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Chris Pratt Has Talked ‘Jurassic World 3’ with Laura Dern and Hints at Dr. Ellie Sattler’s Return!

‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ roared into theaters less than a year ago, but fans are hungry for news pertaining to the future. Thankfully Chris Pratt, who plays the raptor wrangler Owen Grady, has us covered. Excitedly speaking to Josh Horowitz of MTV News about what’s next for the Jurassic Park franchise now that dinosaurs are off the islands, Horowitz pressed him about the potential of a Jurassic Park character reunion.

Check it out below (starting around 12:15):

They also talk about how Dr. Ian Malcolm will have a more interesting role, outside of a courtroom and perhaps interacting with dinosaurs once again. Chris Pratt doesn’t hold back, and while this remains unconfirmed officially, it seems all but certain the original Jurassic Park characters are coming back – especially Laura Dern as Ellie Sattler as Chris Pratt directly acknowledges talking Jurassic World 3 with her recently!

This all comes after Bryce Dallas Howard strongly hinted Dr. Sattler would make a return, essentially making this all appear to be a poorly kept secret everyone wants to spill the beans on. The original Jurassic Park love is very real! Chris Pratt also confirms he knows the entire Jurassic World 3 story – and while he was tight-lipped, he is incredibly excited and “blown away” by the finale soon to come as they “jump forward” after Fallen Kingdom.

The original Jurassic Park cast connections doesn’t stop there, this morning Sam Neill, Dr. Alan Grant himself, tweeted a “reunion” photo of himself with Laura Dern. The tweet has since been retweeted by the Offical Jurassic World Twitter account. Perhaps just some dot connecting on our part, but those ripple rings in the water seem to be getting much bigger!

How do you think the original Jurassic Park characters can come back, and what do you want to see in Jurassic World 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on our forums.

Huge thanks to Ana on Twitter for sharing this news!

Source: MTV News

Check it out!


25 thoughts on “Chris Pratt Has Talked ‘Jurassic World 3’ with Laura Dern and Hints at Dr. Ellie Sattler’s Return!

  1. Pretty exited. Fallen kingdom fell short on many levels and you could feel that Trevorrow didn’t put as much effort into it as JW. Knowing he was really exited about the third one though, I can’t help but to expect something good. Or at least something more interesting than Fallen Kingdom, also because Chris seems to be really exited as well.

  2. I hope so much that these elements will be introduced in Jurassic World 3:
    -The return of the ancient characters from the original Jurassic Park trilogy played by the same actors, alongside the new characters from the first Jurassic World episodes: Allan Grant, Ellie Sattler, Tim, Alex, Ian Malcom, Sarah Harding, Kelly and Nick Van Owen of The Lost World, Billy Brennan, and perhaps Charlie, the son of Ellie Sattler seen in JP3, and Barry of JW.
    -Blue meeting Alan Grant where the latter, at first he distrusts her but later learns to trust her and eventually team up with Blue when she asks him for help, for example to save Owen Grady. Alan Grant could also use his resonant chamber of a raptor seen in Jurassic Park 3, to communicate with Blue or also call him in case he is threatened by either a predator or mischievous humans or other type of help.
    -Blue with a male raptor similar to Jurassic Park 3, where in the end they mate and have offspring.
    -I want so much that Rexy (or other Tyrannosaurus like Junior, the young Tyrannosaurus of the Lost World Jurassic Park) takes his revenge against the Spinosaurus of JP3, and wins the fight against this Spino (accompanied perhaps by this music from Jurassic Park 3). And after defeating the spinosaurus, he roars like at the final stage of Jurassic Park or at the end of Jurassic World
    But most importantly, no t-rex dies in Jurassic World 3, not even Rexy if it appears. Similarly no t-rex is defeated by another carnivorous dinosaur such as giganotosaurus.
    -The apparitions of Suchomimus, Pyroraptor, Deinonychus, Utahraptor, Postosuchus, Tarbosaurus, Deinosuchus, Sarcosuchus or Purussaurus, and Brachiosaurus in a similar scene at
    Mosasaur attacking and killing the whalers.

    1. Are you serious? Again with the same non-sense? Hopefully the people in charge of these films have imagination but are also ADULTS.

      Please stop doing this to yourself. Your opinion is so silly that, even sharing THE SAME COMENT ONCE AND ONCE AGAIN, nobody cares about it.

      Stop. Now. PLEASE.

  3. I hope really that all actors of Jurassik Park/World’s saga could come back in the last edition , perhaps to show to all people that dinosaurs’s life cannot be conserved in park or circus or something but rather, a life in natural conditions as shown the different movies. In deed, during all the movies , there was a failure of parks because Nature is stronger that Humans.
    So, it would be legitime to show how dinosaurs can adapt to a different biotope of Jurassic Era insisting on landscapes, sensibility of animals, natural characteristics,…

  4. Here’s hoping that this 3rd installment has a better script than Fallen Kingdom as it currently is the weakest in the franchise. I’m hoping they don’t rely too much on nostalgia like they have been in the past. They need to make their own spectacular memorable moments.

