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Colin Trevorrow Confirms Someone Has Guessed the Title of Jurassic World 3 – but What Is It?

As we continue to approach the start of filming for Jurassic World 3, it is safe to say that there is a lot of excited speculation within the fandom about what the title of Jurassic World 3 may be. Whilst we know that the working title of the film is Arcadia, as confirmed by production weekly, we know that this will not be the final title for the film.

There has been lots of speculation in the fandom about the nature of the name of the new film – and recently, Jurassic community member James Ronan shared a great thread on Twitter which Colin Trevorrow actually got involved in – adding fuel to the speculation fire – and eventually confirming fans within the thread have guessed the title.

Colin’s involvement within the thread involved teasing fans, before adding some additional context to some of the titles. Whilst he replied to some, such as ‘Jurassic World 3: Duel of Fates’, to poke fun at some of the ideas which fans were throwing out, he did also offer some hints about the direction which the title of the third entry in the film series may be taking.

While the above tweet isn’t from Colin, it is part of the thread, and one of the few Colin liked within it. Considering that, it stands to reason the title will be something more hopeful. Another thing Colin did confirm on this thread was that ‘Jurassic World: Extinction’ will NOT be the title of the new film. I must admit, I was slightly disappointed to read this as I and several other fans had been excited about the prospect of ‘Extinction’ being an obvious new subtitle for the series – as it was nearly the title of Jurassic Park 3 – but it does now bring into question where exactly we may be heading next. There were several fantastic suggestions within the thread such as ‘Paradigm Shifts’, New Era and ‘Welcome to Jurassic World’ – all of which I personally really appreciate as they have they communicate the current nature of the franchise well. Other great suggestions included ‘Jurassic World: The Edge of Chaos’ and ‘Jurassic World: Paradise Lost’ – though they skew less positive sounding, and more grim.

So you’re probably now thinking ‘but I saw people saying Colin Trevorrow confirmed the title is ‘New Era’. He didn’t. While that title is the current running theory, as it was guessed within the thread, and reads in a positive way, Colin’s tweet using the words dates back to the Summer, regarding a very different topic.

The running theory is Colin chose the words New Era on purpose, as an easter egg of sorts, that would only come to light after the title of the film is announced. It wouldn’t be the first time he did that – in past interviews with Jurassic Outpost, he snuck direct quotes from the Fallen Kingdom script into his answers to our questions. However, only time will tell!

‘Jurassic World: New Era’ or not, these titles should have one thing in common – they suggest that the title should reflect the new nature of the third instalment in the series now that we are off Isla Nublar, and well within the domain of the general population. Short features like Battle at Big Rock and The Jurassic World Motion Comics have provided tantalising hints at the nature of the world after the fallout from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – so this is something which I feel should be further emphasized in the title of the third film. It is safe to say that the stakes which we are facing within the upcoming sequel are the most extreme they have been within the franchise so far – so I am hopeful that the title will reflect the change in scale and scope which we are likely to see when this film debuts in cinemas everywhere next year.

Battle at Big Rock Graphic

Equally, however, the title may be something much more on the nose like ‘Jurassic Park: The New World’ – hinting at the more open and ‘new’ nature of the franchise moving forwards. With Universal Pictures ramping up the amount of energy Jurassic is getting, and with more toy-line and spin-off materials than ever before, I think that this film may be used as a springboard to debut a new world of Jurassic content – functioning as an ending to the story saga we have followed, but also as a new start for wherever the franchise may go in the future.  It’s safe to say that we could speculate over the title all day – but, at the end of the day, it is just a title – and it may not even directly hint to what happens within the film but may be something much subtler, so we will have to wait and see how the title eventually ties into the film.

With all this said – I’m eager to hear what you are all thinking about Jurassic World 3. What do you hope the title of this new entry in the saga will be? And what are you hoping the film will explore thematically? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for more news on Jurassic World 3 as soon as we get it!


68 thoughts on “Colin Trevorrow Confirms Someone Has Guessed the Title of Jurassic World 3 – but What Is It?

  1. Given that New Era is a very prominent hat company with plenty of copyright protection on the term “New Era”, I can’t imagine that’s what they’re going with. Bet it’s something along those lines though.

  2. I’ll be surprised if it isn’t “Jurassic World: New Era”. It sounds great, suits the story trajectory, someone guessed it within the thread, and Colin used it in that tweet from above. Someone else guessed “Edge of Chaos”, which could work but doesn’t sound as catchy.

