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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom earns an estimated $151.1 million during international opening weekend

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom took a massive bite out of the International box this weekend, earning an estimated $151.1 million from 48 markets. Comparing the same markets, the new film is only slightly lower than what Jurassic World did in 2015. Adjusted for inflation, Jurassic World opened to $158.6 million in the same 48 markets.

Next weekend Fallen Kingdom officially opens in China and the tracking for the opening weekend there only continues to grow. According to Gavin Feng on Twitter, Fallen Kingdom is expected to open to $115 million. In comparison, Jurassic World’s China opening weekend, not adjusted for inflation, was $99.1 million.

On June 22nd, Fallen Kingdom opens domestically and is currently tracking for an opening weekend of $130-$150 million.

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Source: Deadline


58 thoughts on “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom earns an estimated $151.1 million during international opening weekend

  1. It sucks becuase I love jurassic…but I’m not waiting until the 22nd to watch the damn movie….I’m going to find a copy online just becuase they made the release like this..

    1. Go ahead… I wish I hadn’t gone… the makers don’t think highly of their audiences intellect obviously… otherwise they wouldn’t have made such a stinker of a B film.

      The girl deserved a better movie.

      1. Maisie was one of the great elements of a great film. Don’t think highly of their audiences intellect? Sure your intellect isn’t the problem and the film just went over your head? Explain what exactly you think was wrong!? The characters on the good side had a an important cause to fight for and were all likeable characters, new cast, and old. The villains represented a very real kind of person in our world, and that made it all the more fun to watch their plans fall apart. The film made me cry, got me thinking, amazed and thrilled me, made me laugh. It was beautiful.

        1. The film can’t go over ones head since it is very simple and has a pretty bad script. And likeable characters? Kidding right? The new side characters were annoying as hell, Zia and Franklin alone were totally unnecessary and the acting wasn’t very good either. And the villains had a rather cartoonish portrayel. The pacing was also off, the plot on the island wrapped up way too quickly. Also even if Lockwoods plan had worked out the saved dinos are supposed to be the last of their kind. They would die out anyways since they wouldn’t be able to form a healthy population. And that leads to the next plothole, why didn’t Lockwood suggest Isla Sorna as the sanctuary? There still hasn’t been a proper explanation for what has happened to that island within the new films.
          Sorry but Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly are awful script writers. Conolly’s other credits are that other B-movie trash Kong Skull Island and freaking Monster Trucks (!). They are ruining the franchise and turning it into silly B-movie monster shlock.

        2. It’s cool that you liked it, but the characters don’t show even a bit of fear, which is… unrealistic? That’s an understatement. The villains were ridiculously cartoonish. The tooth pulling guy? Seriously? Planning a dangerous multimillion expedition to sell dinosaurs for a few millions each? Really? Realistic bad guys who give speeches about their plans and morals? That’s realism? Come on.

          Again, it’s great that you liked it and had fun, but that doesn’t make it a good film.

  2. Don’t! ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s well worth the wait. Just eleven more days. This movie must be enjoyed on the big screen. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Fallen Kingdom is actually the best movie since the first Jurassic Park. Probably the concept that should be released between the first two JP movies. If that makes any sense… It’s 100% the darkest and saddest movie of them all. Lots of crying people in the cinema. Very hard to watch some of the scenes. Especially one of them… not gonna give you guys spoilers but damn.

    The story is so wel written but it totally ruins your cotton candy dreams about the park. Is that a bad thing? I was confused at first because JP is my childhood. How can they make a movie like this, but it’s so beautifully shot, lots of references and the storyline is what I always wanted to see after the first JP movie. Now they did it with JW and it makes you hungry for the third Jurassic World.

    1. Crying? Hard to watch?

      It’s a bit extreme in my opinion.

      But I admit the movie is intense, you can barely catch your breath!

    2. There is no any emotions while volcano erupting. We have only one shot of sinking dinosaurs.. You cant feel it.. And Too much humor… I am very disappointed.

  4. I certainly hope it does well, since every other big film thatโ€™s out for the summer (besides Deadpool 2) is being distributed by Disney, so we kinda need that competition with Jurassic.

