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There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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Two Brand New Chronicle Collectibles Jurassic Park Pieces Available for Pre-Order!

Chronicle Collectibles have announced two great new additions to their ever growing Jurassic Park lineup today, and they are already available for pre-order!

First up is the Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary faux Bronze Tyrannosaurus Rex statue. Adapted from their previous T. rex breakout set, it features a brand new streamlined base, putting the focus on the dinosaur with its bronze finish. Measuring in at 24″ long, 9″ wide and 10″ tall, and set on a 9″ diameter base, this piece is a must have!

“Has it really been 25 years since Jurassic Park wove its way into the hearts and minds of generations of movie-goers? In 1993, Universal Studios, together with Steven Spielberg and Stan Winston Studios, changed movie history forever with Jurassic Park. The mixture of fully engineered forty-foot dinosaur puppets with live-action actors and new computer-generated imagery allows Jurassic Park to stand tall over the test of time. Chronicle Collectibles is passionate about celebrating these films that have shaped the industry for the past several decades.

To commemorate 25 years of movie growth and inspiration, Chronicle Collectibles is proud to bring a beautiful limited edition faux bronze Tyrannosaurus Rex into your home. Modeled after the design of the Stan Winston Bronzes, this elegant polyresin statue is the roaring T. rex pose on a smooth black base. These will be hand-numbered and only available for a limited time.”

Edition Size: TBD
Price: $349.00

The next dinosaur is a fan favorite herbivore from The Lost World, the Pachycephalosaurus! This ‘ram headed’ dino is cast directly off of the original Stan Winston Studio maquette, and is painted to match every detail. The Pachy statue is no small piece: it measures 31″ long, 19″ tall and 7″ wide with a base that is 13″ wide, 9″ deep and 2″ tall.

“We are proud to announce that for the first-time ever you can bring home “Pachy” to round out
your growing collection of Chronicle Collectibles Jurassic Park pieces. The Pachycephalosaurus
continues our line of cinema-quality statues molded directly from the maquettes originally
created by Stan Winston Studios.

Whether you have all of our Jurassic Park offerings or this is your first, the Pachycephalosaurus
will make a unique conversation piece to display in your home or office. Made to exacting detail,
the Pachycephalosaurus is roughly the same size and weight as our The Lost World: Jurassic
Park Stegosaurus. This statue is set on an circular base designed to resemble a dirt and rock-
strewn surface.”

Edition Size: 150
Price: $399.00

Both new statues are available with 10 month payment plans, meaning you can purchase the Pachy with installments of $39.90 a month, and the Rex as low as $34.90 – Chronicle Collectibles have been leading the industry with their incremental payment options, making it easier for collectors like myself to afford the pieces.

If these pieces are up your alley, be sure to pre-order now, as they’re limited edition and will likely sell out fast!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our review for the sold out Breakout Tyrannosaurus Rex from Chronicle, which is a beautiful piece, and hands down the most accurately sculpted Tyrannosaur based upon the first film. Also check out our gallery of images for these new pieces below, including a look at in hand images the sold out full size female Jurassic Park Velociraptor for another example of Chronicles quality!

If you’re already interested, you can pre-order the Bronze Tyrannosaur here, and Pachycephalosaurus here!

Finally, frequent InGeneral Podcast guest Paul Francis recently joined the Yes Have Some Podcast, to talk the latest about everything Chronicle Collectibles and Jurassic World – be sure to give it a listen if you want some insight on the behind the scenes happenings and the products yet to come!

Source: Chronicle Collectibles


7 thoughts on “Two Brand New Chronicle Collectibles Jurassic Park Pieces Available for Pre-Order!

  1. Something was always wrong with this Rexy sculpt… It’s the head. I think they’ve used the TLW Rex head they made for that film instead of getting Rexy’s look. The teeth are too spaced, too short. The whole snout looks a bit shorter.

  2. Nope, i’ve seen chronicles overlay of the 3d sculpt and the cg rex from the breakout scene, the cg rex is very different looking that angle.

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