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Watch Mattel’s Jurassic World Comic Con Panel Including First Exciting Look at 2019 Lineup!

Another year, another crazy San Diego Comic Con. While Jurassic has never made a peep there as a film itself, its brand partners oftentimes use the event as an exciting chance to show off their current and future merchandise. This year was no different, and while may companies brought their Jurassic World showcase, Mattel easily stole the show.

All eyes have been on Mattel, as they’re the first time a new company took the Jurassic Park core toy license since Kenner brought the line to life in 1993. It’s uncharted waters, but Mattel has shown they’re clearly in command of this diverse and fun property, bringing a toy line to life that not only matches but often exceeds the classic toys so many admire. While the toys have evolved for a new era of play in many regards, they still have the golden triangle of realistic and fun dinosaurs, humans, and vehicles all designed around a consistent scale and competitive price point. Play found a way.

As Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom begins to exit theaters, and wave 3 of the 2018 toys hit shelves, the number one question has been what does the future hold for Jurassic and the toy aisle. Thankfully Mattel answered with their Jurassic World Comic Con panel, where they not only talked deigning the current toy line, but teased what’s to come in the future.

Watch the panel in full below (huge thanks to Sickle_Claw on Twitter!), and read on for our summary and highlights!

One of the largest takeaways from the panel I had was how passionate and knowledgeable the team is about Jurassic Park, and how talented they are as designers. While they were careful not to throw Hasbro under the bus, let’s be honest, the 2015 Hasbro toy line wasn’t good for a plethora of reasons. Not only did Mattel carefully address those issues head on, they aimed far higher, and created a new standard when it comes to Jurassic. Before the toys released this year, I was skeptical, when they were released I was impressed, and watching the whole team talk shop I’m now inspired.

The property genuinely couldn’t be in better hands. So what does the future hold?

The first reveal made prior to the panel was the somewhat stealthy inclusion of Franklin Webb in their diorama display. While he was the only 2019 human part of their core 3.75″ line that they shared, there are surely plenty more on the way – perhaps favorites such as John Parker Hammond and Dr. Henry Wu? Time will tell!

The panel itself primarily focused on the new dinosaur toys of 2019, though they only teased what’s to come rather than showing full looks at the final toys. First up, they promised 16 new species of dinosaurs – this means dinosaurs that have not yet been made by Mattel since they launched the toy line in 2018. There will be far more dinosaur toys once you count the new sculpts of returning dinosaurs, and new paint jobs on previously released toys.

The three new species revealed during the panel are the following: Styracosaurus (All new Savage Strike assortment; $10), Amargasaurus (Action Attack assortment; $20) and the gigantic Brachiosaurus (assortment/price unknown). Yes, for the first time ever the Jurassic toy line is getting not one but two in-scale adult sauropod dinosaurs, which is utterly fantastic. Fans have been asking for a Brachiosaurus for years, and all new fans after seeing Fallen Kingdom have only strengthened the demand.

Take a look at the pictures below, which were mainly limited to teases – but showcase the silhouettes and size of the toys next to a 3.75″ action figure! (Pictures courtesy of Toy Shiz on Instagram)

While they didn’t confirm any other species beyond another new large Tyrannosaurus Rex, buzz leaving San Diego Comic Con suggests fans waiting for a large Indominus Rex will probably be happy. Other rumored new species (from short lived retailer listings) include Dracorex, Plesiosaurus, and Rhamphorhynchus! Although there is no definitive word on their existence, I’d fully expect other Velociraptors such as the respective females from Jurassic Park and JP3 plus Charlie, Delta, and Echo from World.

The panel did not touch on future vehicles, though it seems safe to assume the Ford Explorer Tour Vehicle will be inbound, alongside other classics and new fictional dino-capture themed rides. It remains unconfirmed, but one 2019 vehicle assortment is said to include a human, ATV, and dinosaur which would certainly be an exciting offering!