  5. I may skip out on seeing this film in theaters(and that’s coming from a Jurassic fanatic of 25 years). This sequel is getting terrible reviews & plunging…worse than Jurassic World..and I couldn’t be less enthused.

    Perhaps instead of flocking like birds we should make a statement and demand a better quality film. My only hope now is that Trevorrow steps down as the helm of the final film.

    1. Perhaps you should watch it first and not blindly trust the reviews. Reviews for JP movies were never particularly great. It was always kind of like “Nice visual effects, but…”. Reviews and trailers had lowered my expectations too but I liked it a lot in the end. After all I think people are complaining about the wrong things in the reviews. It is visually stunning and also a treat for the ears (great soundtrack even though no recognizable theme – generally much darker than in JW). But it is also a well-crafted thrill-ride that doesn’t really slow down. It starts with what I think is the best opening scene in the franchise, followed by the expedition to the ruined park and finally the events at Lookwood’s place. Every part of it is exciting and in hindsight I think the trailers did not give away too much (there are quite a few surprises and twists) and also don’t do the new characters justice. Obviously the movie changes the course of the JP universe dramatically (with Nublar being destroyed for starters…) and that is what concerns me the most. I really wonder what JW3 will be like. But for now I can only say that I had blast watching FK and I have tickets for the second round on Tuesday. And maybe I’ll watch it a third time…

    2. My only hope is that he will return for the third IMHO XD
      I didn’t like what Bayona did, but LOVED JW. I can’t understand why so many people hate the guy ๐Ÿ˜›

    3. @Adam

      You should judge the movie for yourself before saying that. A lot of hardcore Jurassic Park fans are loving the movie.

      I personally loved it. It’s certainly better than Jurassic World imo.

    4. Why would you say something like that when you haven’t seen it. Just so you know critic hate The Lost World.

      1. Critics hate the Jurassic sequels because they aren’t great films. I loved them as a child..and still hold them close today..but I’m not blind to their faults. Most of my enjoyment now comes from nostalgia and how anchored they were to my childhood.

        Maybe I’ll get some thrill out of Fallen Kingdom, I sure hope I do, but from things I’ve heard it sounds like it’ll be fleeting. I’ll try and keep an open mind.

        Anyways….it will be interesting to see how the general public views this film and how that effects its box office.

    5. I agree. Although i’ll still support and always be curious about the franchise and will see it in the theater, I believe Colin and team has not been great at handling Jurassic. Not at all. I’m seeing this movie because I love the Jurassic franchise (and want to respect it, albeit my love for it is slowly dying), but moreso because I LOVE Juan Antonio Bayona.

    6. I kind of felt the same way. I love reading the reviews – mainly because I want the film to do well, but when I read a lot of negative ones, I started feeling kind of gloomy towards it. But at the end of the day, it’s just one person’s opinion and if you like the movie, then that’s all that matters – not some critic’s opinion, unless you’re into that sort of thing.

      What rekindled my excitement to see this movie was remembering when I was a kid, collecting the toys, books, merchandise for The Lost World, and being able to do it all over again for JW: FK (kind of the ‘second movie’ in its respective series). It’s this fun, happiness, whatever it is that I finally get to do again! And most importantly, seeing other JP/JW fans share their love for the movie, whether it be the score, cinematography, story, action, themes, emotion, characters – a combination of a few elements, all, or just one of the bunch. There’s folks out there who adore the movie for many reasons and I know I will too!

      Oh, and it’s a blockbuster, after all – one about genetically modified dinosaurs being hauled off an island with an exploding volcano to be auctioned off! To a great degree, it’s meant to be big, dumb, pretty, and fun!

      Don’t give up ๐Ÿ˜‰
      (For the record, I haven’t seen the movie yet, but never hurts to be optimistic right?)

