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We spent a day at Frontier Developments in Cambridge and played Jurassic World: Evolution!

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World’s First Screen Accurate Replica of the Jurassic Park Night Vision Goggles!

It has been 24 years since Jurassic Park thrilled audiences upon release and still to this day the fandom is growing, with fans across the globe collecting and trading merchandise, making their own Jurassic Park Jeeps, visiting the filming locations, writing fan fiction, and some are even involved with creating prop replicas to match their on-screen counterparts.

JurassicCollectables has spent the past year building a screen accurate replica of the Jurassic Park night vision goggles and today he has debuted them! Four years of research have gone into this build which included sourcing every original part to ensure these goggles were 100% screen accurate.

Without further ado, we present… The Goatfinder Mark I!

These iconic goggles feature just before the main road attack in Jurassic Park – while searching in the rear of the tour vehicle, Tim finds the goggles and uses them to look for the goat that was used to lure the female Tyrannosaurus into view of the guests. They also feature in Jurassic World where Gray picks up an old pair from a maintenance shed behind the Visitors Center.


Dubbing this build the Goatfinder Mark I – JC successfully completely the project this month and even spoke with Special Effects Technician Michael Lantieri, who built the original goggles, and has signed this pair.

Amazingly, JC was able to source the same exact lenses used in the goggles which turned out to be from a 1990s Konica Aiborg. While researching for this build, Chronicle Collectibles shared some photos of the original screen used prop which allowed him to ensure accuracy with the shape, colour and finer detailing.

“I had to spray paint the goggles in the kitchen, which made my wife really pleased. I kept the room well ventilated but I wiped down surfaces afterwards and there was a bit of green paint on everything – even on the pepper grinder”

Along with the goggles and as part of his press release, JC has produced a fantastic behind the scenes video (embedded above!) that showcases the goggles in all their glory, and details his design and build process over the past year. It’s worth the 10 minute watch, and having been lucky enough to see this project develop over the past year, I’m excited to finally see it all come together!

Amazing work from yet another talented fan. Be sure to let JurassicCollectables know what you think of the goggles in the comments section below, and subscribe to his channel for a wealth of props, toys and other Jurassic Park collectables!



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