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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom explodes to $150 million opening weekend

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom exploded to a massive domestic opening of an estimated $150 million, final actual weekend numbers will be released tomorrow. While it didn’t reach the the same level of Jurassic World’s opening of $208.8 million in 2015, which was the opening weekend record at the time, this is still a huge opening weekend. Jurassic World was a perfect storm of a 14 year build up, nostalgia and a functioning park, so no one should have expected Fallen Kingdom to surpass those numbers. This is the fourth biggest opening weekend of 2018, behind Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther and Incredibles 2.

The estimated $150 million hits the high end of the initial tracking that saw the film grossing $130-150 million. Also, this opening is Universal Pictures second biggest domestic opening ever after Jurassic World in 2015. Fallen Kingdom just topped 2015’s Furious 7 opening of $147.2 million.

The film also continues to do huge overseas as the film took it’s international total to $561.5 million. With the domestic opening of $150 million, it’s worldwide estimated total is $711.5 million. Fallen Kingdom is well on it’s way to the billion dollar club.

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Source: Box Office Mojo, Box Office Pro


71 thoughts on “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom explodes to $150 million opening weekend

  1. Done with this franchise. It’s not getting another dime from me until Trevorrow is removed and a better creative team put in his place.

    – A jurassic/film fan of 25 years.

      1. Me too. My biggest hope is that the dinosaurs don’t take over the world. Only then would I start talking like the guy above.

      1. You can tell Bayona did the best he could with that shitty plot. the direction, acting and look of the movie is flawless… but the flat characters, dull dialogs, cliches and remade scenes from the past… all that is bad writing
        The writing is essential in filmaking.if the plot is bad, does´t matter how good is the rest.

      1. You were sad to see it “reduced” to…

        Some of the most spectacular sequences in CINEMA…EVER…T-Rex standing over the Carnotaurus is one the most amazing things, in or out of film, I’ve ever seen in my life. A huge amount of Dinosaurs, that all look magnificent. The Baryonyx and it’s crocodile look, man, I love it. Then you have a unique setting with a great atmosphere, as well as the classic jungle setting, in the same film! And a great set of characters that you certainly care about. Not like Billy Brennan, whose return at the end of Jurassic Park 3 was a tragedy. Like Grace Randolph said when Talking about Fallen Kingdom, and how so many are moaning about it, WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM THIS FILM it should be giving you everything. Your nostalgia, rather than being a nice feeling you get when you remember the good times, seems to have taken on a life of it’s own, some kind of symbiotic creature, that wont allow you to enjoy anything that isn’t what you seen years ago.

      1. It’s not a reboot. It’s a sequel trilogy in the same way that Force Awakens and Last Jedi are sequels to the original Star Wars movies.

        And I just realized that those two’s critical responses kind of parallel the Jurassic World films; the first installment of the new series was considered pretty good, and the second one splits fans and critics completely down the middle.

        1. The Force Awakens/TLJ are 100 times better than these two garbage movies. Jurassic World was awful but at least had some nostalgia factors to bring it along.. this new one was just full scale garbage. Even critically it was butchered.

  2. What the hell did you all expect? The haters hate change but we’re heading to our inevitable future. It was a great movie and I’m so pissed at everyone who kissed Colin’s ass for 3 years and suddenly is a turncoat.

  3. This is hard to accept that this is where blockbusters are going. Im sorry. I love the Jurassic story…. but this film is simply not worthy of praise. It exists solely to sell dinosaur toys. I am actually thankful to this experience of following the film’s detailed progress up until release to finally have my eyes opened to what a load of bull this franchise has become and how it unashamedly mocks the intelligence of mainstream movie goers. If this is all the studios are willing to do to take your money then count me out. I too am over it. The studio and filmmakers have proven they have no interest in making anything even remarkably as sincere and respectable as the first and even the second film. Bring back Spielberg!!!!