    7. I’m skipping the film and I can see them for free whenever I want (I work at a cinema). I strongly disliked Jurassic World, but had some hope when it was announced that JA Bayona was directing, but my biggest fears seem to be true: the visuals and direction are both good (of course, it’s Bayona), but the script brings everything crashing down. Hell, even a decent portion of the POSITIVE reviews agree that the script isn’t very good. It makes sense: even the best director can only do so much to salvage bad material. Maybe my choice to skip this film will come back to somehow bite me on the ass, but I can’t stomach seeing another disappointing Jurassic film on the big screen. If you had told 14-year-old me, who spent hours upon hours scouring the internet for Jurassic Park 4 news and spending much of my summer on Jurassic Park fan forums theorizing with other fans, that I wouldn’t even want to own the fourth film on Blu-ray (I don’t) and didn’t care to see the fifth on the big screen, my 14-year-old self would have laughed in your goddamn face. And yet.

      I would like to believe that the bad reviews and the non-stop digs at the writing will be enough to make Trevorrow step down on both counts, but let’s be real, he’s not backing down after losing Star Wars. The sad thing is, the only reason he is even directing Jurassic World 3 is BECAUSE he lost Star Wars, as it opened up his schedule and he needs the work. I’m saying it now – Colin Trevorrow was the worst thing that ever happened to Jurassic Park. Unless he exits as director and screenwriter, I have zero hope that the sixth film will salvage whatever it can from the damage, because that film is going to look and be bland as hell. I’m done. At least I have Jurassic Park and The Lost World, as well as the two novels.

      I know, I know, “go cry in a corner”, “just don’t watch it then”, “bye we won’t miss you”, etc. I know the drill. That rant aside, I’m happy for anyone who does get enjoyment from these Jurassic World films. I would have loved to be right there with ya. Sayanara, y’all.

      1. Colin is not only a nice down to earth guy, I genuinely believe he is perfect for the films. the two Jurassic World films are the best in the whole Jurassic saga to me. And I’m a life long fan of the series and seen the first Jurassic Park in the cinema when I was very young. Fallen Kingdom is truly a masterpiece. If the third film is like this, it’s gonna be a legendary trilogy. I would love to tell everyone involved in these films how happy they have made me.

    8. What is the common thread among every review, negative AND positive? Damn near every one says that the visuals and direction are fine (of course they are, it has JA freaking Bayona at the helm, that was never even in question), but the screenplay brings everything down.

      I’m going to say it: Colin Trevorrow was the worst thing that happened to Jurassic Park. I didn’t think the franchise could sink any lower than Jurassic World, but Jesus did Fallen Kingdom shut me up real fast. Star Wars lucked out when Trevorrow was let go, but we got the short end of the stick, because it opened up his schedule to write and direct Jurassic World 3, which will end up looking bland and once again being criticized for its terrible writing. My only hope is that the many criticisms of the writing will be enough to make Trevorrow step down, but let’s be realistic, that is not going to happen.

      I can’t believe it, and I say this as a huge fanatic of 23 years, but I could officially care less about the next Jurassic Park sequel. Give me a Jurassic Park film that isn’t written and directed by Mr. T and then we’ll talk.

  6. Small advice for people who are going to watch it on the 22th of June. Don’t expect 4-5/5 movie and you will enjoy a lot. If you expected such high rating, you would think it’s 1-2/5 movie.

    I enjoyed the movie a lot despire its flaws.

  7. I’m shocked. How can you demand Trevorrow being fired? This guy had an original idea for the new trilogy and the saga is going in a very different way. Gratitude doesn’t exist anymore ๐Ÿ™
    The movie is not perfect but the structure (and the new ideas) of the screenplay are very good.
    Maybe I will take time to review the movie on my channel : cut the beard to watch a movie
    Bye guys

    1. The series should have died after TLW; everything since has been bad. I believe JW was great compared to that steaming pile called JP3, but it was not – as far as I’m concerned – anywhere near the first two films. JWFK thus far has been just as disappointing, if not more so. Not sure if this is still Jurassic Park or some ill-conceived live-action cartoon…

      Sorry to say, but I haven’t seen any reason to show gratitude to those responsible for this saddening soft-reboot. Sorry. That’s my 2 cents

      1. Jurassic World was the best in the series by a long way, Fallen Kingdom is at least as good, maybe better, but it’s close.

        1. Wrong wrong
          JP and TLW are the best.
          JW was only good because Colin simply overworked a finished script written by much better writers. He himself is a terrible writer.