  3. Duel of the fates would be hilarious. (for those who don’t know, that was Trevorrow’s original star wars episode 9 title before he was replaced by JJ)

  4. Jurassic World 3: Life Finds A Way, When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth.
    I really hope there will be, in Jurassic World 3:
    -The Jurassic World 3 introduction scene similar to that of Jurassic Park 3 where “Park” is replaced by “World”.
    -Blue meeting Alan Grant where the latter, at first distrusts her but later learns to trust her and ends up teaming up with Blue (with Barry too) when the latter asks him for help, for save Owen Grady or something else. Alan Grant would also use his velociraptor resonance chamber (seen in Jurassic Park 3) for communicate with Blue and also for call her (and possibly other velociraptors as well) when threatened by a predator, and/or bad guys or other kind of help.
    -Blue with a male velociraptor similar to those of Jurassic Park 3, where in the end they mate and have offspring. But especially that Blue doesn’t die.
    -Rexy/Roberta (or other tyrannosaurus like Junior, the young T-rex from The Lost World Jurassic Park) fights and defeats the spinosaurus of JP3 (perhaps accompanied by this music of Jurassic Park 3 “clash of extinction”) in the midst of many terrified people fleeing the battle full of noise and destruction (fall of trees and / or destruction of buildings ). And after defeating the spinosaurus, the t-rex roars victoriously as in the final scene of Jurassic Park under the gaze of many people. But above all, no dying t-rex, and no killed t-rex.
    -A meeting between Alan Grant (with Ian Malcom and Ellie Sattler) and Rexy/Roberta: Rexy recognizes Alan by the smell, while Grant recognizes Rexy by his scars caused by a velociraptor in Jurassic Park. At first Grant was afraid, but reassured himself shortly afterwards by remembering that it was this t-rex that had saved him before. After an exchange of calm and respectful glances, Rexy leaves calmly, leaving Alan and the others reassured and happy.
    -The suchomimus, Tarbosaurus, Ornithocheirus (with a wingspan of 12 meters), and some brachiosaurs in a scene similar to that of Jurassic Park 3 “Brachiosaurus on the Bank” ; and the mosasaur attacking and killing the whalers.

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    4. I really ought not to get involved in this shenanigans…but I’m an idiot, so here’s my take on all of this, however in vain it may be in the end.

      1. The intro scene. What’s the point of it being similar to JP3’s opening?

      2. Grant meeting Blue. I’ll be honest, this is the only thing on this list that MIGHT actually happen in the movie. Dr. Grant’s an expert on Velociraptors, and it makes sense that he’d meet the JW franchise’s star raptor. So at a conceptual level, I can see it happening. Everything else…not so much. The raptor resonance chamber only served to confuse the JP3 raptors in the end, and that was it. In fact, one of them even tried to attack the group before the alpha female snarled him down. And how exactly would Blue “ask” for Grant’s help?

      3. While it would be nice to see JP3 styled raptors make a comeback, I highly doubt it’ll actually happen. Don’t get your hopes up.

      4. Rex vs. Spino rematch. Oh for crying out loud, can we just let this die already? So a Spinosaurus killed a T-Rex back in 2001. So what? Honestly, this is something that I think the fandom at large needs to get over. It wasn’t even a tyrannosaur we knew, like Rexy or Buck or Doe. It was just some random sub-adult male that was too stupid to back down from the Spino.

      5. Why on Earth would Rexy care about Alan or the others? She didn’t “save” them, she just pounced on the raptors and COINCIDENTALLY saved the cast’s life. She doesn’t care about people at all, much less someone she tried to kill and eat 20+ years ago. Do tyrannosaurs even have memory spans that great?

      6. The Suchomimus MAYBE could work, seeing how it was on Jurassic World’s species list, so it’s clear that InGen bred ’em for the park. But I doubt the other two will crop up. Especially Tarbosaurus; we already have 1 tyrannosaur to deal with, we don’t need another one.