    1. The same Spielberg who revealed recently that he basically had no respect for the films? The same Spielberg who loved the human dinosaur hybrid story that was abandoned? If you want to complain about people just interested in making money, then Spielberg is that man. Why does he involve himself in these films if he obviously doesn’t take them seriously? For the cash! Still, I can give him credit for choosing Colin to be the man in charge, because it sure was the right decision, and Colin obviously does care about these films. Listen to him talk in interviews and tell me he is not sincere! And respect to him for also not just pandering to the nostalgia crowd, by saying that he wasn’t going to feature old characters for the sake of it, only if it was natural and made sense. That’s the kind of decision that shows he cares about the films quality, not just cash and audience expectation, which, as proven in the past, is not always something that should be catered to.

      If you think my statements about Spielberg are wrong, I’m telling it how it is. He doesn’t really respect the films, and he did like that terrible idea that you all hated!

  4. I was at Universal Orlando when I saw this the other day and it was quite an intense “ride” of a film, considering I had went on Escape from Gringotts and Transformers just prior to seeing it. Maybe minor spoilers, but, my only concern with JW3 is that 3 years is more than enough time for the World to respond to what happened at the end of Fallen Kingdom. It’s not like there are that many dinosaurs to the magnitude of the apes in the end of the Planet of the Apes trilogy.

  5. To be honest, I’m disappointed and a little shocked at all the backlash. I personally didn’t think the movie was THAT bad. Sure, it has flaws, but hey, what movie doesn’t? It wasn’t necessarily the BEST Jurassic Park movie ever, but it wasn’t the WORST either (I’m looking at you, JP3, even though you had the best depiction of Velociraptors this franchise has ever seen). Besides, this is the film that introduces some completely game-changing elements to the franchise: Isla Nublar is gone, the surviving dinosaurs are now loose on the American mainland, and human cloning is now a thing in this universe. You’ve gotta give the filmmakers credit for at least THAT.

    Besides, I’m pretty sure that people were saying this kind of thing after Jurassic Park III came out. To be honest, I never thought I’d see another Jurassic film get made after that one. JPIV was always the movie that they talked about, but never actually did. Then Jurassic World happened.

    If I could use any analogy to describe it’s franchise, I think I’d use the history of life on Earth; it goes through it’s dark moments, but it always finds a way to bounce back. Life finds a way. And so will Jurassic.

    So there. End of rant.

    1. Yes, it’s almost like many have forgotten that Jurassic Park 3 exists. If there’s any movie that shamelessly recycles earlier plots it is that movie. While my biggest gripe with Fallen Kingdom concerns the way it falls short in presenting it’s new ideas it easily does a better job at actually giving us something as opposed to the aforementioned 2001 sequel. For that I am grateful.

  6. I said it wouldn’t do as well. JW only did as well as it did because people wanted to see what a Jurassic film would look like in 2015. When the general population thinks of Jurassic Park, they think super realism from bar setting effects. They think realisticly portrayed Dinosaurs (animalistic I mean, not feathered) and intelligent, relate-able characters…

    Now they see that Jurassic no longer includes that, they will shop elsewhere. People still love Dinosaurs, which is why these films aren’t straight to DVD wrecks, but the Jurassic spirit is basically gone.

  7. the haters just keep complaining about the movie that it is litterely killing me. just stop wining about it. in my opinion it was a great movie and iif the haters disagree that’s fine but STOP THIS OVER DRAMATIC WINING ABOUT THE MOVIE BEING A COMPLETE DISAPOINTMENT.

    ps i’m dutch so my english is’nt that good alright.

  8. I guess it’s a small victory that it was better than Jurassic Park 3 and Jurassic World, but that’s not saying much. The next movie is going to absolutely kill this franchise once and for all.

    1. I think it was always the intent for the next movie to be the last one, whether or not it’s successful.

      I for one am hoping that they manage to end this franchise on a good note.

