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Survive Isla Nublar in ‘Jurassic Park: Danger!’ a New Board Game Coming May 2018!

As the celebration of Jurassic Park’s 25th anniversary stomps onward, and the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom crawls ever nearer, the merchandise news continues to break out!

In the latest dino-filled update unearthed, we’re met with a welcome surprise: a new board game based on the original Jurassic Park film. Welcome to ‘Jurassic Park: Danger!‘, a 2-5 player adventure survival game. Thanks to Board Game Geek, we have the first images and information:

Designed by Forrest-Pruzan Creative, who have released games such as ‘Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle’ and ‘Cranium Cariboo’, and published by Ravensburger, ‘Jurassic Park: Danger!’ is slated to release May of this year. Recommended for ages 10 and up, with an average playtime of 50 minutes onward, the games official description is as follows:

The first visitors have arrived at Jurassic Park to see its miraculous dinosaurs firsthand, but chaos has hit Isla Nublar: The power is out, and the prehistoric creatures are on the hunt!

In Jurassic Park: Danger! Adventure Strategy Game, one player controls the T. Rex, Dilophosaurus, and Velociraptor, prowling through the jungle to attack the humans. The other players team up as characters from the classic movie, struggling to get Jurassic Park back online and escape the island before they fall prey to old-time predators!

Beyond the description available, little is known about how the game will play, but the concept of pitting players playing as the Jurassic Park guests vs the escaped dinosaurs is recipe for exciting fun. Intriguingly, Mondo have also announced a game based on Jurassic Park called ‘The Chaos Gene‘ with a similar sounding play style releasing this year.

How the games differ remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain: we’re in for a wild year of Jurassic jubilee – I cannot remember the last time two original Jurassic games released anywhere near one another.

2018 is shaping up to be an amazing time to be a Jurassic fan! I know I cannot wait to get my hands on this game and try it out with friends, or even fellow Jurassic community members. Not only does the game sound fantastic, the artwork is phenomenal, and is sure to attract collectors with that element alone. Be sure to keep your eyes on Jurassic Outpost, as more information on ‘Jurassic Park: Danger!’ is sure to come soon, whether at New York Toy Fair or elsewhere.

Will you be picking up ‘Jurassic Park: Danger!’? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for everything Jurassic!

Source: Board Game Geek


20 thoughts on “Survive Isla Nublar in ‘Jurassic Park: Danger!’ a New Board Game Coming May 2018!

  1. Its not new at all, i remember having a game almost exactly like this when i was a kid, shamefully i lost it throug the years, bit i swear the board was almost the same and the dinosaurs, althoug i remember that the dinosaur were the figurines and the human caracther the carboard stands.

  2. I love board games, got myself the Lost World Board game not long ago, and I cannot wait to try this. Seems similar to the classic Jurassic Park board game but with better artwork.

    1. They are all over instagram I am surprised these guys have not done an article on them yet. It is not from toy fair but it is leaked pics of the toys.

  3. Oh man, this year is going to break me (financially, and perhaps a bit emotionally), but I’ll definitely be picking this up! I can play it with a friend of mine and see who really knows Isla Nublar the best (probably me, since I’m more the fan than she is). I can play as the dinosaurs and she can play as Malcolm (or perhaps Alan Grant, it’s up to her).

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