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We spent a day at Frontier Developments in Cambridge and played Jurassic World: Evolution!

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Velociraptor (Film Universe)
There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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Video Review: Mattel Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Action Attack Carnotaurus!

Jurassic Park has a new definitive Carnotaurus toy.

Ahead of their release, we were lucky to get a hold of some of the upcoming new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom toys from Mattel! Fans have eagerly anticipated this toy line, as it’s Mattel’s first foray into Jurassic Park, after winning the license from Hasbro (who had it since 1993 via Kenner).

After the disappointing 2015 toys by Hasbro, there was nowhere to go but up. Thankfully, Mattel didn’t settle for average and have exceeded expectations, delivering a fantastic toy line for kids and collectors, with innovative play features, competitive pricing, and fantastic quality. These toys have brought the dinosaurs to life with an incredibly fun array of play patterns with an attention to details fans are sure to love.

Check out this video review of the Action Attack Carnotaurus, where we start with an unboxing and go over it in detail, comparing it to some classic Jurassic toys for size and quality reference.

About this toy:

Relive the Big Screen Action-Adventure! Get ready for thrilling action and adventure with Jurassic World! Relive captivating movie moments and exciting scenes with this line of film-inspired products featuring authentic detail, amazing design and incredible value fans will love!

Authentic Sculpting & Decoration
Jurassic World Action Attack™ dinosaur figures feature realistic sculpting and authentic decoration that make these dinosaurs come to life ready for attack action!

Action Attack Features!
Get ready for the ultimate movie action with Action Attack™ Carnotaurus (press a button to make the head strike forward and jaws chomp) and Action Attack™ Stegosaurus (press a spine plate to trigger the tail swipe). It’s dinosaur attack moves and Jurassic World movie action in one!

Ages 4+
SRP $19.99
Available April 16th, 2018

The Mattel Jurassic World toys are made to properly size with one another, using the 3.75″ human action figures as the base scale – the Tyrannosaurs are appropriately large, towering over the smaller species like Dilophosaurus. The Carnotaurus is a large toy, measuring about 15 inches long, and features numerous points of articulation and a button activated biting mechanism. As part of the Action Attack SKU, it is available alongside the Stegosaurus with a Suchomimus coming later this year.

Check out a wide range of the Mattel Jurassic World toys, including the Action Attack Suchomimus, from our Toy Fair 2018 gallery on Facebook here!

A fun new feature of this toy line is the Jurassic Facts App – each dino has a DNA strand QR code on their foot, which unlocks them within the app. As of the time of this review, the app was not yet available, but we will cover it once it goes online! Stay tuned- we have more reviews of the Mattel toys coming soon, including the Action Attack Stegosaurus and incredibly fun Thrash N’ Throw Tyrannosaurus Rex!

What Mattel Jurassic World toy are you most looking forward to? Sound off in the comments below!


39 thoughts on “Video Review: Mattel Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Action Attack Carnotaurus!

  1. Fantastic review!! Really glad you have review samples – that TTPM toy reviews site didn’t really show off the toys.

    I was on the fence, but this sold me.

    Will you be doing the humans as well?

  2. Aside the Gallimimus, T.rex and Mosasaurus, this fellow will definitely be in my to-get list. What’s worth noting is that the coloration of the creature makes it look like the child of the Demon and the Bonebreaker.

  3. Can you do a review of the Thrash N’ Throw Tyrannosaurus rex figure soon. I will be getting this one in April. This was a great review.

  4. The tyrannosaurus, mosasaurus, indoraptor, Carnotaurus, stegosaurus, allosaurus, Baryonyx, metriacanthosaurus and blue are all going on my Amazon list for JWFK purchases

      1. Least they were in the films… Herrasaurus and Metriacanthosaurus weren’t. Herrasaurus isn’t even movie canon it only appeared in a map and in the non-canon Telltale game. Carnotaurus was never on Nublar in ’93 yet they made a Demon Carno toy. Utahraptor has never existed outside the toyline too. My point is that your argument against why they should release a Spino and Indy toy for FK is stupid.