  9. This pretty much summed up what I thought about the movie (spoiler-review by Klayton Fioriti):

    I watched the movie three times myself and had a great time each time. It’s not a perfect movie but a great one with many unforgettable moments. It’s just silly how people are bashing it because it’s not like JP1 (although it actually is in many ways and it inherited good and bad traits of it) or does not develop the franchise into their direction of choice or for whatever reason. Like petitioning against Trevorrow – angry like a child that doesn’t get ice cream before lunch. I wonder why people can’t just enjoy the movie and all it has to offer and be happy that we not only got JP4 after 14 years of waiting but a whole trilogy…

    I’m just glad that all the nagging and the often times unfair reviews did not keep people from seeing the movie and having a great time like me and my friends. It’s sad if people can’t appreciate the movie for all the wrong reasons but I know I’ll get it the moment it gets out on Blu-Ray and will enjoy it again and again just like the other four movies. Plus I’m really looking forward to 2021.

    1. You don’t get it. The movie has a terrible script and it shows. Yeah the director is pretty good but even he couldn’t the save the film since he still had to stick to what he was given. It just wasn’t very good.

    2. I just saw the review, and I have to say, I think this guy hit the nail on the head. In fact, I didn’t even notice all the parallels to the first film until then.


      Of course, my opinions of the original movie and this one haven’t changed. I still like them both. But it was kind of eye opening.

  10. Klayton Fioriti nailed it in his spoiler review. I usually don’t give props to anyone and I have disagreed with the guy’s views in the past, but he gives an excellent commentary of the film and slaps down those sheep jumping on the hate wagon.

    1. I wouldn’t discount criticism of the film as people following what they’re told by critics.

      I saw the film before reviews were in, and I strongly disliked it. Strangely, the entire group I saw the film with were quite let down – and it was a diverse crowd. It’s grown on me since, but I have some major issues with it, and it’s teetering back and forth on whether or not I like it. I do LOVE some parts, but I find other large sections to be entirely grating.

      1. No of course not. Only, the masses as usual are complaining about things in FK that are in literally everything else they love and praise…

        1. You don’t know that.
          But it’s a fact that the script for this film was very weak. Even the more positive reviews point out that it’s rubbish.

      2. “I wouldn’t discount criticism of the film as people following what they’re told by critics.”

        Me neither. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It’s just a shame to see people writing stuff like “I’m out; Jurassic fan for 25 years”. It actually kinda hurts to see the fanbase so split like this… 🙁

  11. I think it’s pretty unfair to claim that anyone who takes issue with Fallen Kingdom or Jurassic World, in general, is just some mindless “hater” who can’t stop “whining”. That sentiment keeps popping up and its weirdly defensive. There are some tremendously valid reasons to dislike Fallen Kingdom.

    The whole Jurassic World direction I’d argue is totally insane now. I think JA Bayona did as good a job as possible directing what was otherwise a horribly, shittily written story. Trevorrow is clearly the variable that has brought the quality down and it’s frustrating that he’s been handed the keys to the story. His track record with movies is just quite low, and its clearly only by the grace of Spielberg that he’s been involved at all in the first place. He essentially won the lottery with these movies, and Universal really doesn’t have to care about the quality much because they make shitloads of money on the franchice virtually by default.

    I think what’s most frustrating is that I actually totally agree with the idea that the dinosaurs should make their way off of the island. It’s just that it could’ve been done in a much subtler and far more nuanced manner. The whole “lets create a new theme park and then bring it down again and then set off an arbitrary volcano and have corporate greedy guts take the dinosaurs and try to sell them and hybridize them and weaponize them and blah blah” .. it just *isn’t* necessary to get them off the island. If there’s an island full of dinosaurs then people, just being people, are simply going to go there and smuggle eggs and juveniles and bring them to the mainland. 20 years of that, and you’d invariably have something of a wild dinosaur population in Costa Rica and the surrounding areas. How about just starting there?

    There are also simply way, way too many dinosaurs in the last couple of movies. They’ve completely lost their meaning and magnificence on the screen anymore. The T-Rex had literally 3 (THREE) massive roar sequences in Fallen Kingdom reminiscent of its final shot in Jurassic Park. And why does it keep coming to the rescue at the most perfect moments? It attacked the Carnotaurus for literally no reason in Fallen Kingdom and then just fucked off.

