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Trevorrow Believes Sequel Will Be Scarier Than Previous Installment

We have heard in the past year from new director J.A. Bayona that the Jurassic World sequel will have a scarier tone than the previous installment and writer/producer Colin Trevorrow expanded on that notion in an exclusive chat with CinemaBlend.

Asked why he believes Bayona’s vision will make the Jurassic World sequel scarier, Trevorrow had the following to say.

“J.A Bayona is very good at [creating scares]. There are things that he’ll just do with a shadow, or a rustling curtain on a wall. He’s so tapped into that kind of fear, especially the fear through the eyes of child. Which, you know, he and I are just simpatico. We may be the mirrors of each other. It is by far the most satisfying collaboration of my life.”

“First of all I think the mainstream loves being scared, and I think the scares in the first movie were made to make children think like they were seeing something horrifying, that their parents shouldn’t be allowing them to see. We have that a little bit here. But there’s also that same big, fun adventure, sweeping, romantic kind of action in part of the movie. That people seemingly responded really well to. We’re not throwing it all way, but we’re definitely going to some new places.”

So what do you think about Trevorrows’s comments that he believes the Jurassic World sequel will be scarier than the previous installment? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums.

Source: CinemaBlend


18 thoughts on “Trevorrow Believes Sequel Will Be Scarier Than Previous Installment

  1. It’s about time, seeing that JPIII was a joke and JW was great (my opinion, of course) but not nearly scary, I could embrace a totally dark sequel this time around.

  2. Honestly, he talked up a storm about Jurassic World too and I was fully convinced that JW was gonna be the best thing ever because of the way he was hyping it up. I was left pretty disappointed by JW and saw that Trevorrow is a gifted speaker but leaves a lot to be desired as a director. So I’m gonna take a lot of what he says from now on with a pinch of salt. The movie may well be great but Trevorrow has proven that he isn’t exactly a voice of much integrity or objectivity.

    I hope he’s learned how to write better dialogue too for this one.

    1. I’m taking the same approach. I’m excited about this film for two reasons and two reasons only – Bayona and the new cast members. I just don’t think Colin Trevorrow truly GETS this franchise and having him refer to his working relationship with Bayona as a collaboration made my heart sink a tad because it makes me wonder if he did a lot of meddling as far as the directorial process goes. He returned for the screenplay, which is bad enough, but I hope I’m simply reaching and he did, in fact, let Bayona do his own thing.

      Also, Colin claiming audiences dug the romantic action of Jurassic World is pretty ludicrous considering the entire Owen/Claire romance (if you can even really call it that) was called out as being really unnecessary on several an occasion. That part of his statement does worry me because it may mean we’re going to get more forced moments between the two characters throughout the next film. Again, hope I’m just reaching.

      1. I totally agree with you.

        Bayona has proved he is a very skilled director, and the main reason for me to be thrilled about JW2 is the fact that he is on charge. I’m hopeful the movie will be majestuous and passionate.

        I hope Bayona can bring more depth to the characters. Cromwell seems a very good choice, but I’m still not sure about Pratt. I can’t see him different than Star Lord.
        I hope giving him some memorable scenes will make him more iconic.

        Bring romantism in the franchise is not a must. Feelings are OK, but I’m not interested in who wants to date who.
        Romance must be in Bayona’s eyes while doing his film (Yeah, I totally said that :p ). He must show passion while doing it.

        Jurassic Park was about science paradigm shifts, iconic characters, and perfect directing. That’s what made this film a classic. The dinosaurs were majestic metaphors.
        Don’t make JW2 just monsters eating dumb people.

    2. Agreed. JW did not deliver at all like he promised. Instead it matched nearly word for word the preposturous outline leaked to the press a year before release, probably with some swift toning down because of the fans reactions. And the dialogue was dreadful. Scary? Lets see if this chapter actually has some tension first Mr T.

  3. Romantic?? Not what I want to see In this type of movie. He tried that with the kiss on the Main Street between Owen and Claire and that was so annoying. It made the movie less real for me.
    Why does Collin have to be apart of this

  4. I’m definitely hoping for some more tense, claustrophobic scenes like the kitchen in the original. I just remember as a kid imagining being there and how scary that would be. And Muldoon’s line to Ellie about that they were being hunted, and the look of terror on her face. To me, that feels scary, even now. Bring it on!

  5. He’s describing the action as romantic, as in it’s an idealized version of action, the over the top sort of running from dinos action we all love from the films, not as in romance.

    1. I hope you’re right. Still, it makes me wonder what his intentions are for Owen and Claire. Clearly, Jurassic World set the stage for a romance between them, and how much that romance is to be developed is the question. Personally, I’m hoping he sweeps it under the rug. I think it would be great if it was revealed their attempt at romance didn’t work out and they still remained close friends/allies. Doubt it, though. Won’t be surprised if the new trilogy ends with the two having children together, considering the strong (and unnecessary) hounding of the idea for Claire to embrace motherhood in Jurassic World.

  6. It has to be better than JW1.
    JW1 was a nice Popcorn movie.
    The only thing i liked, was the Mosasaurus.
    The I-Rex was literally and figuratively not what i had expected.

    The Spinosaurus in JP3 was for me the Dinosaur what scared the hell outtah me, in every way. I like that Dinosaur, and i hope to see it back in one of the sequels, but not in a rematch…. That’s the most dumbest thing to do. Put it back in a 50/50 way… Aquatic hunting on fish and onder the land hunting down other dino’s. This is credible.

  7. Can articles please, for the love of god, stop calling Jurassic World “the first film”. Seriously. I feel like I woke up in some sort of twilight zone, where the fourth entry is now ” the first film” and the fifth entry is numbered with a 2. What dimension am I in?

  8. Wow, can’t believe the naysayers on Trevorrow; can we respect top box office dollars? Credit for taking on a Hollywood behemoth and giving it new life; all that in Spielberg shoes (somewhat tough to slip into), and we could mention Derek Connelly, these are strategic players, winning a tough sell. Sorry, that’s not the actual thread; what do we think of scarier? Goodness yes. How about an awesome short film on the DVD I can still show my kids though? I walked into a theater at a fishing resort when I was five and they were showing Jaws, lordly that was a shark. What an impression that made. I haven’t let the kids see the scary parts of JW. If I did they’d end up posting comments like this some day. Keep up the romance, there are movies like the Brendan Fraser Mummy that rock. Remember that scene in Signs where she says: “why can’t they get girlfriends?” There is a reason Joaquin said that. Ever vigilant- Nerbucanezer

    1. I believe the movie made so much money because they finally took the story back to the island with a functional Dino park. Not because of anything Collin or frank did.

      I still went to the theaters 5 times to see the movie tho 😜

  9. I just want to say that Colin Trevorrow did not talk up the first JW. All he ever did was say that he and his team were handling it with lots of respect. Also I do agree that there are aspects of the movie that could have been better but over all JW is a really enjoyable entry. It is fun it has it tried really hard to have heart and soul and succeeds in a lot of what it tried. And I have 100 percent faith that this next one will be amazing because the director is incredible if you have not seen ‘the impossible’ or ‘a monster calls’ do yourself a favor and watch them. You will see from those films alone this is the guy for the next movie. I really enjoy what Colin did with the first one and he made a film the satisfied at least my 14 year wait.

    1. Agreed, the previous film did exactly what it had to do to bring back the franchise. It gave the film universe a possibility to reach it’s future potential instead of backing it further into a corner like JP3 did while still being respectful to it’s roots and also entertaining to watch. IMO, mission accomplished.

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