Grant testifying in Congressional hearings as to why companies who are “playing” with dino-genetics need to be stopped. Congress then appoints him the head of a special committee to regulate the dino-DNA industry, aided by Dr. Malcom. They would have various dino-encounters while doing their best to shut the industry down. One of those industries would have combined Raptor and human DNA to create guards for the facility where they are conducting their research. Oh, and they discover that one of the major superpowers has been injecting dino-DNA into their soldiers to create several versions of the perfect soldier, depending on what their function would be.

  5. Dr Grant and Dr Malcom would appear as witnesses in Congressional hearings to try to shut down the dino-DNA industry. They would have various encounters with hybred beasties while trying to inspect various companies’ facilities, including guards infused with raptor DNA. They would discover that one of the major superpowers is injecting dino-DNA into their soldiers in order to create perfect soldiers for various missions.

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