    Anyway… I’m massively pro reboot at this point. There were definitely some cool sequences in Fallen Kingdom (the intro was the best bit by far), but these movies have more in common with the Fast and the Furious franchise than Jurassic Park anymore (that’s a bad thing..)

  12. Movie was great! It’s not Jurassic Park so people need to stop comparing and complaining . I haven’t heard a single person yet who can articulate why this movie is so bad. Sorry, but they aren’t gonna make a Jurassic film that caters exclusively to a handful of fanboys in an online forum who can’t stop living in 1993

    1. “I haven’t heard a single person yet who can articulate why this movie is so bad.”
      Are you serious? Well, ok then I’m probably the first one to tell you that: the characters are one-dimensional have no weaknesses and are flat, the villains have no relatable motives and are foreign to logic, the dialogue is a disaster, the tone is all over the place, the pacing is off, the movie has no real climax, the plot doesn’t make sense in parts and relies heavily on the main cast having extreme luck, the dinosaurs don’t behave like they did in previous films,.,.,. should I go on?

      And no, I don’t live in 1993. Tbh I think that the first Jurassic Park had its flaws but there are still worlds between JP1 and JW2.

      1. Characters are not one dimensional, and were not unrealistically invincible, and most certainly not flat. Some examples:

        Zia is tough yet also compassionate and you get to see different sides of her personality through the film. Considering the makers of the film only have two hours and ten minutes to show you these characters and she isn’t one of the characters who are gonna get the most time on screen, they did an impressive job.

        Same goes for Franklin, who is a funny, likeable character that also saved the day when he rescued Zia.

        Owen is heroic and funny, and you see him go through personal conflict considering the situation with helping them learn about training the Dinosaurs, and look at his change in attitude when at first he wasn’t gonna rescue Blue. You also got to see a more tender side of the character. Certainly not one dimensional.

        Examples of vunerability: Owen gets drugged and left to die, Zia gets handcuffed to a cage next to an angry Velociraptor, Franklin is reasonably frightened the whole time (can’t blame him, but you probably would).

        Why the hell do the villains need relatable motives? Can’t evil people just be evil sometimes? They exist in real life you know. Many of them. Do you really think with all the wrong in the world, a large percentage of it is driven by some kind of reasonable motive? Most of it is just selfish and/or twisted. I don’t really wanna see a film where they turn around and say “hey man, I’m just selling Dinosaurs to pay the rent, it’s tough times for everybody man” then someone says “ok, lets get you some financial assistance”. And you say they are foreign to logic, let me explain: people all over the world exploit animals. For financial gain, for use in war, as is being touched upon the films, and in many other ways. It’s this simple, the Dinosaurs are there and obviously, they can make money off them, in numerous ways. Selling live animals, or selling genes. How is that not logical to you?

        How is the Indoraptor scene followed by the Dinosaur break out and T-Rex dining with Carnotaurus not obviously a climax to you?

        If you thought you were the one to articulate why the film is poor, you fail.

        The film is perfect.

  13. Wait.. also what on Earth happened to Isla Sorna? Its existence is briefly acknowledged in Fallen Kingdom but apparently there are no more dinosaurs there somehow? Why couldn’t the dinosaurs on Nublar have been relocated there?

    1. Mejority of Isla Sorna dinosaurs were moved to Isla Nublar while the new park was being built. With very few dinosaurs left on Isla Sorna the local ecosystem collapsed and all remaining dinosaurs died there.

        1. Well, My guess is the large Sauropods on Sorna simply died out. Like the Mamenchisaurus. There were already Brachiosaurs on Nublar and they bred Apatosaurs there for JW. That’s everything right?

          The Spinosaurus, Raptors, Ceratosaurus, Rexes… WAY, WAY too many predators for an island. They would have over-hunted everything else. Not to mention territory disputes and illness. It was doomed when you sit back and think about it. Oh, I am certain there are some small species still surviving on Sorna.