        1. It would be false advertising in having to resculpt dinos for a film that they will not have a part in. Just like certain other toylines in the franchise I saw as kid when they had toys that were not in said films. Huge disappointment for the buyer. So my argument is not “stupid”, Rudee McFart. XD

        2. Well, technically, JP: TellTale is considered “Soft Canon”, according to Colin Trevorrow himself,

          Just thought I should put that out there. He Tweeted it.


      2. Why not? Indominus is a cool looking animal that deserved better from Hasbro. Mattel can surely do it the justice that it deserves. I would like to see an actual *good* Indominus toy.
        Also, Spinosaurus has many fans in our community. Why not have a throwback line?

        1. Well, A “JP Legends” line might work. But, still my argument still stands as JWFK is only focusing on the dinos that are only shown in the film only.

    1. Hasbro stuffed up the 2003 and especially the disastrous 2015 so I think it would be cool if spino and the I-rex get a good toy,
      Not that it’s important, it would just be cool is all.
      I also have to comment on Mattels work because thay have done and amazing job.

      1. I should have given more information. It’s on the facebook image list. It has a snout like the Bary and Spino, but it has a smaller sail on its back.

          1. Yeah, they have an Action Attack Suchomimus figure.

            It makes me wonder if it’ll somehow appear in the film…

  5. It’s good Mattel is already spreading the toys for early reviews. It surely means they’re confident about their toys.

  6. Makes me wonder why Hasbro did not try to put in the effort in designing the JW figures. Did they not expect JW to be such a success?

    1. No doubt they just thought they could get away with it. They assumed the market would be small children only. I guess they just looked at JP3’s toy sales and went from there.

  7. I still find it extremely hard to believe as well as disappointing that Isla Sorna has no Dinosaurs on it anymore. I believe more needs to be said about this.

      1. Yeah but it just doesn’t sit right. Sorna was bigger than Nublar and had many more species in every nook and cranny. Now I can accept that the ecosystem couldn’t sustain them or they couldn’t survive long term in such an isolated place with such large numbers and varied species clashing night and day, but surely there should be something left? Also, the whole going extinct thing renders Malcolm’s ‘life finds a way’ speech entirely wrong 🙁 Life doesn’t find a way if they all just become extinct…

        1. I also should have added that even in individual species, there were quite large herds. Both TLW and JP3 show vast numbers of animals. Now we saw very few species and very small herds in JW, the numbers don’t add up. INGEN/Masrani surely didn’t take them all off the Island.

          1. Could you imagine rounding up every Compsognathus? They would also be the last species to die out due to their scavenger nature.

            Even after Nublar goes up in smoke, unless it sinks into the sea, many small animals would survive. Good luck catching them all.

            I do not like the lack of thought going into the world building. They seem to just be looking for an excuse not to go back to Sorna. It isn’t fair to just wipe it from existence.

          2. I agree, it’s like they’re trying to write it off to make an excuse for the movie to pretend that the location doesn’t exist which I hope won’t be the case though I already suspect that it will be knowing Universal’s antics with the world building.

          3. I think there are still dinos there. How would they make JW III without dinos on sorna, or any habitation on Nublar? They are blowing it up with a volcano, arent they?

  8. Great! I think this looks pretty good, package design is much better than the previous line, my only critiques are below.

    – teeth color, these look pretty bright,

    -are the globby teeth, I realize there are safety concerns, but most experienced dino toy companies know teeth arent an issue . I feel it would improve the sellability a lot to have them more refined.

    -the body’s overlap whete the neck inserts.
    I get what theyre doing, but i think it ends up standing out more than a smoother transition would.

    Wishes for future:
    -spiritual succsessor to the amazing Allosaurus pictured.
    -long necks

    Really glad to see the stegosaur!

  9. Carnotaurus is one of my favorite dinosaurs. I can’t wait! The sculpt and colors blend together so well! It is simply Beautiful. Love it.

    I wonder how fast it will sell out.

  10. Love this and the review. So glad collectors will finally have a shot at an awesome affordable Jurassic Carnotaurus!

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