Deleted Scenes

As with most movies, there are scenes in The Lost World: Jurassic Park that were removed from the final cut, usually to help with the pacing of the movie. The DVD releases for these movies have never included deleted scenes, except for The Lost World, where two well-known scenes were included, and in some cases, put back into the movie for broadcast on television.

The InGen Boardroom Scene

Can be found on the DVD/Blu-Ray releases
The scene opens in the InGen boardroom, where multiple investors are listening to Peter Ludlow discuss the companies current status. He briefly describes the many outgoings InGen has had since the Jurassic Park incident in 1993, and mentions the deaths of John Arnold, Robert Muldoon and Donald Gennaro. He also mentions the deconstruction of facilities on Isla Nublar and the elimination of escaped dinosaurs. It is in this scene that Peter Ludlow opens a vote to remove his uncle, John Hammond, as CEO of InGen.


Roland and Ajay Reunited

Can be found on the DVD/Blu-Ray releases
Taking place after Malcolm and Hammond have talked at Hammond’s manor, this scene introduces Roland Tembo and Ajay Sidhu in Kenya, and explains how they have hunted every animal together and more or less retired, thus becoming bored. After fighting with a rude bar patron, Roland reveals that he will go to Isla Sorna to hunt a male Tyrannosaurus – the greatest predator that ever lived.


Watch both of the above scenes below:

Extended Malcolm and Hammond

While this scene remained in the film, according to the script there was a lot more filmed, where Hammond gives more background on the second island. It re-uses lines from the novel and fills in the gap of how Ian knew the number of people Hammond wanted on the team before Hammond says it. It also shows Hammond accessing the satellite infrared map and Ian making a sarcastic remark about sending the Nation Guard instead of these four “lunatics”.


Extended Arrival of the Gatherers

The Gatherer’s arrival onto Isla Sorna is fairly fast-paced, cutting from the vehicles driving to the team tracking Sarah via GPS. In the script, the team looks through their gadgets and Eddie briefly explains how everything works, how to track down Sarah and how to avoid animal attacks.

tlwdeleted4    tlwdeleted5

Extended Trek Back to Base Camp

After the Stegosaurus has left the area, there was an extended trip back to Base Camp where Sarah and Ian discuss their relationship, and delves into what Ian did after the events of Jurassic Park.


Peter Ludlow Injures the Infant T-Rex

Writer David Koepp has expressed that he was sad to see this scene go, due to it giving more depth to the characters of Roland Tembo and Peter Ludlow, where they exchange varied parts of their lives and share philosophies with each other. Ludlow is adamant that he wants the infant for Jurassic Park: San Diego. Ludlow drinks during the scene and while intoxicated, hears another animal scamper in the bushes, causing him to trip and fall onto the infant Rex, breaking its leg. In the scene we do see in the final cut of the movie, you can see the empty bottle of alcohol next to the infant.


The Gatherers Break into the Camp

In this extended section of the scene, Malcolm, Sarah and Nick are debating breaking into the camp that Peter Ludlow and the hunters have setup. After hearing Malcolm’s lecture about Gambler’s Ruin and how the original goal of them taking documented evidence of the animals without them being harvested is now moot, Sarah decides to proceed with Nick to go into the camp and free the captured dinosaurs. They hide behind equipment and avoid detection while cutting the fuel lines of the hunter’s vehicles.

tlwdeleted9    tlwdeleted10

Extended Infant T-Rex Surgery

In the shooting script, the scene where Sarah and Nick try to save the infant Rex’s leg, there is additional dialogue where they discuss the adult T-Rex’s behaviour over the infants.


High Hide Attack

It is unclear if this scene was filmed or not, but the storyboards were released in The Making of The Lost World: Jurassic Park book, and show the Tyrannosaurus parents inspecting Eddie’s high-hide, a little too close for comfort. The storyboard shows three people inside the high-hide in this scene, so it is unclear when exactly it was to take place.


Should Ian Marry Sarah?

In this bonding moment between Ian Malcolm and his daughter, Kelly, she discusses whether or not he should marry Sarah based on how he feels about her. The conversation quickly changes when Sarah enters the tent.

Extended Velociraptor Long Grass Scene

In an extended version of the long grass scene, the remaining hunters use hand-gliders to escape the pursuing Velociraptors by jumping off a cliff, but are then attacked by Pternodons. Ajay was going to be ripped to shreds by one, causing Sarah to look away in disgust.


Extended Tyrannosaurus Escape

ILM storyboards show a short sequence where the Tyrannosaurus walks through the InGen Waterfront Complex in San Diego.

tlwdeleted13    tlwdeleted14

Extended Benjamin’s Bedroom

In the 1996 draft of the script, the Tyrannosaur that wakes up Benjamin is seen slamming it’s head through the window to smell him, his father and his mother. The scene was not used in the film and unfortunately no screenshots exist of it, but in July of 2014, a behind the scenes image of the T-Rex animatronic head inside the bedroom was poster on Twitter.