One of my largest worries for the future toys was the art style. While the majority of the current Mattel toys are wholly Jurassic, a few not based on movie dinosaurs have been more angular and stylized, lending to a more mean or cute cartoony appearance (Proceratosaurus and Dimetrodon for example). It may be too soon to call it, but the Styracosaurus showcased has immediately amended that particular fear and critique – its design would not look out of place roaming alongside the other animals in the films. I’m totally fine seeing new variations of dinosaurs we already know, with uniquely themed designs and colors, but I do prefer they stay within the constraints of the Jurassic style set by Crash McCreery and Stan Winston many years ago.

Moving on from the core 3.75″ line, Mattel announced their new 6″ collectors series, showcasing Owen Grady and Velociraptor Blue from Jurassic World, and Dr. Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park. The 6″ toys are a larger format item, with more detailed sculpts and paint applications alongside more articulation for the ultimate control over displaying the figure. Prices and accessories were not announced, but it stands to reason the sets will come with some fun add-ons and be sold at a reasonable price. This line will not replace the core line, but serve as a limited scope series running adjacent to it, primarily aimed at larger format collectors!

While further 6″ dinosaurs and humans were not announced, nor was there talk of vehicles, if these items are successful the range will certainly continue to grow.

Mattel closed out the panel giving away some free toys, including limited-run toys that are all but canceled (incredibly limited numbers made) such as the Indoraptor vs Blue playset, and the Destruct-a-saurs Tyrannosaurus Rex set. Mattel did offer some promising news, saying that most of the Destruct-A-Saurs (previous Toys R Us exclusive line) will see distribution at retailers, so stay tuned for more definitive details about how the 2018 line will continue to expand.

Mattel has spared no expense bringing the Jurassic toys to life, and I am loving everything they’ve cooked up in their labs so far. I cannot wait to see what surprises come in the future (fingers crossed for more collectors aimed 3.75” characters and sets, hatchlings with humans rather than mini-dinos, or even Kenner style collector cards), and am sure whatever is on the horizon will continue to provide quality toys for kids and collectors alike. The diversity of play patterns and innovation within the line is incredible, and has really redefined what quality and affordable prices to expect in the toy isle. Hopefully Mattel does more panels such as this one (and perhaps other subsets of the Jurassic brand can follow their lead), as this was an incredibly exciting look behind the scenes which only further strengthened my interest for the future.

What did you like most from the panel, and what do you hope Mattel releases in 2019? Sound off in the comments below and stay tuned – more Mattel news and announcements are surely on the horizon!

Source: Sickle_Claw, ToyShiz, Mattel


29 thoughts on “Watch Mattel’s Jurassic World Comic Con Panel Including First Exciting Look at 2019 Lineup!

    1. Nope- despite Mills saying Alfred and it being that in the book, his name was established as Parker in TLW, JW and the portrait even says Parker in JW2. Quite confused by the Alfred flub in Fallen Kingdom.

      1. This flub really ruined the movie for me. Add in the sudden transport of the mosasaur tank on the map and it really shows how ill-prepared the writers and creators for this movie were. How hard is it to research the canon of what you’re creating?

        1. I personally don’t mind the apparent middle-name discrepancy. But I too was a little bothered by the sudden appearance of a gate leading straight out into the ocean from the Mosasaur Lagoon. And that’s coming from somebody who absolutely loved Fallen Kingdom.

          At first, I tried to rationalize it like so many other people. I also toyed with the idea of a sort of river being there as opposed to the actual ocean. Or perhaps that was just a walled of the Mosasaur lagoon that led to an underground tunnel.

          But in the end, I just decided that I wasn’t going to let a relatively little thing like that ruin my enjoyment of the film. (Although I still think the walled-off section theory might be the most plausible; gonna have to rewatch the film at some point.)

        1. Could be that Anglicans are like Catholics, where each stage of Church rituals in life you go through you take a new name…

      2. Of course, this was coming from a guy who thought it would be a good idea to sell the last survivors of an endangered group of animals to a bunch of crooks for a cheap buck.

        If his brain could come up with something as twisted as that, I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to think that he could get somebody’s name wrong.

  1. It’ll never happen, but I would love to see a rerelease of the original JP series 1 toys. Those figures were perfect: they looked like how the movie characters would look if they were outfitted to handle the imaginary scenarios countless kids like me put them through.