      1. I honestly reassure you, you have the right to get involved, and for me, you are not at all an idiot. Thank you for your modesty!
        For these 6 details, I will explain them to you:
        1. For the introductory scene, I am not asking that it be 100% similar to the opening of JP3, but just with some similarities: like the 3 bars forming III appearing suddenly in the form of notches caused by claws. However, I do not give much importance.
        2. Blue meeting grant. Thank you very much for agreeing even if it is on certain details: certainly the resonance chamber of the raptors ultimately only served to confuse the JP3 raptors, but also because Alan Grant was just starting out, so there did not know their language completely, to know what to say to them, so that they would be spared. One of the raptors apparently tried to attack the group, or perhaps try to intervene since Alan Grant imitated the distress calls of one of their own as he had heard them, before the alpha female dissuaded him . In a deleted scene from Jurassic Park 3, it was planned that Alan would use the resonance chamber to call the velociraptors to fight and kill the spinosaurus. So why would this deleted scene not be repeated like it was done for most of the films “Jurassic Park” and “Jurassic World”? And how exactly would Blue ask for Grant’s help? Good question to which I recognize that my theories or ideas might not work, but these are only examples: -After Owen Grady taught Blue to trust Alan Grant and the latter saved this velociraptor, the latter might ask her for help in case she is in trouble;
        -Or that Blue gets stuck and Alan Grant helps him free her;
        3. For the return of the JP3 style raptors, I do not pretend to hold on so much to this hope; but what is it that says that all the male velociraptors of JP3 are completely exterminated and that there would not be some of them kept in secret after they would have been captured? Or that a few were cloned after recovering their DNA?
        4. For “Rex vs Spino revenge”, I know perfectly well that this debate is raging: it was indeed very difficult, for T-rex fans, to accept that a Spinosaurus killed a T-Rex in 2001, even still today. Something the fandom has a lot of trouble overcoming. Admittedly, he was not a known tyrannosaurus, like Rexy or Buck or Doe: just a random sub-adult male who was not powerful enough to beat the spino. I’m not asking that the spinosaurus be necessarily killed by the T-rex, but just beaten without being dead, hoping that the spinosaurus fans are not too upset. There is a petition on “”, and given the number of signatures, it would not be too surprising that this revenge is present in JW3, although it almost was in Fallen Kingdom.
        5. I’m not saying that Rexy would care about Alan or the others. She “inadvertently” saved them, by attacking the 2 raptors. Certainly she doesn’t care about people at all, let alone someone she tried to kill and eat more than 20 years ago. If tyrannosaurs even have such large expanses of memory? It’s not impossible. I am inspired by a scene in a comic (not canon) of Jurassic Park: “Jurassic Park Dangerous Game” where the T-rex (the same as that of Jurassic Park) judges humans if they are worthy of living or not (which would mean that she sees them well even if they do not move). Grant knows Tyrannosaurs well, so he knows how to survive.
        6. I admit that for the Tarbosaurus, I will be envious of it, but I agree with you for that, it would surprise me that it is present. Note another tyrannosaurus more would not necessarily be too much, especially if Rexy/Roberta died for example (which I hope so that it will not happen). After the pteranodons and dimorphodons, why wouldn’t they make another pterosaur, this time a giant like for example the ornithocheirus (even if it was not really 12 meters wide)?
        Even if there is still a lot to discuss, thank you for your indulgence.

      1. Judging from the list Newsweek put together in this article, based on the guesses found in the fans’ thread, I can say I like none of the options. Anyway, I care much more about the film than the title.

  5. Am I the only person who actually wished they just didnt give the films sub names? Why couldnt it just be Jurassic World, Jurassic World 2 and Jurassic World 3? Honestly… the added titles just seem pretentious.

  6. “New Era” eh? Could have been worse. Still don’t see a thriving population making too much of a dent in any ecosystem though.

    1. It isn’t just the wild dinosaurs they have to worry about; there’s lord-knows-how-many companies and organizations that have their hands on captive specimens and DNA samples, which means they’re probably going to have to contend with some bootleg dinosaurs in the film.

      On a side note, I’m hoping this is the movie where we’ll finally see BioSyn make its return. Probably not, but hey…I can dream, can’t I?

      1. They’ve pulled a “Noah’s Ark” on the Arcadia. N way they could fit more than a Dozen animals on that thing.

        And these other companies, are they going to be releasing their products into the wild? Why?

        How exactly is this “New Era” going to realistically come about?

        I just can’t buy it. But hey, it’ll look flashy. It always looks flashy.

        Story is what is desired from audience’s today though. Decent stories that make sense. Clever plots that people can talk about for years.

