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What is BATTLE AT BIG ROCK? New Mattel Toys Reveal Mysterious Jurassic World Spin-Off Title!

Yesterday, numerous fans of the Mattel Jurassic World toys were surprised of the sudden appearance of two previously unannounced toys on store shelves: the Dual Attack Nasutoceratops, and Dual Attack Allosaurus. Bot featuring brand new, never before seen designs, they immediately catch the eye – and this is especially important given the larger news buried within.

The packaging features a surprising callout: “As seen in ‘Battle at Big Rock'”

(Photo’s courtesy of Tyrant Tyrannus and Mr Classic Jurassic)

Thanks to Facebook user Tyrant Tyrannus we had our first look at the Mattel toys for the Nasutoceratops and Allosaurus, which are now appearing in stores (and now HD photos via Mr Classic Jurassic on Instagram). Considering these toys have been withheld from other promotional campaigns, and none of the other toys feature the ‘Battle of Big Rock’ callout, it’s clear these two dinosaurs are appearing in whatever Big Rock may be. Rumors have circulated about a potential Live Action short film releasing sometime this year, and our money is on those rumors being true.

This news is as exciting as it is mysterious! The prospect of knowing Jurassic World will be expanding into new territory outside of the core films is great, as the franchise has been historically slow to evolve and expand. Everyone has worked up quite a dinosaur sized appetite for new content, and it’s finally coming.

Other details of the short film are still unknown at this time. Whether it takes place after Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, is a prequel, or perhaps something that is not canon at all has yet to be determined. It’s also possible that this is actually an animated project, however we think ‘Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous’ is the franchises first real foray into feature animated content.

It’s worth noting at Amblin Entertainment took out a trademark for ‘Battle at Big Rock’ in November of 2018.

If Battle at Big Rock is canon, it would be the first of its kind for expanded universe content within the Jurassic Park universe. While certainly different than the approach properties like Star Wars and Marvel are taking, it could pave the way for more traditional spin-off content, such as films, television series, and more.

Should this be canon, and a sequel to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s ending there are a few options for the Allosaurs inclusion: at least one was purchased, and shipped away via cargo trucks at the end of the film. However, at least one other was still present in Lockwood’s estate when the dinosaurs were released and ran into the wild. It’s very possible that the film will follow the paths of one of those two animals, wherever they’re destined to appear. Perhaps its setting is this location in California?

As for the Nasutoceratops, this one is a mystery. It’s a newcomer to the Jurassic franchise, and perhaps could be the result of brand new parties cloning dinosaurs? It’s a brand new dinosaur, and whatever content it’s featured in will be a fascinating way to get a new dino design. The Allosaurus also appears to look quite different from it’s Fallen Kingdom toy and appearance, leading to speculation this may be an adult Allosaurus design. Further, if these are new designs, does that mean new film-quality assets from Industrial Light & Magic plus similar effects houses have been made? Whatever the answers may be, we’re sure excited to find out come this Summer – and we’re excited to get our hands on these great new toys!

What do you think of the title of “Battle at Big Rock” for the live action Jurassic World short film? Also, what would you like to see in the film, do you think it will be canon, or is this simply a high budget Mattel outting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on our forums.

Source: Facebook (via Collect Jurassic)


36 thoughts on “What is BATTLE AT BIG ROCK? New Mattel Toys Reveal Mysterious Jurassic World Spin-Off Title!

  1. I bet these are for the short film that has been hinted at before the Hobbes and Shaw movie! Can’t wait to see a full-grown Allosaurus! And Nasutoceratops!!

  2. it’s obviously for that short that’s showing with the new fast and furious film. this is a quote from a mattel spokesperson at the new york toy fair. “We have a new species, the Nasutoceratops coming out, it’s a tongue twister, along with our Allosaurus. They’re gonna be featured in a live-action short pre-roll that’s going to play before the new Fast and Furious movie [Hobbs and Shaw] summer 2019. So keep an eye out for that.”

  3. Can the “battle at big rock” be the jurassic short in front of the new Hobbs and shaw movie?

  4. Battle at Big Rock is where they finally explain on film what happened to Sorna and tell the audience that the Dinosaurs aren’t just female.

    Lol. Nah, they’re just introducing even more questions… But hey, SICK NEW DINOS MAN! And FULLY SICK FIGHTS, DUDE!