    I hope the new Legacy figures are better than the first run, and I would love to see how the Tour Explorer turns out.

  2. “It remains unconfirmed, but one 2019 vehicle assortment is said to include a human, ATV, and dinosaur which would certainly be an exciting offering!”
    Where was this info from? I some how missed it and am very excited!

  3. Here’s what I’m hoping we get.

    Both Jungle explorers 04 & 05 for the legacy line and 1:18 diecast.

    The full cast from the original movie to go along with the legacy line as well as the new 6″line. John Hammond, Lex and Tim Murphy, Mr. Arnold, Dennis Nedry, Lewis Dodgson, Genaro and Hennry Wu… maybe some random park workers with the pink shirts.

    Nedry with Jeep #12 and Dilo.

    Possible visitor center playset.

    T.rex tour road attack playset with t.rex, Grant Malcolm, Lex, Tim and Genaro. Explorer 04 has payable damage feature.

    That’s a good start 😊

    1. I’m totally with you. I am hoping for the full cast from JP and TLW. I have to get a jungle tour Explorer and even having a new mobile Command Center would bring back childlike feelings at Christmas!

    2. Also I hope they continue whole heartedly in the 3.75 line. The 6” figs are fun but I love the idea of an expanded universe of human figures, vehicles and dinosaurs that all work in scale with each other.

      1. Impeccable the 6″ blue figure, all details such as the size of the feet and the head are well respected. I hope so much that they will do the same for the t-rex, the mosasaurus, and also the male velociraptor of JP3 where they will just have to change their color, change the head and add the spines or protoplums behind the head.

  4. Wait, so the Indoraptor vs Blue playset isn’t going to have a wide release? That’s disappointing… I was hoping to get an in-scale Indoraptor figure.

  5. I mean, all the destruct-a-saurs from wave 1 are on Amazon. I’ve already sent that info in to y’all like a month ago. It’s not really a mystery.

  6. Tim and Lex Murphy, Hammond and Nedry as well as the Ford Explorer are an absolute must. I can’t believe the Indo vs Blue is going to be rare. It’s the climax of JW2. I’m super excited for the announcements to come.

  7. ” NublarSurvivor says:
    30th July 2018 at 9:20 pm

    This flub really ruined the movie for me. ”

    Now, one of the criticisms I have aimed at so called fans who don’t like Fallen Kingdom, and Jurassic World for that matter, is that they can take the pettiest of things and to them it’s a big issue. BUT THIS…THIS IS TRULY BEYOND BELIEF.

    You have that opening sequence, Carnotaurus, T-rex, Stygimoloch, Baryonyx, the whole volcano eruption sequence, the whole magnificent film! And this guy…this guy says the movie is ruined to him. Because of that. You couldn’t make this up.

    Just imagine. He was watching that glorious shot of the T-rex with Carnotaurus, and in his mind he was thinking “BUT HE SAID ALFRED THOUGH!”

    I’ve said these people are mentally unstable. They just keep on proving me right.

  8. My biggest dream for this series is that Mattel will produce a line of 1/36 scale dinos, vehicles and playsets in scale with their Mega Construx micro figures. I know LEGO has the construction license for the franchise, but even if they included small stock figures with limited articulation, kids and adults could then replace them with the likes of Captain Picard, or the Ninja turtles!

    If that never happens, I’d just love some fully articulated dinos, akin to the indoraptor toy.

  9. I think in a few prototype images, a Tapejara / Tupandactylus was shown. It’ll also be interesting to see Mattel’s take on a gimmick for the Indominus Rex.

  10. Impeccable blue figure, all details such as the size of the feet and the head are well respected. I hope so much that they will do the same for the t-rex, the mosasaurus, and also the male velociraptor of JP3 where they will just have to change their color, change the head and add the spines or protoplums behind the head.

  11. I wonder if Mattel Toy Company will release the Indominus Rex as a large Size roaravorus?? Maybe next year. That would be a popular item to manufacture in their facility. Keeping my fingers crossed. It could be a Legacy item to.

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