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There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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China Gets an Alternate Final Trailer With Extended Fallen Kingdom Footage!

Yesterday, Jurassic fans were treated with the third and final trailer for the upcoming Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom which gave us an even closer look at the story and characters in the movie.

Following the trend of almost every other large franchise these days, a new extended trailer has just debuted in China with even more spoiler-heavy footage. Check it out below:

With new looks at Rafe Spall, Ted Levine Toby Jones and BD Wong as well as a few more beautiful establishing shots sprinkled in, this trailer is less of an extended version of the trailer we received yesterday and more of a creation unto itself.

I personally feel like this trailer is considerably stronger in the narrative department than previous trailers, laying out a clear and honest look at the film we will see in June. Though some might consider it a little too concise.

We have compiled over 90 screenshots from yesterday’s trailer in glorious HD for your viewing pleasure.

Which trailer do you prefer? Are you back aboard the Fallen Kingdom hype train? Sound off below!


59 thoughts on “China Gets an Alternate Final Trailer With Extended Fallen Kingdom Footage!

      1. Dynosaurus: i don´t think so. He means a scene starting at 1:42, look at Blue´s head, its scratch all over. I think this going to be the ,,last goodbye” between them after the fight with indoraptor 🙁 …
        Hope im wrong, don´t wanna Blue to die :-/ …

      1. LOL. When this movie comes out I’ll see it so much that I’ll be OWEN a lot of people money.

        That was even worse wasn’t it

      2. When this movie comes out I’ll see it so much that I’ll be OWEN a lot of people money.

        That was even worse wasn’t it LOL

    1. Nedry never died. He used his overwhelming bulk to overpower the Dilo, and became King of the Dilos. He roams the island on a pedal-powered Wrangler, keeping a watchful eye on his kingdom. However, he is unable to prevent the volcano exploding, hence the title of Fallen Kingdom.

      All of this footage of Owen, Claire, and others is all a smokescreen to the real plot.

          1. Which is why he has a sharpened sense of hearing. The legend speaks of a daredevil wearing a yellow raincoat accompanied by an army of spitting dinosaurs. 😈

    2. I’m going to take an educated guess based on the Behind the Scenes footage and say that’s Ted Levine’s character, Ken Wheatley. Both seem to be wearing a rain coat in their respective footage!

      1. But Ted Levine survives at least until the Indoraptor escapes… Isn’t it him the thing is roaring at in an earlier trailer? Isn’t that him?

  1. That snippet of Blue quivering while looking cut up, really made my stomach turn, wow! don’t normally get the feels but straight up got me, may need to come up with a better excuse than something in my eye at the cinema lol

  2. Well after the last two trailer I won’t have to go see the movie anymore. They have showed absolutely everything..

    Why, really, why?

  3. A group of poachers try and nab some stuff from Sorna. The Indominus rex is visited to collect DNA samples. The Mosasaur escapes into the ocean causing issues. Owen gets convinced to go to the island to rescue Blue after Claire convinces him that she has a team organised to save the Dinosaurs. Her team is being used and the Dinosaurs are instead going to get sold. Blue is used to finish the Indoraptor. Fast forward some time and the animals are being auctioned but the big bad is released. It chases the main characters for a while until reaching the roof where it falls through the skylight and is impaled on the Triceratops Skull below. The surviving Dinosaurs escape into the wilds around the Lockwood manor and the extremely cheesy ‘Jurassic World’ that all the 12 years olds want comes to fruition as Dinosaurs take over the mainland…

    Did I miss anything? Lucky for Universal, I am a fan and will still watch it. As for the general population… Do they have a reason to now?

    1. “How to spoil entire movie in just 3-4 trailers” by Universal Pictures.

      I’m going to watch it even after it was spolied totally, because I find Owen and Blue relationship facinating to observe.
      There are only a few things to discover. What will happen with those 3 eggs we saw? What’s happening with Hammond’s partner from old JP days (You know, that elderly man)? Lastly, Will Blue survive Fallen Kingdom? She was beaten quite a bit. She has pretty strong merchandise armor, tho Bayon may have been persuasive enough to kill her for drama sake.

    2. Yeah and the t-rex chase? For as far as I can tell the guy runs away, makes it to the ladder of the heli, Rex roars, heli takes of but guy on ladder gets eaten by the Mosasaurus. Seriously everything is spoiled.

    3. You are almost 100% correct but it wont end like that. In that scene where they are in the roof you might think Claire will shoot the glass and make the Indoraptor fall and be impaled by the Triceratops skull but thats what they want us to believe. I think the Mosasaurus will jump out of the roof where the Indoraptor is and eat it. Lol

      1. I should adjust my original synopsis. Blue is not used for the Indoraptor. But they still want her for future makes. The piece of Indominus rib is collected at the beginning of the film, this is also when the raincoat man appears.

        Owen and Claire are also booted off the boat or jump off and swim back to the shore of Nublar. This is where she states that ‘they’ lied.

  4. I don’t understand people who whine about knowing the entire plot. Maybe they revealed too much like they did with Jurassic World, but I’m sure there are lots of surprises left. We haven’t seen a ton of the mansion scenes and we haven’t even had a single glimpse at Lockwood in any trailer or TV spot released so far. I’m sure the trailers haven’t ruined everything in the movie.

    1. I haven’t watched this one, but I probably still would agree with you.
      If someone really wants to know nothing, then watching the trailers is of course, out of the question.
      I myself originally did say I wasn’t going to watch anything till the film came out…HOW WEAK WAS I !!! however, I usually follow a simple practice: watching the main trailers or at least one of them should be okay, but watching all the TV spots and any extra footage released will definitely spoil just about everything!