  8. I saw the movie this weekend. I won’t say its bad. But it’s also not the best movie in the franchise. I thought the story was weird and undeveloped. But it had some great scenes as well. athe opening sequence is very cool and one if the best action scens in the franchise. But maybe you’ll grow to like it more as you see it more times. Also IT HAS A POST CREDIT SCENE. So make sure to stay till after the credits.

  9. Despite its flaws, I think that Fallen Kingdom ties in really well with Jurassic World, in a way that all the previous Jurassic Parks never could. The original Jurassic Park trilogy had no overarching arc and the stories were all very separated, but the two Jurassic Worlds work well together and you really feel like it is but a chapter in a greater story.

  10. To me the movie felt bland. The second half has a bit more suspense and one certain child actor does a good job being realistic, in contrast to the kids of the previous movie which went through traumatic experiences while laughing their heart out. But the rest of the cast does act as if there are no threats around. Again the main cast doesn’t act scared at all. Some of the dialogue is really cheesy and the movie itself is heavily predictable to the last detail. It’s only one thing I didn’t see coming and of course I won’t spoil it.

    I don’t know; maybe if I rewatch it I’ll find something that I missed. But I doubt it. I’m not sure if I find it to be better than the previous film or on par with it. It’s maybe a bit more suspensuful but the first half of the movie is pretty bland and if you have seen the first trailer, you basically saw the first half of the movie. Literally nothing of importance from the first half of the movie was left out of the first trailer. The pacing of the first half is terrible. It’s very rushed as if they are trying to get the thing started as soon as possible. It’s as if Bayona was only interested in the second half of the movie and had a “let’s be done with it” attitude towards the first half.

    Can’t say I’m disappointed though, because I had really short expectations after JW. There are some more interested scenes and cool shots and the overall quality is better. The animation is much better, lighting, colour, shooting angles and better shots in general. Bayona is a much more experienced director and it shows. But apart from all of this, the movie was good but nothing special in my own opinion. The story is mostly to blame but also the general direction (more action less thriller).

    The dinosaurs are once again monsters and not animals, which was what really set apart JP from movies before it. Especially the Indoraptor was more of a monster than anything else. Also, I was disappointed by Malcolm’s speech. I expected it to be much better and more important.

    Sorry for the long post.

  11. I’m in the UK. Saw the film Saturday and loved it! The opening scene alone is worth every penny. Took my 8 year old daughter and 10 year old son and they loved every minute of it as well. Reminded me of myself at there age seeing the first one.

  12. Funny… How people are reacting after seeing FK is how I felt after watching JW in 2015. I had hyped myself up SO much leading up to it that when I walked out of the theatre I was legitimately depressed. I hated it. I wanted a modern sci-fi thriller but got “Indiana Jones and the Isle of Monsters” instead.

    Guess this one isn’t much better hmm? Damn, well, at least I will always have the original.

  13. Jurassic World 3 is going to be about real dinosaurs as John Hammond visioned, bring back the biggest BUCK TYRANNOSAURUS REX via animatronic with its original Stan Winston design and practical effects in Jurassic World 3

  14. -.-
    first i can’t get jurassic park evolution game today because it’s digital release only today
    and now all you guys are bickeing! this day has totally sucked!!!!

    yall guys need more dinosauce!
    Im gona wait till it comes out on the 22nd like a normal person, see it in a theater, and if it’s good enough, THEN and ONLY then will i see it online off some random streaming site so i canrewatch stuff.

    also…am i the only one who has seen that the sites countdown timer has been stuck on 24 for a while now?

  15. JW: Evolution review – BestInSlot: Informative, calm, thorough, critical.

    JW: Evolution review – Gaming Beaver: AHHH! GUFFAW! OOOOO PURDY!

    Man, I hate that guy…

  16. With all this gunning for Trevorrow, please tell me I’m not the only one who really really really REALLY wants to see a copy of the original script Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver wrote?

    From the small bits of info I’ve found it sounds like a really interesting premise, and only got chucked cos Trevorrow didn’t understand it.