    Dr. Grant, aka the main protagonist of the franchise, had best make an appearance having a vital role besides Owen. It’s one of the main reasons why I felt Jurassic Park 3 was more of a sequel than The Lost World. More darker, more suspenseful and had better characters aling with the most memorable scenes.

    We need better fleshed out characters. The villains in both Jurassic World and Fallen Kingdom were one dimensional and cliche. Very lazily written and had very little to do with the story.

    Most importantly, 2021 is when the 3rd installment is releasing. This marks the 20th anniversary of Jurassic Park 3. Seeing as how identical Fallen Kingdom is to The Lost World I believe this movie will be somewhat similar to Jurassic Park 3. I, along every Jurassic fan, liked that movie a lot and would LOVE to see the return of the Spinosaurus from Isla Sorna. It is easily the most requested dinosaur and it’s without a doubt the most dominant, powerful apes predator of the franchise. Spinosaurus popularity rivals Rexy so Colin would best capitalize on its request for a large reception. Do not.. I repeat do not make it fight the Tyrannosaurus. Unless you people want to see Tyrannosaurus get killed it’s best not to go in this direction as Spinosaurus is canonized to be far superior and rightfully so being the largest terrestrial predatory theropod. If the Spinosaurus does in fact return, it should that same dominant dinosaur we saw in Jurassic Park 3. Make Spinosaurus the anti-hero of the series. Kinda like in comicbook movies where the audience is frightened by it but lives it for saving the day. Like how Venom is in the Spiderman comics. It’s loved yet still viewed as a anti-hero due to it’s more superiority over Spiderman. Here’s hoping Colin well pull it off after the disappointment from Fallen Kingdom.

  5. If Ellie and Ian have large roles, then they have my money. I just hope the script doesn’t completely butcher their characters. With Trevorrow writing again, I won’t hold my breath. Still, I’m happy for Laura Dern, considering she’s been wanting to return for ages. I don’t see Alan Grant coming back in anything but a glorified cameo, since Sam Neill doesn’t seem nearly as interested in Jurassic Park these days. Still, money talks, so maybe they can get him back for a decent role. It’s a big shame these wonderful characters will still play second fiddle to bland characters like Owen and Claire. I’m looking forward to seeing the originals back together again, but it’s bittersweet, because I’m anything but excited for Jurassic World 3 and this casting information doesn’t change that.

  6. Look all these same boring robot responses. Think for yourself for one second.

    In contrast to the large herd of sheep behind me (no offense to the literal sheep of the world) I’m going to say that any ideas of any old characters from the first three “Park” films coming back, makes me cringe, unless it’s done well. And certainly, there is no purpose for bringing any JP3 characters, so forget that entirely. And like I’ve said before, I would rather the focus be on the characters we have now, however they handled bringing back old characters. I want Zia back, and Franklin, and come up with a good conclusion to Claire, Owen, and Maisie’s story. but again, in contrast to those with no mind, I DO HAVE ABSOLUTE FAITH that Colin and his crew are going to do a good job, whatever they have come up with. Two great films in, and a total overhaul of all the bad ideas that came before him, Colin saved it all. I have no reason to doubt anything.

    Sadly though, the loudest most prominent voices you will hear when the film comes out will be moaning mind controlled boring folk. It’s almost guaranteed. The first negative responses that hit the net will get repeated ad nauseum, till all self is abolished, and these sheep will only reproduce verbatim, the same words on repeat. Look at the comments thread about the Colin interview (think that was the one) to see what I mean. By the time they reach that point, the hate cyborgs will feel they have reached perfection. A hive mind perfection, every criticism in sync. What a shame.

    If there is innovation, people will complain “it doesn’t feel Jurassic”, if it repeats something of old to try and please that crowd, they will say “it’s offering nothing new”, get ready for all the people that will take issue with anything exciting at all. There seems to be a crowd of people adamant to see a film that contains three scenes of some Dinosaurs eating, sleeping, and peeing, before a Compy bites a vets finger during a check up as the finale. In between these scenes some corny needless science talk, for the geeks pseudo intellectual satisfaction, and a few nostalgia lines are spoken by a group of characters at a big table, just to honour the fans. Colin, please ignore these people. PLEASE.

    Just remember Colin and cast and all the crew involved, most of the general audience are not in that hive mind, and at least a large part of the big JP/JW fans are not either. It’s just sad that some of the supposed big fans, are stuck in nolstalgia and over analysis. Or are just plain boring.

    1. For some perverse reason, you seem to think that a majority opinion is wrong simply because it’s a majority opinion. What about the chance that people seem to criticise the same things because these things are actually really and honestly crap?