    2. Also, we don’t know much about what will happen on Nublar. There could be a lot more wild dinosaur encounters that end bad for the rescuers and we didn’t see any dinosaur capturing scenes. For example, we don’t know how the Baryonyx, the T-rex and all the herbivores will get captured. Also, we only saw one Carnotaurus while there are more (animatronic for a younger one was showed in the making of video) and we also didn’t see the Stiggy, the Dilophosaurus at all. Plus, the Shinoceratops and the Allosaurus are both captured be we saw like 2 seconds of both animals. So a lot of stuff about the first half of the movie is still shrouded in mysterie eventhough we do know the general plot. But for me, as a BIG fan, it is more about all these details in the scenes that will surprise me than the general story, because the general story of movies need to be spoiled in some amount to lure people into the cinema. And while there is a lot spoiled about the main story for this movie in the final trailer, I already suspected all this spoiler information before the final trailer even came out. So it’s not a spoiler for me at all, just a confirmation. In total we saw like 6/7 minutes of material from a movie that’s over two hours long , so a LOT will still be a surprise. Until now, I think they spoiled way less than they did with Jurassic World.

  5. Digging the shot of Rexy chasing the man as he’s frantically trying to grab the helicopter ladder. A tense and grounded shot, with such an effectively framed perspective.

    Shame we already know how sequences like this will end.

    1. I agree. That moment really stood out to me. It genuinely looks frightening. That is going to be an incredible stand out moment in the overall franchise. The part where it tries biting the guy looks so really too, like I can’t tell if its animatronic or CGI. Very impressed by what I’ve seen of this scene so far.

  6. Ladies and gentlemen… I give you the fruits of a sick, desensitized society where instant gratification and flashy-splosions-to-distract-us are the order of the day.

    Remember how well JP did back in ’93? Remember the trailer? Remember when it was like an hour into the film before we even saw a Dinosaur because there was plenty of intelligent dialogue to get through first?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  7. Blue should have survived. I don’t think the audiences were ever given as much opportunity to connect deeply with a dinosaur character as they got with Blue and her relationship with Owen. Now, it seems for the sake of a “tragic scene” in the franchise, Blue is being killed off. That will be extremely saddening for me personally. Blue is special. If she goes, that special element will also disappear. For me, Blue is the hook. I love animals a lot and have rescued and taken care of a few myself. It will be quite unbearable for me if Blue is done away with. I know it is a movie but still.
    I guess the answers I might get from other commenters is “Don’t see it then!” or “It’s not your movie,” or even worse, “Go cry somewhere else.”
    Blue, in my opinion should live through JW3 and die offscreen. She’s too lovely, innocent to get killed like that; especially because she was supposed to elicit an emotional response from us and create this bridge between animals and man.
    Anyway, its true that this isn’t my movie. The filmmakers will decide what they want to and some of us just have to accept that and go out the door, with a broken heart.

    1. I like the sentiment in your comment. Thanks for writing it.
      I wanna say though, I don’t think Blue is gonna die in this film. I think the scenes of Her fighting the Indoraptor and breaking out the cage are all after the scene with her on the bed being treated. I don’t KNOW what’s gonna happen of course, but I really don’t think she is gonna go in this film.

    2. I’m sure Bayona was being tempted to kill her in Fallen Kingdom by the end of the movie for drama sake. There may be the same scene from the finale of JW when Owen and Blue made an eye contact, but in FK Owen wouldn’t make her go. She may recieve caress from her parent and then she may pass away in his hands due to internal injuries. Pretty cheap move to bring our emotions out to be honest. I think the fight to keep her alive on surgery table (in the end succesful one), with fallowing long recovery, would have bigger impact on characters’ development and viewers.

      I always treated Blue and Owen as intimate look into dinosaur and man relatonship that in right circustances may work. I believe that relationship is something that is being explored in JW trylogy. Dinosaurs as beasts of war, as a cattle or horse, as pets. I’d be sad to see that developing connection was cut in FK.

      1. I hope Blue isn’t killed off. But, Owen’s expression as he puts his hand on an injured Blue’s head, feels like he knows Blue is beyond saving now. That expression feels like it has a finality; the thought that he now has to let go of her forever.
        If I am honest, as much as I love Rexy, Blue is the one I care the most about because she’s not a blood-thirsty killer like the Raptors in JP1 and JP2. Blue has been trained, has received love, kindness and attention from Owen. There is a deep bond and respect between them. To snatch it away and destroy that beautiful bond would feel very harsh a treatment.
        Of course it is someone else’s movie. But, this is a movie whose characters are loved by millions. Many are attached to Blue. Taking that away from the audience would be risky for JW3 because we won’t have a dinosaur that we care about so much. I think the love and connection that we feel for Blue is more intimate and immediate than with Rexy. We admire Rexy but from a distance. She’s a powerful force of nature. We cannot identify with her. We can identify with someone who’s more closer to us; who is vulnerable like us. Blue gave us that dinosaur character.
        It took two movies to build something so beautiful. If Blue dies now, how do we attach ourselves to a new character for the final film? If Blue dies, there will be a big void which cannot be filled in JW3. It’ll be painful.

  8. I wont be watching this trailer as I don’t wanna go too far!
    It’s only a bit over a month till the film comes out so I would advise people to try and exercise some patience! And like I just said, definitely don’t watch any of the TV spots that come out on the net before the film comes out, they really will show every scene piece by piece! Or any footage that comes on the web before release day.
    All I can say is, I am so excited for this film! It looks incredible. It really could be the best Jurassic yet.

  9. Seems kind of odd that China and the UK are getting to see the film before N. America. China’s released date makes sense in that 6 is a lucky number in Chinese astrology, so 6, 6 is extra lucky I guess. Not fair though, especially since China is where a lot the the leaks come from.

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