    1. You’re not the only one. I really want to read it. Even though I like JW I’m pretty sure it would have been better than what we got in the end.

    2. My guess is that the three primary differences are about the characters (they seem to have cut a whole bunch of character development, judging from what they did to Hamada), how it went with the I-Rex and they wanted to shoehorn a whole bunch of tribute scenes and allusions to the previous films, which, while nicely done and cute, don’t add nothing to the plot and are just minor details for the fans. When your basic plot, pacing, etc is flawed, you don’t waste your time with details.

  17. Saw it twice now, will see it a third time next weekend. All the people I went with sofar apparently had a great time. Some of them tend to be very critical of movies in general, some really disliked the trailers, etc. But in the end they enjoyed FK a lot. Just saying… You might not like the course the franchise took but this movie is definitely worth watching anyways (and in my opinion it’s much better than just that). After all – how often do we get to see Rexy and Jeff in one movie on the big screen?

    1. I read many negative reviews, but I started to feel people wanted 1 to 1 copy of Jurassic Park, which is impossible, even Spilberg was not able to reproduce that in The Lost World fully. The movie has some flaws like dialogue, one demensional villans, maybe pacing or why Indoraptor escaped, but it was still fun to watch and Bayona did a good job. It’s 6 or 7 at best /10 movie. If someone expected a masterpiece, he would give it 5/10 at most. Some reviewers complained about plot that it reuses threads from JW etc, it seems they forget it’s trylogy and main plot is being developed through 3 films. In the past each JP movie had sperated, independent story. For the first time in this franchise events affects sequels significantly and I like that a lot.

      I went to see the movie twice. I decided to watch it second time to catch details I missed and there was a big one I overlooked regarding Blue during surgery scene. I was like: “Wow… ” It did put many questions about her. Pay attention what’s happening on the screen people when you’re going to watch FK on the 22nd of June and think what that implies.

  18. The reviews have actually been generally positive, so I am not too worried. My friend in the UK has seen the movie five times so far and it’s his favorite film since the first one. I can’t wait!

  19. I really loved the movie, compared to JW its a masterpiece lol.. It has its flaws and it doesnt reach the wonder of the first JP (duuhh) but boy does it try, and it has some of the best scenes in the whole franchise IMO. I just went back to my JW DVD and rewatched it after having been to the fallen kingdom release, and comparing the T-rex is just.. Like HOW COULD THEY use that silly fake looking CGI trex in JW ?? WHY DIDNT THEY DO LIKE THIS ONE?? The trex is finally 99/100 % back to the old rough realistic skin and movements of the trex (i just rewatched JP1 aswell and in some scenes, that movie still tops everything when it comes to using the Darkness /rain to make the animatronic and cgi look soooo damn realistic and scary. ) But do urself a favor, and compare the Trex appareance from jurassic world and fallen kingdom, u will be amazed at the improvement, and kinda sad at the fact that they chose to CGI the whole thing in JW ..

    Anyways, I loved the movie!! much better than JW and JP3 – To further that id have to watch it again , which i will soon! cause i wouldnt wanna recklessly put it higher than JP1 and 2 , since those are just.. AMAZING ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. also, it seems like it has allready earned 200 million $ without having been released in the US and in China, so they have allready gotten their budget back plus some. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And i just had to emphasize what a 5 year old piece of trash disney project JW was compared to this new one.. Damn ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. I don’t think anyone in the world expected even JW to be on par with the first movie. Definitely absolutely no one expected JW2 to be that, after seeing JW. It doesn’t have to be as good as Jurassic Park (the first movie) and that IS actually impossible, for several reasons. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be of the same quality. A lot of neo-Hollywood stuff is added to JW2, which greatly reduces its qualities. Like the fact that you never fear for the protagonists and that even shows in their acting. You never see Claire or Owen geniounly fear for their lives. Never. There’s a bit of tension but not fear. Compare any scene you like with the sequence of Ellie running through the jungle and trying to re-activate the park’s electrical systems.

  22. I watched last week and I loved the film, there’s a lot of suspense, horror and action all blended, But I’m happy that there won’t be anymore hybrid dinos in the next one

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