        Flashy is an orgasm. Over quick. Forgotten about by the next one.

        1. Out of random curiosity, what would YOUR clever plot be? If you’re so ashamed of the JW trilogy, then what would you have done different?

          And let me be clear here, I’m not saying that the JW movies are some groundbreaking storytelling. They’re not. That we can all agree on in some capacity. In fact, neither was the first movie, if you ask me. I actually like the original novel better than the movie as an overall story because it actually explores the flaws of the park and the implications of the dinosaurs’ breeding, and their potential to get out into the modern world, something that the original movie skimmed over. I get that they have to condense things because they only have a certain amount of time, but it’s something that’s really come to bug me in recent years.

          Sorry. Bit of a ramble there. But I digress. Believe me, I completely recognize the necessary value of a good plot. So I’m not dumb like that or anything.

          1. Honestly, I wouldn’t make a sequel. But if money ran my world and a large sum of it came my way to make one. Well, INGEN would have gone under, Sorna would have been left a nature reserve, BIOSYN would have hired Wu and opened at least two parks on the mainland. Only one of which would have involved a movie-worthy issue that led to Dinosaurs escaping into the wild, their subsequent cleanup and the introduction of Dinosaurs into everyday zoos around the world as the surviving escapees would have been donated to them. Moving forward you would have actual wildlife organisations maintaining the future of the various species while using the technology to replenish natural, modern animal populations around the world. In short, Dinosaurs would become intermingled in modern wildlife conservation.

            No hybrids. No military sub-plots. Just what Hammond would have wanted before he died.

      2. Fact is, BIOSYN was less than a Decade behind INGEN in the first film… The WORLD would already have what INGEN had back then by now without all this “open source” nonsense.

      3. @Ben (in regards to your story idea) I actually quite like this. I’m a little iffy on having BioSyn come out on top after everything, but other than that, I like this alternate take.

        And I find it kind of funny that both of us have ideas for alternative Jurassic stories that involve Dr. Wu, BioSyn, and a mainland installation (mine is an alternate version of Jurassic Park III). What are the odds?

        1. I dunno, I just came up with that off the top of my head. If I gave it more thought I suppose it would have it’s own issues, like what would happen to the park where nothing went wrong. What would happen to BIOSYN. What would happen to Wu… Still, no military sub-plots and dumb plot contrivances would ruin it like the paid professionals inserted into JW.

          1. Well for an idea that you made up off the top of your head, I’d say it’s a pretty good one.

            And I like how the genetics technology is now also being used to replenish modern life. I’ve always wondered why nobody suggests using it for something other than dinosaurs? It’s an idea that I’ve often thought we should be striving for in real life.

  7. There’s definitely some things I’d simply adore seeing in the next Jurassic World feature
    – Rexy and Blue getting married, Rexy goes out hunting while Blue moonlights as a freestyle rapper
    – the President of the United States being revealed as the Spinosaurus from JP3 in disguise the whole time, and getting into a boxing match with Rexy
    – a four way battle royale between the mosasaurus, a megalodon, a giant squid, and a pod of genetically engineered, pissed off orcas
    – The volcano eruption being revealed as a hoax perpetrated by a pack of velociraptors that have evolved super intelligence
    – Drs Grant, Sattler, and Malcolm defeating Wu and his army of ninjas with their sweet Kung fu moves while Owen watches on helplessly tied up and dressed as a damsel in distress
    – time traveling dinosaurs arrive to lend aid to their dying race, revealed to be an alien species from a distant galaxy
    – Franklin saves the day

    1. This is one of those story ideas that is objectively terrible, but is so fascinating in its lunacy that it becomes kind of an odd joy to watch. So bad its good.

      I know this is just a joke, but no lie, I would LOVE to see a spoof video of some kind that follows this plot, if only for the laughs.

  8. I looked in to “Paradise Lost” and i think it would actually be great. It’s a 400 year old poem detailing Satan, in the form of a dragon, being banished from heaven. (get it, cuz dragon). Also, Paradise Lost is a great summary of all the Jurassic books and films. And now instead of an island, it’s North America. Or the World. Or Big Rock National Park. Who knows. I still think its a good title.

    1. The problem is they aren’t going for a “Paradise Lost” theme this time, that was the last movie… They are seeking to make a utopia now.

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