    1. Who cares about that blasted island?

      Isla Sorna, in the film universe, is a pointless and unnecessarily complex addition to the franchise. The events of The Lost World and Jurassic Park /// could easily have taken place on Isla Nublar, dare I say, it would have made those films a little bit better.

      The majority of the general audience believe that all of the films have taken place on the same island as that of the first film. It certainly doesn’t help that The Lost World doesn’t even bother showing the “factory floor” and even though it finally appears in J.P.///, we only see it for about five minutes and most of that time is spent trying to get snacks out of the vending machine and escaping a Velociraptor.

        1. Why though?

          Considering the vast amount of changes Spielberg and Koepp made when adapting and writing The Lost World movie, during the process they lost all of the justifications that supported the existence of Isla Sorna and Site B in the process.

          Overall, I utterly despised the way Isla Sorna was introduced in the movies, and was made suddenly more important than Isla Nublar. And I am glad that the dinosaurs were removed from there to Jurassic World, good riddance!

  5. I’ve been a huge JP fan since day 1, when I was twelve and saw it at the theaters, but if I “have” to watch Fast and Furious in order to see anything Jurassic Park/World-related, then I won’t be seeing it at all. I’ve never watched any of the FaF movies and don’t care to see any others they plan to release.

      1. Movie theaters in my country are way too expensive to watch a short film then leave. [laughs] Anyway, I’m sure that, if that’s the case, I’ll be able to watch it via other means, like on Youtube, for instance, as our friend mentioned. I’m not worried.

    1. I would definately pay 10 dollars or whatever to see a short film featuring an Allosaurus.
      F&F definitely not my thing, but after all…Allo is the best dinosaur.

      1. I guess you mean the JW Evolution version, since the juvenile in the movie is a somewhat strange looking blob

    1. All of the Allosaurs seen from Fallen Kingdom were juveniles, it’s very possible that the Battle at Big Rock Allosaurus is just simply what a mature one would look like.

      It’s also possible that the B.A.B.R. Allosaurus could be a male considering how bright and colourful it appears to be, especially when compared to the Allosaurs from Fallen Kingdom.

    2. the two possibilities i can think of 1 – its not an ingen clone and it was made by one of the new companies or 2 – since the ones in fallen kingdom were not full grown they will just say they change as the mature, like like how a rex goes from a fleet footed raptor like animal to a small albertosaurus like animal before finally getting big and bulky as an adult rex.

  6. Seriously though. It’s no doubt going to be a short encapsulating the impact Dinosaurs are having on the world now they’re free on the mainland. At Big Rock in Alberta, Canada, the two creatures will interact amongst tourists who have to scramble to get out of the way. Or something like that.

    1. I like the idea of the fight being named after a town or place that is real. I had expected it to be a dino fight next to a literal rock!

  7. if only they had some made up human characters and vehicles to go with them like kenner did with the jurassic park series 2 toy line have them break up the fight just before the killing blow so we know who won the fight but both animals survive after all a live dino is worth more than a dead one.

  8. This Allosaurus is a huge step down, mainly due to its absurd proportions. I saw a edit posted on the Dino Toy Forum and it looks way better there

  9. There comes a point where the Jurassic brand can’t save a product from looking like a cheap, Chinese dinosaur toy…

  10. This new Allosaurus figure could be an adult male Allosaurus never seen before on film, and the ones in Fallen Kingdom were juvenile females (the grey ones), like the 2018 Mattel figure. Now, if you get this new one, and you have the older one, you could have them mate and produce offspring. Mattel should release some male and female Allosaurus baby figures in a three pack (2 males/ 1 female) soon that would be cool.
    As for the Nasutoceratops figure, I think it is cool that Mattel is releasing a total of 4 ceratopsian dinosaurs: Triceratops (including the new one), Protoceratops, Pachyrinosaurus (or Sinoceratops), and this new Nasutoceratops. Plus, the Nasutoceratops was the actual ceratopsian used in the cancelled hybrid of the Stegoceratops (Nasutoceratops and Stegosaurus). Mattel should make a Stegoceratops figure in scale with the other dinosaurs. I think that would be cool, but make it look natural in colors, please. *Nasutoceratops lacks the nose horn, just like the Stegoceratops does, so it could be from a Triceratops, plus the brow horns were curved more downward like the Nasutoceratops. Overall, I like the design and colors of these two new Mattel dinosaurs, and I can’t wait until the short film: Jurassic World: Battle at Big Rock is released this summer!


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