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Universal Clarifies: There Will NOT Be A Fallen Kingdom Trailer at Comic Con

Recently there have been rumours that a teaser trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom will be hitting Hall H at the San Diego Comic Con this July. While timing could allow for the studio to reveal a short (and sweet) teaser trailer to an excited audience, after reaching out to Universal Pictures for comment it would appear that this is nothing more than a rumour.

While it is always fun to speculate and with actor Daniella Pineda having recently tweeted that she believes there will be a teaser trailer “soon”, it’s important to remember to always throw in a pinch of salt with the rumours you hear. The studio told us:

“As a studio we aren’t planning any presence for the film at SDCC.”

So there you have it. Unfortunately there will not be a Jurassic presence this year at Comic Con, and it may be some time before we see any footage from the upcoming sequel.

There is just under a year to go until the release and while modern blockbusters all have a copious amount of teaser trailers for teaser trailers, teaser trailers for trailers, and trailers upon trailers, it’s refreshing that the studio are taking a relaxed stance so far with the sequel.

While the marketing plans have not been revealed and we have a while to go until we can expect a trailer, I do hope they retain a number of the key plot points this time around. It’s all about that cinema experience.

Fallen Kingdom hits cinemas in the UK on 8th June and the USA on 22nd June 2018.


4 thoughts on “Universal Clarifies: There Will NOT Be A Fallen Kingdom Trailer at Comic Con

  1. As I had been saying, now I have a title and logo, I can patiently wait. Hopefully, we’ll get a trailer by November, as was the case with JW.

  2. Soo siked for this. This movie is going to have a wayyy better story. Imdominus took the spot light in the first movie.

    Jurassic park jeep is making a cameo

  3. While I’m appreciative of the trailers and the excitement behind them, I think I’m going to skip the trailers on Fallen Kingdom. I want this one to be an exclusively cinematic experience. I felt like Jurassic World was almost anti-climactic because I had seen so many trailers, there wasn’t that many surprises left at the theater. I practically knew what was about to happen throughout most of the movie. This time I want it to be wonder and surprise the entire movie.

    Oh, and thanks Universal!! The Jurassic movies have captivated me since the beginning and I look forward to each one with equal enthusiasm. As far as I’m concerned, they’re the greatest movies of all time.

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