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Did Secret Cinema Just Announce Jurassic Park For Their Next Event?

In a world where we consider social media posts to be official confirmations, British events company Secret Cinema have just announced that their next project will be… Jurassic Park!

Life finds a way

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Secret Cinema specialise in “Live Cinema” experiences, often creating large sets based on the movie, and combining the screenings with interactive performances. One of their first major events was for Back to the Future where they created a life-size Hill Valley set.

The company have gone on to host a number of large movies, The Empire Strikes Back, Moulin Rouge! and 28 Days Later.

Now, via Instagram, Secret Cinema have seemingly confirmed that their next project will be Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park!

There is of course no further information on this and no written confirmation, but with the 25th Anniversary fast approaching and the current buzz surrounding the upcoming Jurassic World sequel, it’s safe to say Secret Cinema will take on the 1993 classic that we all know and love.

So what do you expect to see? Will we sit in a spinning auditorium and be greeted by multiple John Hammonds? Or will they up the ante and seat us on the main road where we can witness the T-rex breaking through the fence?

Let us know in the comments section below what your ideal Secret Cinema event for Jurassic Park would be!

And don’t forget – it’s Jurassic June! Join us in celebrating a whole month of Jurassic Park – we’re running a fantastic giveaway that ends 30th June, so submit your Jurassic selfie now!

Source: The Independent, Secret Cinema


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