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UK Cinemas List ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ with Running Time of 2 Hours and 8 Minutes

Has the running time of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ been revealed?

Just yesterday ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdomwas rated the PG-13 for “intense sequences of science-fiction violence and peril” by the MPAA. To receive its rating by the MPAA, this means the film has achieved picture lock, and its running time is mostly set.

In conjunction with the US rating of the film, some UK cinemas have updated their pages for Fallen Kingdom, listing a running time: 128 minutes.

While some theater chains put placeholder run times on their film pages, the fact that this is listed the same on multiple chains adds credence that it’s been supplied by Universal Pictures. If rumors of ticket pre-sales starting soon are true this means theater chains have been given the run time so they can appropriately choose time slots for the film.

According to Curzon Cinemas, they will begin selling tickets for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom on Wednesday the 18th April and along with the movie’s page on their website comes a running time, which could very well be real. However, at this time the news itself remains unconfirmed, and should be treated as a rumor until officially corroborated.

Further, this running time is very consistent with other films in the franchise (other than the disappointingly short third film). Jurassic Park’s running time is 127 minutes, The Lost World’s 129 minutes, Jurassic Park 3’s 94 minutes, Jurassic World is 124 minutes, and according to both Curzon Cinemas and Showcase Cinemas, the official running time for Fallen Kingdom is 128 minutes – 2 hours and 8 minutes.

A minute longer than the first Jurassic but likely filled with heaps more dinosaur action, Fallen Kingdom releases in less than 70 days. Stay tuned, the third trailer will be attached to Avengers: Infinity War and debut online even sooner, prior to ticket pre-sales!

Source: Showcase Cinemas, Curzon Cinemas


19 thoughts on “UK Cinemas List ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ with Running Time of 2 Hours and 8 Minutes

  1. I hope the pacing of the film is done well. I only ever really felt that in Jurassic World, the scene where they cut to the raptors in the dark from the aerial attack was too abrupt with little resolution. Besides that, I really liked the flow of majority of JW, especially the beginning with the nostalgia feels.

  2. Quality > Quantity

    As long as it’s good idc. Just hope it doesn’t feel rushed. I want a proper goodbye to the island.

    1. Same. I agree. We have been with Isla Nublar as children and now we have to say a proper goodbye to our childhood island.

      1. Just saying.If the kids have indestructible plot armour, why not everything? There’s no risk anymore. We all KNOW the 3 main characters get out alive…

  3. At first I thought that seemed short, but seeing you put in to perspective the running times of the other films that’s pretty decent.

  4. I’m extremely happy with this news. Jurassic Park has held the spot for the second longest film in the franchise for 21 years, and Fallen Kingdom just pushed it to the number 3 spot. I was really worried that it would be shorter than Jurassic World, so this is good to hear.

  5. On the morning of April 18, I am going to get the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom tickets. One reason I think this film will be better than the others is the atmosphere. The cloudy Isla Nublar days and dark forests, dark brown trees, gosh, I can’t WAIT!!!! Also the overrun Jurassic World is cool too. JA Bayona is doing good on the atmosphere of the setting.

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