      People take issue with the two last abominations neither because they don’t feel too JP nor because they offer nothing new. That’s a straw man.

      It’s because the script is a nonsenical, full of holes, illogical, childish, generic, boring, clichéd mess. People who don’t react to situations like people, that completely change personalities between films, that have no brains, that deliver punchlines in supossedly dangerous situations… no sense of direction, no suspense, no pacing, no acting.

      The fact that for some reason you like those films, doesn’t erase all that is wrong about them.

      1. Ah, hellegennes! Here we are again.

        You can clearly see that people are saying almost exactly the same thing on repeat, even in almost exactly the same way, word for word. I don’t think it’s simply because they are all so in tune with the universe, and they are just telling the absolute truth! They are just going along with what other people are saying. Even if some of these people didn’t like the films for whatever reason, let’s say it’s just not for them generally, their specific complaints are not of any substance. Not only because they are not true in relation to the films themselves, but they are not true, even in the brain of the person making them!

        And as for me creating straw men, I have seen people make those specific complaints you mention. I’m surprised if you haven’t!

        you say the script is “nonsenical, full of holes, illogical, childish, generic, boring, clichéd mess” I would be curious to see how you would explain any of that. How does it not make sense? Full of holes? illogical? Dinosaurs need rescuing from an island about to explode, and people are going to try to exploit them. Makes sense, is very logical. And is a great basis to build an interesting set of events on. Holes? Come on man. I know you are gonna bring up something petty. There are no holes. As for childish, generic, boring and clichéd, man, I’m swamped in madness reading this. Boring?! The two Jurassic World films are unquestionably the most action packed films of the whole saga so far. Generic? Now please. That is totally wrong. Fallen Kingdom has it’s own unique look and feel that really affects you. And it’s structure and settings were innovative and new for the series, and in relation to film generally.
        creativity and imagination like this, is not common nowadays.

        I would willingly go on to dissect the madness you just wrote out, in order to defend the films and those who created them, but I have to leave the house soon.

        1. Can we just collectively stop fueling this guy?

          It’s beyond reason to critic these films with him. If people love Fallen Kingdon, for example, fantastic. Whatever you enioy- enjoy it. But he needs to accept that people have valid critizisms against these films as well.

          1. But yet none of you can actually articulate these so called valid criticisms…

            If you think you are the so-called biggest Jurassic park fan, and you were moaning in the theatre watching Jurassic world, you are living under the influence of a great illusion.

            I refuse to accept peoples critique of these films because I haven’t seen anything valid. Only, amusingly, considering the guys complaints up above, statements confirming the people upset at the films are childish, or boring.

            I can accept, although not like, peoples individual taste. However, it is precisely when they start trying to assert, as fact, the films are at fault, I have to intercept.

            For the record, I see nothing but, as stated, boring people being way too analytical and humourless, incapable of feeling any excitement whatsoever, or lunatics with ridiculous ideas of their own, sad to see they wont be materialized on screen.

  7. Both Laura Dern and Sam Neill should come back in extended and meaningful roles, unlike the cameo by Jeff Goldblum, which I didn’t find memorable. Grant and Ellie should be part of the main plot or a parallel plot. But please, NOT JUST TWO SCENE CAMEOS! They are wonderful actors and their characters are awesome. They, especially Alan Grant, know much more about dinosaurs than the characters of Jurassic World. If his role isn’t big and important enough, it’ll be a shame and a waste of a golden opportunity to round out the trilogy with the original JP characters.
    Not interested in cameos!

  8. Lo que me encantaría y fascinaría ver en Jurassic World 3 sería ver de nuevo al Carnotaurus combatír de nuevo con el Tiranosaurus como en la anterior entrega, como en la parte final donde el T-rex le da un cabezazo al Carnotaurus haciendo que este salga corriendo, también me gustaría ver al Ceratosaurus y al Smilodon.

  9. Lo que me encantaría ver en la 3ra entrega sería de vuelta al Spinosaurus, al Carnotaurus y, por supuesto, a Rexy, me encantaría y fascinaría ver al Megalodon, tal vez combatiendo con el Mosasaurus…¡Espero mucho de esta nueva película con emoción!

  10. Get rid of the newbie writer. It’s time to bring back the intelligent banter and majesty instead of the explosions and fighting. That takes an experienced writer… And a male one.

  11. Dr. Alan Grant is the greatest dino Subject Matter Expert to ever live. His immense wealth of knowledge about dinos makes him a super worthy character for a meaningful comeback. Owen is just an expert on training raptor pups. He can’t eclipse the knowledge possessed by Grant. So Grant should definitely have a strong comeback.

    Dr. Ellie Satler is the lady who saw firsthand how the dinos were brewed in Hammond’s lab. She saw the genesis and the terror. In contrast, Claire was just an operations manager at JW. Experience always trumps newbies. Hope Alan and Ellie get meaningful and memorable roles in the 2021 release.

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