          Sorna being devoid of Dinosaurs is only the official status given to it. Same with Nublar, it may take up to a year or more for EVERYTHING on Nublar to die out. The volcano didn’t sink the place into the sea after all. It’s only that nothing can survive there long-term now.

          However they REALLY need to give some closure for Sorna in the films.

          1. In the KIDS section of the DPG site, Alan Grant and Billy Brennan are named dropped for discovering Raptor chattiness. So, there’s JP3 referenced.

            Just thought everyone would like to know.

    2. Also, dinosaurs couldn’t be moved back to Isla Sorna, because Lockwood wanted to let them leave in peace alone staying hidden from the rest of the world for as long as possible. Isla Sorna would have been the second place where humans would look for dinosaur survivours, therefore it’d be a bad choice.

      1. @Piotr: It’s kinda sad to think about knowing that Hammmond originally intended for Sorna to BE the safe sanctuary for those animals yet it couldn’t work out knowing how people kept ignoring his pleads to leave them be and continued to push for their exploitation even when it meant the complete pillaging of the island. It turns out that the happenings of The Lost World only delayed the inevitable and Masrani succeeded where Ludlow failed. This I hoped the movie itself had fleshed out more in place of a meta-universe website but at least they name dropped Sorna and Hammond’s ideology.

  14. The one thing that will make me give up on the franchise’s revival is if they do a whole apocalyptic Dino take over thing in the last film. Have Dinosaurs co-exist with man on the mainland, sure, by all means. But DO NOT have Dinosaurs take over mankind or even a single town in ANY way shape or form.

    Remember… THEY ARE JUST ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Same here. I’ve been pretty merciful to Fallen Kingdom, but if they pull something like that, then I’m out.

      But for now, I’m in. For now…

  15. I was able to sit back and enjoy JWFK because I turned off the critical part of my brain that made me HATE Jurassic World. I loved the opening sequence. I’m tried to ignore the terrible dialogue and extreme luck that Owen has. The love story makes me want to vomit but the direction was incredible. What a junk script made amazing. I truly felt for the Brachiosaurus on the peer and I was able to enjoy Stiggy smashing around the auction. It’s a shame that the Dino’s no longer behave like animals but I’m thankful Jurassic movies are still being made… and I pray for a Jurassic Park tv series made by HBO or Amazon that take us back to classic rules of a Jurassic film. Intelligent humans. Realistic characters. Dinosaurs acting like animals and the struggle to balance science and nature. That’s my two cents. If you hated it I can see where you’re coming from. If you love it… Great!

  16. Opening weekend numbers are pointless at this age and time. When JP was released, it had a film run of 1,5 years. JW had a run of 6 months. So everyone now rushes to see a movie in the first or second weekends, which make up the majority of the film’s earnings.

    Thus, opening weekend numbers are now meaningless.

      1. They are meaningless because they are being compared to older numbers. Of course new blockbusters are going to smash old records now that film runs are so short.

  17. I hope more Jurassic movies will come in the future! Make no mistake I love the new movie! Even that very sad moment when the beacon was killed before she could get off that island! I still hope they will make more Jurassic movies in the future

  18. What was Claire’s plan with the DPG?? How did she want to save the dinosaurs with donations? Why is she so surprised when Lockwood tells her his plan? What the hell was the DPG trying to do before Lockwood?

    This is honestly one of MANY issues due to the incredibly poor writing of this film. They also have no problem changing canon around to fit their needs. The placement of the lagoon has moved since the last film just so the mosasaur could escape, and not even do anything in the film!

    This movie reaches levels of stupidity that I cannot believe. I know why this happens in Hollywood , but it still hurts.

  19. I thought this film was pretty good but god damn everyone here is losing their fucking minds over this. It’s like the star wars fans who lost their shit over the last jedi. Seriously some of the complaints here I personally find here are full of shit. but then this is what you get with rabid fanatical fans who only want their way.

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